Glutton Berserker ch.178

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Chapter 178 – Eris’ Magic Eyes

The entire view of the underground city Grandeur entered my sight.
We’re back in the real world.
In front of me was Myne, with two horns still sticking out from her forehead.

『Fate! We managed to recover Myne’s heart, but she’s still under the influence of Wrath skill』

[Yeah, we need to stop her.]

I glanced sideways to check on Shin’s progress. Apparently barely any time had passed since I entered the spiritual world.
It’s exactly as Greed said.
Myne herself no longer had any reason to continue to fight. She was only being forcefully controlled by her skill to continue fighting. Therefore, her movement had turned duller than before.
I should be able to manage if it’s like this.
Like I did in the spiritual world, use the power of Gluttony skill to suppress the Wrath skill.
I twisted my body to evade the incoming black axe. Then, struck at Myne’s unguarded flank.

[Greed, please adjust.]

『Leave it to me. Fate, go easy on her』

Sorry, Myne.
The decisive strike landed in a flash of light.
At the same time, I saw that the color of anger in Myne’s eyes had started to dissipate.

『Well done!』

The black axe slid down from her grasp.
The eyes that were staring at me gradually returned to that of original Myne.


I caught Myne’s collapsing body. A feeling relief washed over me.
Sorry that you have to go through something like this twice.
The horns sticking out from her body cracked.

[Thank goodness. Fortunately it went well.]


[No need to say anything now. I’ve always relied on you. From now on, I will do my best so that you could try to rely on me as well.]


[That’s why… from now on, let’s get along!]

Myne’s eyes opened wide, then she nodded quietly.
The cracks on her horns grew larger and larger. When they reached their limit, they shattered into pieces.

Myne seemed to be quite exhausted, as she quickly fell asleep in my arms.
She had brought out the power of the deadly sin skill. Perhaps she was hit by the similar fatigue like what I felt after I activated Gluttony skill power.

But where should I lay her down? We are still in the midst of battle.

『Fate, into that building over there』

Looking at the direction Greed pointed out, I noticed that one of the ghosts was beckoning me.

[Can we trust them?]

『He’s just acting like a regular, concerned Gallian should have. Besides, these ghosts could no longer interfere with us. Enough of that guy. You should know better. Myne is strong』

I laid Myne down and thanked the ghost.
Even though we are still in the midst of battle, this girl could still actually sleep so soundly.
But as Greed said, if Shin attempted to do anything to Myne, she’ll definitely fight him back without a problem.
Even if she’s sleeping, she’s always in a battle ready state. That’s just how Myne was.

『You won this pretty well』

「About that, I can’t really consider it a win. And it wasn’t about winning or losing in the first place.」

『True. But there is still another guy who we have to settle about win or loss』

[Shin, huh?]

Sounds of gunshots were still ringing. Proving that Eris was still trying her best.
We had to defeat Shin before he used the people in Hausen above ground as sacrifice.

[I’m going, Myne.]

Leaving Myne under the ghost’ watch, I left the building.
Shin had reached higher than earlier.

[Greed, are you ready?]

I said as I changed the black sword into bow form.

『I’m getting tired of waiting already. Alright, let’s get to it』

[Let’s go, take 10% of my stats!]

Put my imagination into use. Try to use Bloody Ptarmigan just like how Kairos used it.
I tried putting myself in the same state of concentration and control as he did inside the spiritual world.

I aimed with the black bow that had grown into its terrifying form.
I wasn’t aiming at Shin specifically. But I was aiming at the spot that anchored him to the ground――the red transparent pillar of slime.
Eris couldn’t have done this with her black bayonet. Her ammunition lacked firepower to instantly destroy the pillar, and any small wound she inflicted was quickly regenerated back.

The only way to get rid of it, is to hit it with more firepower than it could regenerate.

『This feeling!? Fate……..could it be』

Focus. Bring out the true power of Bloody Ptarmigan to its utmost limit.
Black arrow made of dense magic power was directed at my target, and was released like a black lightning bolt.


Was it because of Kairos? By being shown how to fight using the gluttony skill, I felt that my body was lighter than ever.

The arrow shot from the black bow easily pulverized the red pillar.


『Let us approach at once』

Shin, on top of the crumbling pillar, looked at me with a bitter gaze.

[Gluttony! Why do you… always rob something from me]

I fired more arrows, aiming at Shin this time.
Seeing this opportunity, Eris also renewed her barrage.

[Dammit, was Myne got done in? What did you do in that split moment?]

[Myne did not want any of this from the beginning. Moreover, she’s not your companion. She’s ours!]

Sensing that the timing has come, I switched to the black scythe.
I cut down the red monsters that Shin summoned to act as a wall.
If it’s created through a skill, then it will be no match against the blade of this scythe. Most of all, for the current me, I think I felt like I could cut down any skill no matter how powerful it is.

[Kuh… I’ve come this far, only to be foiled again? Everything was going so well… I just wanted to make her wish come true, but… you just had to get in my way!]

[I certainly have to get in your way. The life of the people of Hausen isn’t something you can freely sacrifice.]

[I haven’t lost just yet]

He stared at me with his red eyes, trying to ensnare my movement.
It was the same thing he did to me back at the capital.


If I was still the same as before, I probably would’ve frozen. But that me was now like a distant past.
You can’t stop me with just that eye power.

[Again…? Is there no other choice left…]

Of course, Shin turned his back away from me, and tried to escape.

[Are you running away!?]

[I’m immortal. There will be other chances. I could afford to miss this one.]

You said that now?
A red monster appeared to block me once more. Their numbers felt like they’re endless, and more kept springing up.

However, Eris already stood in the way of Shin’s escape path.

[Lust huh… you can’t stop me. Not with the weakest Mortal Sin skill you have.]

Shin told Eris, probably trying to threaten her.
In the meantime, he changed his hands into sharp blades, and went in for an attack.

[Fine by me. I’ll take you on instead of Gluttony.]

However, Shin did not continue his retreat.
As I made my way through the horde of red monsters, I noticed that Eris’ eyes were glowing bright red.
Apparently she managed to stop Shin’s movement through the use of one of her magic eyes.

[Fate, quickly. I can’t hold it for too long.]

Blood kept leaking from Eris’ eyes.
Even after I told her to not overdo it, I inevitably still put a burden on her.
I can’t let her use the magic eye more than this.

[Greed, take 20% of my stats.]

『You’ve made your decision, Fate!』

The black scythe started growing after sucking down my power. It grew into three bladed scythe.
Using all my strength, I struck at the paralyzed Shin’s back with《Deadly Inferno》.


Shin’s upper and lower body were cleft apart, falling into the ground. The lower part quickly disintegrated due to the power of Greed’s secret.
Nothing less from a collective lifeform. As for me, I’ll just continue to bisect Shin blow after blow. As long as I haven’t heard the inorganic voice, that means I haven’t completely defeated him.

Sure enough, Shin was still alive even if he’s left with only his upper body.
Still, that seemed to have also cut most of his strength down.
The red monsters that were chasing from behind me instantly collapsed and disappeared without trace.
Meanwhile, Shin awkwardly crawled on the ground.

[I can’t wait until I reawakened again after splitting up. I’ve come this far… Mikuriya, help me. I don’t want to fail again]

He acted like a child asking help from his mother.
I heard him mention Mikuriya. That’s the name of the researcher who was close to Kairos.

Seeing such a figure, my hands that were holding the black scythe wavered.

『Fate, do it』

[You are too kind, Fate. Don’t let him take advantage of it. I would finish him myself if I could, but I don’t have enough power to do so… unfortunately, I have no choice but entrust this task to you.]

Prompted by both Greed and Eris, I thoroughly investigated Shin’s magic power flow.
His core seemed to have moved to his head. Earlier it was on his stomach.
Closer inspection revealed that the core kept relocating inside his body. Perhaps that’s why he was able to stay alive even after taking a direct hit from Deadly Inferno.

But once I understood this secret, it was a piece of cake.

[Greed, take 20% of my stats.]

『This time, finish it for real. It will be dangerous to lose anymore stat than this』

I once again activated the secret of Greed’s second form.
Along with the sense of losing power, the scythe transformed into its three bladed form.


The core started to move around frantically inside Shin’s body as if trying to escape.
Still, it didn’t make it anymore difficult. This was much easier than fighting Myne.

[This is the end!]

The《Deadly Inferno》swung down. The moment it hit the core, the power of the secret that will put a curse of death to anything it struck should immediately work.

Kiiiiiing. Sound of metal colliding filled the air.
Deadly Inferno was stopped in its tracks.
It wasn’t Shin who did it. Instead, it was someone I didn’t want to encounter right now.

[Fate, that’s no good. Not after we’ve come this far.]


He easily blocked the secret with his spear.
Then pushed me back with a grin on his face.

[Looks like I managed to arrive in time. I owe it to this guy for this black spear. More than that, the door to His land must be opened.]

[To that end, you’re willing to side with this thing? Why, Dad…]

While both of us glared at each other, I heard Eris collapsing behind me.


[Whoopsie, did you forget? I have to put her to sleep. It’ll be a hassle if she used her magic eyes.]

[What in the world are you trying to do, Dad?]

While brandishing his black spear at me, Dad took out a bright red stone from his pocket. It was the philosopher’s stone he stole from the capital’s research facility.
That should be another piece of Shin.

[I was able to make it grow by much. Why don’t you go here?]

[That one is no longer me. If I go to you, I will no longer be myself. Just your tool.]

[Even so, at least your wish will be granted. In that case, you should know what option you should take.]

Shin nodded after a while.

[Fate, that’s how it is. I’m sorry, but this fight must end here.]


[Don’t give me that look. Let me tell you this; regardless of the result you get, Libra will still go through with his plan. He’ll obliterate this underground city and the above ground Hausen.]

[But he said that he will not touch Hausen if I could prevent the door to His land from opening.]

[So? Do you really think he’ll keep to his words? His goal is to eliminate everything that upsets the balance of this world. On the other hand, this whole fiasco caused everyone in his hit list to gather in one place. Do you think the likes of him will miss out on this opportunity?]

Dad raised his free hand and pointed at us.

[You can feel it, can’t you? A mysterious power that envelops this entire area?]

I concentrated, raising my magic power detection to the surroundings… and aboveground.

[This… what’s the meaning of this?]

[I told you. That guy has been watching from above the entire time. And now, he’s starting to move. What will you do now? Waste our time fighting here? Or return aboveground and confront him?]


Reverting back into sword form, I pointed my weapon at father.

[So that’s how you want it to be? I don’t mind. I’ll keep you company till the very end.]

[You mustn’t!]

The one who broke our standoff… was Roxy.
She rushed to us with the now awake Snow.

[Now is not the time for this. Snow also said the same thing. We need to return above ground immediately.]

[But then… the door to His land.]

[We are talking about your territory above, Fai!]

After hearing about the crisis looming over Hausen from Snow, Roxy decided that she shouldn’t stay still and came to find me.
Even if I were to fight Dad here, the odds will be stacked against me anyway, as I’m already exhausted.
Either way, it’ll take too long. By the time the fight is over, we will be buried by the ceiling as Hausen above us is burnt down.
Thus I put my black sword down.

[Good boy. Also, Raine is here. She’s been wanting to see you. Leave this girl to me. No worries, I won’t do anything bad. Now, go.]

[Fai! Quickly.]

Dammitall. I couldn’t finish Shin off.
On the contrary, I will now let him open the door to His land.
As we made our way up, Roxy tried to cheer me up.

[It is alright. Fate has achieved your primary goal, have you not?]

[You mean Myne?]

[Yes, and I am glad for it. I do not know what will happen once the door opens. But what matters the most is trying to protect those who live in the present. Only Fai could do it. So for now, let us focus on protecting Hausen.]

[Roxy… you’re right. Let’s go!]


We raced back through the tunnel we came in from.
Occasionally earthquake-like tremors would happen. What the hell was going on up there?

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