The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.151

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We’re entering “filler” Arc. The author’s name it: The Calm before Storm.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 151 – Darius’ Return

About two months had passed since Ares returned to the Frontier Territory.

Peace had slowly returned to the Frontier.


And one day, Ares was listening to George when a gate guard barged into the room to report an emergency.

[An unidentified army is heading toward Heinz from the east. The number is about 300!]

However, Ares didn’t seem to care at all even after hearing such an urgent report and neither did George.

The guard became a little uneasy due to their reaction. Ares had to reassure him because of that.

[Yeah, about that army… they won’t do any harm to us so just leave them alone. And open the east gate while you’re at it.]


[Oh, I forgot to explain, didn’t I? That army is our ally. The two of us have already been informed about their arrival in advance by the『Dragon’s Eye』.] 

That said, Ares smiled as he slowly got up from his chair.

[Darius has finally returned. I need to greet him properly.]


The news of Darius, one of the Frontier’s warlords, quickly spread throughout Heinz. Everyone had gathered to the east gate to see him. 

Darius was originally a prince of Grants, and he had protected the people of Grants from hordes of magic beasts and barbarians alike for a long time now. For the people… especially those who originally lived in this land, Darius was as popular as Ares.

A lot of people had gathered to witness the hero’s return.

Of course, Darius noticed this large group of people. He stopped in front of the front gate, looking around suspiciously.

[Oi oi… what is this? What’s with this many people gathering just for a welcome…]

Darius smiled bitterly because he could sense the presence of a lot of people waiting beyond the gate.

[Isn’t it because of your popularity?]

As if replying to Darius’ confusion, several men appeared from within the gate, one calling out to him.

Hearing that voice, Darius unintentionally smiled.

Yes, that voice belonged to the ruler of the Frontier Territory Ares.

Ares looked on with a smile on his face, with Sigurd and Shu standing on his right and left respectively.

Seeing Ares, Darius immediately dismounted from his horse, responding to the greeting like a true retainer should be.

[Milord, I have returned. Pardon me for being late.]

[Oya, no need to be so proper about it. You don’t have to do something that isn’t like you.]

[Many eyes are on me. I can’t afford to do that.]

Darius bitterly laughed in response to his lord’s words, then glanced at Shu.

[Ah, is this the person whose presence I sensed earlier? What a surprise. To think that there is still such a strong man around here.]

[Nn? Ah, his name is Shu. We became friends about a few months ago.]

Shu quietly bowed in lieu to Ares’ introduction.

[Looking forward to work together with you.]

Darius only grinned in response. From afar, he could already sense just what kind of person this man is: a 『monster』 just like himself. 

Looking back, behind him, his wife Zenovia was also staring at Shu sharply, probably sensing the very same thing: that the three men standing before them are powerful warriors.

[Please raise your head. That aside… once things have calmed down, we need to make an appointment.]

Darius said as he offered Shu a handshake.

[Yes, by all means.]

Shu accepted the handshake with a smile, then spoke to Ares.

[This is surprising. There is actually another strong warrior serving under the clan head aside from Sigurd-dono… I really cannot afford to be a slouch.]

[Calling him strong may not be exactly true… he’s just a total weirdo.]

[…Milord clearly has no right to call me that…]

And thus, Ares and his three retainers entered the gate in a harmonious manner.


Heinz’ hospitality was at full blast once again. Darius was really popular among the folks, receiving warm pats from all over the places.

[The people’s culture really has gone for the better… but I guess this part will never disappear.]

Ares chuckled while looking at the scene. The people of Heinz were warriors first and foremost. And strong warriors at that.

The 300 strong Aryan warriors that Darius brought along, as well as his wife Zenovia, received the hospitality well. It seemed that they’re enjoying themselves.

Leaving the Aryans on their own for a while, Ares, along with Darius and Zenobia went back to the mansion.

Upon arriving at the mansion, several familiar figures greeted them.

After a short self-introduction, they decided to discuss a certain subject.

Yes, about the future.

[It seems that we’ll need to reorganize the army in the near future.]

It was Shion who started the discussion.

He then pointed out the reason. The Frontier’s military power consisted of a lot more diverse characteristics now.

Ares’『Legion』,『Dragon Knights』under Sigurd’s command and also the 『Aryans』commanded by Darius. Soon, the『Samurais』of Yashima would also come to join Shu. It’s such a diverse corps that no other territory or even country possesses.

[In addition to that, there is also Shadow’s skeleton army… they’re also a force to be reckoned with. How to assimilate them all together into the Frontier territory’s army… It’s very important.]

And then there’s the Frontier army themselves. The army was mainly composed of former soldiers of Grants, one of the most powerful mixed-race armies to ever exist in the continent. With demonkins, mercenaries and adventurers added into its ranks, it only grew more powerful.

Ares and the others strengthened the army even further by teaching them strategy and how to collectively work together, instilling a sense of unity. It made the current Frontier army to be one of the best armies in the continent.

Diverse and powerful units with an overall powerful army… Shion was currently working on how to mix the two together.

[In any case, I think everyone needs to know the whole story first…]

Everyone nodded at Shion.

Ares explained afterward.

[The『Dragon’s Eye』reported that the war in the west is entering the countdown stage. And… there seems to be a change in situation on the east as well… The world will probably see a lot of changes in a matter of six months. We can’t afford to miss this. Therefore, everyone… please lend me your strength.]

Everyone present nodded their head strongly.

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  1. “The 300 strong Aryan warriors that Darius brought along, as well as his wife Zenovia, received the hospitality well. It seemed that they’re enjoying themselves.

    Leaving the Aryans on their own for a while, Ares, along with Darius and Zenobia went back to the mansion.”

    Is it Zenovia, or Zenobia?


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