Glutton Berserker ch.175

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 175 – Researcher Mikuria

When I was out of the bathroom, I found my equipment stashed on the shelf nearby. Clean and neat.
I didn’t know what happened to my filthy water drenched clothing while I was inside the bathroom. But most likely it had been washed clean with some sort of Gallian technology.

I put them on back quickly, and returned to where Mikuria was.
Kairos should be there as well.
Sure enough, there they were, talking to each other while looking at the monitor. Noticing my presence, Kairos beckoned me to join them.

[Fate, come here. Let me show you something good]

Unlike before, Mikuria had a smile on her face this time. It seemed that this information was free to be disclosed to others.
What will you show me? I’m kinda looking forward to it now,

[Isn’t this the sketch of the research facility…]

[What’s with that flat reaction?]

I was disappointed. Here I am expecting to see a Gallian technology I hadn’t seen before.
And it turned out it’s just a sketch. Please return my excitement.

[What’s with that disappointed look? This is the research facility’s floor plan! Things like this are usually super secret stuff! You should’ve reacted like, ‘This, Mikuria-sama! Thank you very much!’ or something along that line. Right, Mikuria?]

[You silly! Always acting like that…]

Mikuria slapped the back of Kairos’ head, then sighed.

[Just ignore this guy. Anyways, this is why I called you guys in.]

The location she pointed to was somewhere in the research facility basement. When she touched the floor plan on that spot, the enlarged image of that area was displayed so that it’s easier to see.
But no matter how I look at it,

[There is nothing there.]

[Yes, at least if shown like this. But if I do this.]

Mikuriya operated the UI quickly, invoking another feature to the floor plan.
The sketch suddenly changed.
Showing a 3 dimensional model of the room.

[This… what is this?]

[I called you guys in to inspect this place. There are more people than planned, but that shouldn’t matter?]

The woman turned to Kairos as she said that, then smiled.

[It sounds easy to just look it up, but I want to know in detail what you’re actually looking for. We are talking about you after all, so it’s gotta be something dangerous. Is there something we need to defeat there?]

[Yes, indeed. I’d like you to kill it if possible… but considering Kairos’ skill, it might be dangerous to kill something you know nothing of.]

[They’ll end up eaten… too bad.]

[Give it up. One day you’ll end up with a skill that turns you to a real monster. I don’t want….to see that end.]

[I told you it’ll be just fine]

[Haa… Fate, say something to this fool here as well.]

I’ve seen Kairos’ fights up until now. He didn’t seem to have trouble with the Gluttony skill anymore than I do. In fact, he seemed to react less than I usually do after devouring a soul.

I’m currently able to withstand Gluttony skill mostly thanks to Luna’s help.
Without her, I may not be alive and well like right now. I might’ve been taken over by the Gluttony skill after killing the Tenryu in Gallia.

[No worries. I’ve been doing well with the Gluttony skill, I’m fine with eating large dishes lately. I don’t feel hungry all that often anymore. I mean, is this not how it feels like to be in full control of the Gluttony skill?]

[That’s nonsense. It is by no means something that can be controlled. On the contrary it makes me scared. The skill has been causing you pain all this time. Why would it suddenly become docile?]

[Isn’t it a good thing? This way I can fight to my best. I’ve changed for the better]

[You haven’t. You haven’t changed at all. Look at this.]

The display changed into some sort of a report on Kairos’ body condition.
The numbers appearing there were extremely abnormal. It’s similar to the report Raine showed me back in the capital.
Apparently… Kairos is actually in an even worse condition than I am.

[It’s a miracle that you’re still alive. This is the other reason why I call you to come here.]

[I’m too busy to be bother by that.]

[Don’t be like that. Once you are done investigating the underground floor, I’ll arrange something for Kairos. Must do everything we can. Even within this facility, there are many who are dissatisfied with the method the Empire had adopted. You do need power, but the most important thing here is time. What if something goes wrong with Kairos’ core when it really counts?]

Being told off relently like that, Kairos scratched his head in defeat.

[I get it already. I’ll adjust somehow. Makes me wonder if you’re on my side or not.]


From my point of view, she’s obviously on your side.
According to Mikuria, something was kept inside that particular room whose content had been deleted from the floor plan.
At first only a small amount of food was assigned there, so nobody really noticed it from the data check. But recently, a large amount has been sent over.

[If I have to guess, it must be some sort of a biological weapon. And it’s growing rapidly.]

[Then it might get even more dangerous if left alone.]

[Please don’t. Other than me, there are many other people who would be willing to side with Kairos. What we need now is time. Besides, the information regarding this underground chamber has never been made known to the majority of the researchers, including myself. We can use this to pull those people to us.]

[Is that so? I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy. People in this research facility barely see the likes of me as human being after all]

[It’s in the past. I used to forget myself. But here I am now working with you.]


[Yes, now take this.]

What Mikuria handed over was a syringe gun. A compact palm-sized one.

[There. Fate, you take it.]

Kairos nonchalantly tossed the syringe gun to me.

[Hey, you! That was for Kairos!]

[You know that I may have to fight in an emergency. It’s not the right time to use that.]

[Please don’t. If you fight, this entire place will be demolished.]

[But we have you here. Before that happens, the entire personnel would’ve already been taking shelter or evacuating. I’ll be looking forward to that, Miss Deputy Director]

[You… fine then. Go quickly. The surveillance system may not detect you, but please don’t let anyone find you.]

She also gave us a portable version of the floor plan. But of course, Kairos tossed it to me as well.

[Please. You show the way. I’m not all that good in reading a map]

[Are you direction blind?]

[If I am, then how did I guide you to this facility?]

He got a point there.
I guess he just finds it troublesome.
I also understand why Kairos entrusted the map to me. Going to the next room, I took a look at Myne who hadn’t showed up at all earlier.

[She fell asleep…?]

A true warrior must be able to rest at any given situation and place.
Myne told me that before.
She fought Kairos, got beaten and became a prisoner, then pushed to work together. If it’s me, I won’t be able to sleep with how fast the situation kept changing.
I thought as I gently placed my hand on Myne’s forehead.

[Why are you trapped in here? What’s wrong…? The time you spend with Kairos. Is that what you want to show me…? Myne…..]

The person in question continued to sleep.
After a while, she turned away as if trying to brace herself from being beaten.

[…..sorry. I’m really sorry. I’ll keep that in mind…I… was wrong]

Was she dreaming of being punished by someone? Instead of the emotionless woman I was more familiar with, she’s showing a pained look on her face now.

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