The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.143

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 143 – Conquering the North Part 12 ~The Beginning of the End~

[Okay… I think it’s about time for us to head out.]

[Yeah… thank you for the hospitality.]

After the post-war negotiations were over, Ares and Batu were preparing to go their separate ways.

Ares would return to his territory, this time to focus his attention to the situation of the eastern countries. Meanwhile, Batu needs to lead the march of his army to unify the grassland.

They were in the middle of an open plains with each of their forces behind them. The soldiers lined up neatly, their focus solely directed to their leaders.

People of the mainland and the people of the grassland; The two used to be embroiled in conflict. But things were different now.
During the few days they were staying in this area together, the two armies interacted with each other, drank liquor until they’re drunk, smiling and laughing.
The wall that had existed between the two for a long time had finally been breached.

[If big bro is in need of our power, then feel free to say it. We’ll definitely ride out to help.]

[Those words alone makes me feel reassured already.]

Listening to Batu’s kind offer, Ares smiled in return.

[But now, time is precious. Put more importance to your own conquest. If…if one day both of our goals have finally been achieved, let’s meet here again to have a drink.]

[Sure…I believe that day will certainly come.]

Batu also grinned. He then stretched his hand out.
Ares shook that hand strongly.

[The Wind tribe… no, the people of grassland will never forget the benefits they received.]

[It’ll be tough from now on…but I’m sure that you can achieve your aspirations.]

And with that, Ares’ army and Batu’s cavalry marched their separate ways.
Ares headed southwest, returning to his territory. Batu led his army west.


It was written in a certain history book as follows.

This year, two suns will rise and illuminate the entire continent… This was the year when they truly started their conquest.

Ares and Batu. Heroes who would become widely known as the 『Hero Sovereign』and the 『King of Winds』respectively in later generations.
The meeting of these two individuals was the turning point for the continent… both for the people of the mainland and the people of grassland.


[My, my… what a great disappointment. I was hoping that they would entertain me a bit more…]

After the two armies left the plains, two silhouettes, one small and one large, emerged from among the remnants of the battlefield in Gayag hill.
Both were dressed in black with a peculiar air floating around them.

[Fuhn, that was such a waste of 『Demon King Artefact』alright.]

The bigger silhouette sounded annoyed, reprimanding the smaller silhouette.

The smaller silhouette didn’t seem to care too much as he laughed.

[Don’t be like that. We still have a huge amount of supply for 『that』. Moreover…]

That said, the smaller silhouette took out a black crystal ball.

[Our 『Lord of Chaos』is reviving soon… We need to prepare for that.]

As soon as he finished talking, the crystal ball started to emit a mysterious glow. What appeared before them was Amqa who had been transformed by the demon king artefact, supposedly disintegrated without a trace on the battle the other day.

[Because we need a lot of soldiers for our Lord’s 『army』.]

[Fuhn…necromancy. Using the power of grudge to return the dead to the realm of the living. Your magic is still as vile as ever, Bogdan.]

The larger silhouette sounded disdainful. On the other hand, the smaller silhouette… Bogdan, snorted.

[What? I’d use anything for our Lord’s triumph. Even if it’s something that is against the providence of Gods.]

Bogdan said as he turned his sight toward the southwest.

[But the 『War God』is still a thorn on our side after all. We need to curb him off before he gains even more power.]

[Should we let the 『Grassland Monkey』off?]

[We can take care of him later. But before that… We need to rid ourselves of our greatest obstacle and send him back to the 『Eternal Corridor』]

Bogdan muttered a word or two to the resurrected Amqa. Afterward Amqa started to move slowly, following the two from behind.

The larger silhouette murmured, ignoring what just happened.

[The 『Stars of Fate』are gathering around him… also, the 『Sealed One』and the 『Divine Child』are with him. If we don’t act as quickly as possible, how will we stop him before it’s too late?]

The larger silhouette grabbed Bogdan’s shoulder.

[Perhaps I should deal with this matter myself…]

[No need.]

Bogdan shook away the hand on his shoulder.

[I’ll see how you can laugh after losing your head. You said it already. That man is surrounded by the 『Stars of Fate』. Even you might fall before him. Rather than trying to cut his power down in vain, we should sow even more chaos to speed up our Lord’s revival.]

Bogdan then laughed.

[There seems to be an interesting 『happening』in the east. Our compatriots have already infiltrated there. Anyways, let’s get in touch with Gara. He has long infiltrated the Empire, and it’s time to sow chaos there.]

Thus the three figures disappeared silently.

Time continued to move forward, slowly but surely moving to a point that nobody could predict.
The chaotic time was gradually approaching the Arcadia continent.

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