The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.142

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 142 – Conquering the North part 11 ~ Shu Shiranui

Atop the small hill, Batu was overlooking the entire army alongside one man.

[Do you really have to go?]

[Yes…forgive me, for this matter is even more important than my own life.]

The man standing there with Batu… Shu, laughed amiably.

[Honestly…it hurts me to lose you right now… your valor and wisdom was irreplaceable.]

After taking the title of Batou Ran, Shu who barely visited him suddenly came. The foreigner was here to tell Batu of his intentions.

He wished to leave the Wind Tribe.

[For me…finding the safe place for the Princess is my first and foremost purpose in travelling to this continent…]

Having said that, Shu turned his gaze eastward.

[But even more so…I never thought that I would meet a 『Murakumo』in this distant land. This might’ve been destined. I need to follow 『him』.]

[This 『him』…is my blood brother, isn’t it?]

[Yes, that is correct. Apart from my mission, this is also one of my wishes. To be able to serve under Murakumo’s fourth head… was one simple wish that has been passed down for generations in Shiranui clan by my ancestor Raiha Shiranui…and the opportunity has arrived.]

Shu then put his hand on Batu’s shoulder.

[So thank you for having me.]

He said.

As he looked at Shu’s hand on his shoulder, Batu thought.

If not for this man, he would’ve probably ended up as a corpse somewhere in the wilderness.

Shu was someone indispensable for Batu. Losing someone with his valor would leave a huge gap in Batu’s effort to conquer the grassland.


[I feel jealous of my brother… to have someone like you to be willing to serve him.]

Batu kept looking at Shu’s hand on his shoulder. Shu was just a guest. And he joined Batu as a friend, not as his retainer. Therefore…

Batu realized that he had no right to stop Shu. Then he thought. The foreigner may not be his retainer. But he should still reward Shu for saving his life and all the help the man had offered.

Batu finally smiled, and grasped Shu’s hand.

[I wish you and your clan good luck, Shu.]


[Thank you for everything so far. And…please watch over my brother for me.]

Batu tightened his grasp. Shu smiled refreshingly and also did the same to Batu’s shoulder.

As if their minds connected through this gesture.

The two men did not let go until the sun set and bathed them and the grassland in orange light… Almost as if the world also marked their separation and departure.


[Honestly, this is surprising… here I was wondering why I couldn’t find neither you nor Batu.]

Ares said in jest, as he looked at Shu, who was kneeling before him.

[Yes… I have sent a messenger bird to inform my other compatriots that are still in hiding…]

Shu then raised his head. His face was filled with determination.

While Ares was overseeing the procession of his army’s preparation to return back to Grants, Shu suddenly appeared, asking Ares to spare some time because he had something important to say.

[….I have a request, Fourth Head.]

Shu stared at Ares straight in the eye.

[Would Sir be willing to….somehow, give shelter to my compatriots and a certain 『Murakumo』 who are currently still hiding in Yashima?]

[Will those people agree to this as well?]

[All of them, once they know that I have met the Fourth head in person, they will surely travel here willingly.]

[Well…I’m not the person himself though…]

Ares’ face turned astringent.

[What about your Ladyship?]

[Sakura-sama too, will certainly be happy to hear this.]

[Wouldn’t the journey be too harsh for her?]

[Even though Sakura-sama is a woman, she’s still the head of Murakumo-clan. There should be no problem.]

Hearing that everything seemed to have taken care of, Ares sighed a little, then asked again.

[How about Batu? Wouldn’t he still require your help for his conquest?]

[I have bid him a proper farewell. He even told me… to 『watch over his brother for him』.]

[Good grief. He likes to do things without hesitation, doesn’t he?]

Ares muttered with a small smile on his face. But he was quick to adjust his posture as he regarded Shu back.

Shu also straightened his back, waiting for the decision.

[I haven’t done much in this continent though…and it might trouble Shu and the other Murakumo clan members. Will that be fine?]

Once Shu heard those words, he took his katana, kneeled and presented it forward with both hands to Ares.

[This Shu Shiranui, pledge my undying loyalty to the Fourth Head equal to that I have offered to my Ladyship Sakura-sama.]

He said.


Thus on that very day, the foreign warrior joined Ares Schwarzer’s camp. He would later be recorded in history book as the 『Heavenly Courage General』 Shu Shiranui.

Further polishing his courage in combat, he, along with Sigurd and Darius, would proceed to become Ares’ most trusted 『Six Heavenly Generals』.

As the raiding troops’ captain, Shu was known for how sophisticated he looked as he charged through the enemy troops with his cross-shaped spear.

A few years after he joined Ares, warriors of Yashima started to gather under his leadership, forming the 『Murakumo Army』, later known as one of Arestia’s most elite forces.


Author’s notes:
Alright, alright, this time the fourth general has joined.

Well, I guess many people has guessed it already.

From now on, please look forward to Shu’s involvement in the story.

And then…next chapter will be the end of book 4. Thank you for staying with me so far. Please look forward to the final chapter (of this arc)!

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