The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.153

Weekly chapters (1/2)

A filler chapter, I guess?

Enjoy and stay safe everyone.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 153 – Lord of Frontier’s Holiday

That day, Ares was staring outside from his office window.

The sky outside was clear blue with no clouds. A great day to take a nap or go outside to enjoy the atmosphere.

[On a day like this… Why do I still have to work here…?]

His muttering was left unheard by everyone… only those with supernatural hearing like Helmut and Zetos could hear him. But then again, those two never respond to this kind of complaint.

Ares sighed. He suddenly overheard the voices of the maids talking to each other.

They’re Teresa and Lotte, two of the many slaves he bought quite some time ago. Next to Teresa was her nine years old daughter, Lulu, who tried her best to help out.

By the way, the husband Robson was currently trimming the trees with some other men in the garden.

Teresa’s entire family had unfortunately been turned into slaves, but that’s also what made them end up here working at the frontier territory.

Both Lotte and Teresa similarly came from rural areas. Perhaps that’s why they clicked together easily. 

[Once upon a time, on a day like this, the villagers would get together to have a picnic outside… it’s really fun, though it’s just a happy memory now.] 

[Oh, we also did similar things in our village. Perhaps it’s the same everywhere?]

[I mean, it’s fun, getting together with families and friends.]

[Moreover it’s easy to make the preparation, so we can do it anytime]

After overhearing their conversation, Ares finally stood up.

[Thaaaaaat’s iiiiiiiiiiitt !!]

Teresa, Lulu and Lotte were startled by the sudden loud outburst. When they went to check… Ares’s face was already right in front of them.

[Ee…. was that master’s voice? Well… Eh? Master?]

[Wha- Ares-sama, that’s dangerous…]

Those voices seemingly fell on deaf ears since Ares continued on with a blurt.

[Thank you!! Teresa! Lotte!!]

[ [ …..yes? ] ]

[I just came up with a good idea! Thank you for giving me such a good inspiration!]

[ [ ….yes?? ] ]

Their replies didn’t reach Ares either since he already scooted away and left in a hurry.

[That… will it be alright…?]

[Hopefully George-sama and the Lord’s wives won’t get mad…]

And just like that, Ares hurriedly headed to the dining room. Meanwhile, Lotte and Teresa looked on worriedly at their master.


The garden in Ares’ mansion was currently crowded with people. All of them had a smile on their faces.

[What did you say earlier again…?]

There was a bitterness on George’s face. But even so, he had a glass of liquor in his hand as he spoke.

Ares had visited the government office while George was also there then one-sidedly declared that it’s going to be his rest day just a few minutes ago. He then told the officials to come to his mansion before running back.

The guerrilla attack caught George off guard. Seeing this rare opportunity when George was too startled, his (exhausted) subordinates voiced their support on Ares’ instruction. And just like that, the usually impregnable George finally relented. 

[To be swept by the current… what a blunder.]

[….even if you say that, you seem to be enjoying this yourself.]

Next to George was a tower of empty plates, making Ares feel the need to make a verbal jab to that.

[But well, a good and proper rest is really needed after all.]

After informing George, Ares immediately headed back to the mansion, gathered all of his wives and servants, then declared that today is a rest day. Even as the other party was still confused by the suddenness, he already proposed to hold a feast in the garden.

Due to the suddenness, Cornelia who usually acted as the common sense of the Schwarzer’s household couldn’t really react to it.

Ares personally saw through the preparation for the feast.

Meat, fish, vegetables…the preparation proceeded quickly by following Hadora’s instructions.

[Oi oi, I was wondering why there is a sudden call… you seem to be doing something fun here.]

The first to appear was Darius. As expected, he simply snorted after seeing the situation. Zenobia was also there with him.

Sigurd arrived a little bit later, followed by Shu and Ares’ other trusted retainers. Shion, George, and Elan appeared as well.

[Here I thought something had gone wrong… but not that I’m against this though.]

Shion laughed after saying so.

George brought his family along, while Elan came with his fiancee Liza and his soon-to-be sister-in-law. And even that quiet and unsociable Shion actually brought someone along. It was miss Lina Parom, who had been living together with him as his disciple.

Darius’ brothers, as well as the rest of Ares’ main retainers arrived one after another soon afterward… Once everyone had gathered, only then did the feast actually begin for real.


[Delishh! What’s with this meat!]

Darius commented as he kept devouring the meat. Next to him, Zenobia was also happily stuffing her mouth with food.

The two were gluttonously eating load after load of platinum meat. The couple really went wild here. Earlier they chugged down a bottle of distilled spirit that supposedly shouldn’t be drunk all at once.

[This couple…. Both of them are really big eaters…]

Cornelia chuckled after hearing the slightly worried Ares’ muttering.

[It is fine, is it not? We still have enough ingredients to make more, do we not?]

Behind them, Sharon and Liliana were engaging in their usual quarrel.

[Hold it right there! Wasn’t that meat supposedly mine!?]

[Is your name written on it? I was the one who grilled this meat.]

Maria and Cynthia were watching the two apprehensively.

The usual arbitrator, Nina, finally took action.

[Just cut it out already, you two.]


[What was that?!]

[Do any of you even realize what happened to the meat while you’re busy quarreling?]

[What do you mean… Ahhーーー!]

Yes, the meat had already turned into charcoal.

[Are you stupid or what…? Why don’t you two try to take Roxanne as an example?]

Roxanne, Millia, and Lilith were doing their own stuff, seemingly unconcerned about the short-lived quarrel.

However… the atmosphere wasn’t exactly good either.

[Why do big sister and Lilith insist that I eat all these meat is really beyond me.]

[I told you… you need to gain more fat in order to make your breasts bigger.]

[Dear Husband loves big breasts, you know?]

While saying all that, Roxanne’s and Lilith’s enormous breasts would sway and shook around titillatingly. These two were strangely close to each other. Meanwhile, this scene provided by the huge breasts combo only served to frustrate Nina.

[I don’t like this at allーーーー!!]

Ares could only sigh from seeing all that unfolded. Theta poured a drink into his now empty glass.

[They aren’t really hating each other, right?]

[Well, it should be obvious already…]

[It is the proof that they are all good friends.]

Even Cornelia gave up on stopping them.

Suddenly, more and more people came to the mansion, each enjoying themselves while grilling their favorite food.

The children were having fun, running around while chomping on the grilled corn. They eventually came across Zetos and proceeded to use him as a climbing tree. The mothers tried to stop the kids in a hurry, but Zetos politely rejected them, saying that he didn’t mind.

Young women and girls in plain clothing engaged in a merry conversation. The topic was, of course, about love.

They would steal a glance at Sigurd and Shu, giggling excitedly as they discuss which one of the two they prefer more.

All the men also chatted with each other, a glass of ale in hand. The topic they talked about was more diverse than the women, but of course there would be married men making fun of the singles. Urging the young men to divulge on who they have feelings for and to confess their feelings soon while enjoying the ale. 

Helmut was busy tidying up the site, as well as serving more food whenever ready. There was no waste in his movement at all. By the way, he had unknowingly gained a sizable amount of admirers among the servants. The stern looking man seemed to be fairly popular nowadays.

Zetos was still doing what he did earlier, letting the kids play around him. Apparently he has a soft spot for kids.

Sigurd and Shu were having a heated discussion about martial arts. The more they drank, the more heated the discussion got. It’s a bit difficult to join in by now.

George had been drinking a lot while eating sweets like a huge sweet tooth. His family apparently also shares his fondness of sweet foods. Seeing this, his subordinates had a somewhat bad premonition.

Shion seemed to be angry at Lina for some reason. At first glance, they might appear to be in a quarrel, but those in the know knew that it’s their gesture of friendship. Elan was having a sweet time with Liza. The usually quiet Elan took on an aggressive stance this time, that the lovey dovey mood between the two made it hard for others to look at them. Eckhart and Lauren were a bit jealous seeing them.

Oliver was involved in a discussion about liquor with Gale and Ramires. Natalie tried her best to attract Sigurd’s attention but to no avail…

Ares had fun watching his wives having a pleasant talk. But above all, he was happy to see all these exchanges that he’d normally be unable to see for himself.

[Oh, this meat is really delicious.]

The most important part is still being able to see all those smiles.

So let’s hold this kind of feast regularly now. 

Next time, how about holding a territory-wide big festival?

While thinking so, Ares smiled as he enjoyed the feast.

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