29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai ch.43

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Here comes the papa.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 43 ~Duel against the Hero King~

[Let’s calm down for the time being.]

We got dressed after I casted purify on the entire room. I had to cut out the red stain since it simply refused to be cleaned.
I changed into casual clothes and had princess Tinava to wear Marl’s clothes that I stocked inside my inventory. Marl was wearing less fancy clothes than last night, but it’s still a princess dress. Fram was wearing… a military uniform? No, it’s probably her knight outfit.
The outfit itself looked quite cool. Although the chest area was on the verge of exploding. Thank you for the view.

[Ah right. Come, Tina should come here as well.]

[Ah, un…]

Princess Tinava, after having helped dress herself by Marl and Fram, was supported by the two to join us on the sofa.
Fram sat next to me, while Marl and Tinava took the opposite seats. When lined up together like this, I realized how similar the two looked. Marl was slightly taller though. There were also minute differences in the shape of their eyes and the length of their hair.

[Alright, regarding this matter.]

With that said, Marl glared at me right in the eyes. But I wasn’t going to back down, so I stared back at her.

[Do you have anything to say, Taichi-san?]

[I won’t make any excuses since I really did it already. However, I do need to apologize to Princess Tinava for embracing her last night after mistaking her for Marl. She wouldn’t be able to fight off my advance since it’s me we’re talking about. So I’m truly sorry.]

I bowed my head deeply.

[I would like to take responsibility as much as I can. If I have to offer my head for this misdeed, then all you need to do is to ask me. But then again, perhaps that was the plan after all?]

Princess Tinava’s body trembled upon hearing my words. Watching this, Marl sighed deeply. On my side, Fram had a bitter look on her face.
As expected, all these seemed to be deliberately arranged rather than accidentally happening due to accumulated bad luck. This kind of situation wouldn’t happen unless princess Tinava herself created the opportunity.
She who should be more familiar with this castle wouldn’t normally confuse the room that I occupied with her own.
Which means, she visited this room out of her initiative last night.

[Most likely this was arranged by mother and elder brother. Mother took father out, while brother gave Taichi-san intoxicating liquor then kept me and Fram preoccupied. Mother may have urged Tina to enter the room while brother stalled me and Fram for the night.]

Tinava shrunk her body more and more as Marl’s hypothesis on the matter continued. In the end Marl gently embraced Tinava’s shoulder.

[Tina, it is not like I am angry at you, nor I am going to blame you for it. Moreover… it can be said that I myself had accommodated to let all this happen.]

Marl smiled bitterly as she gently stroked Tinava’s head. What was she talking about just now?

[Ahー, Taichi-san, do you still remember the original reason why I ran away from home?]

[Nn, wasn’t it because you were about to be betrothed to a neighboring country’s prince or… ahhh.]

Finally I understood『Tinava’s motivation』for taking part in all of these debacles. If I remember correctly, Marl was supposed to be married to a prince of a neighboring kingdom, who happened to be a good looking but ultra huge womanizer. Marl really hates that prince, so I’m pretty sure princess Tinava also had the same opinion.
But why me? That got me thinking. Marl said that she fell in love with me at first sight. Since the two are sisters, could it be that they have similar taste? Even up to the kind of person they like?
As for Ir-san and Albert, I could already tell why they were also involved. They wanted to pull me closer to Miscronia’s side. Normally Marl would’ve been enough, but the fact was, I prioritized Karendil Kingdom in this great flood. At the very least, I didn’t immediately run off to Miscronia after I’m done dealing with the flood on Karendil.
Nn? No, wait a minute. Considering the average travelling speed in this world, the news shouldn’t travel that fast. Was there an exception here?
But it should not be far from that. I think it’s a near hit already.

[Even so, is this really alright? I mean, with everything.]

[I don’t really mind. Tina is after all my cute little sister.]

[But whose fault is it that this cute little sister was about to be sold to a lecherous neighboring prince?]

[That was already in the past now! Aaaoucch!? It hurt, it hurt, Tina.]

Even with her eyes still wet from tears, Tinava still pounced at Marl. The scene suddenly turned into silly sisters’ quarrel.

[Myself and Marl-sama aren’t really worried about one or two more women joining our ranks. Rather, from a certain standpoint, Master is way too modest.]

Fram put her hand on my lap and smiled. Despite her cool beauty, she actually could act like a caring girlfriend.
After thanking Fram, I turned back to the two princesses who were still engaged in a sisterly cat fight. Princess Tinava was able to put up a good fight, although Marl still won in the end, most likely due to the difference in their levels.
By the way, how come both of them had fluffy red faces? Marl, don’t tell me you used ancient magic just now.

[Fuuhnn. Anyways, that was just a speculation after connecting the dots together. Tina did not want to marry Prince Geppel, and perhaps big brother is also not willing to let his sister marry that prince. Brother Albert hates Prince Geppel to death, just like me. He would prefer to『die rather than calling that bastard brother in law』]

[Just how hated this neighboring Prince is?]

[If he is just a fool then perhaps we will not be hating him this much. Other than his womanizing and generally bad attitude, he is an excellent man. It is still unconfirmed information, but rumour said that he is also a Hero.]

[Ugeee, and here I am getting dragged into a conflict against him.]

[Taichi-san will be just fine. I bet you can defeat him with just a flick of your finger.]

What, am I the saviour at the end of the century or something? Nevermind, I think I can manage somehow. (TL note: another hokuto no ken reference)
In that case, it’ll be better if I had some experience in fighting other Heroes. I heard there are three Heroes in this country, including the oldman. Let’s ask for a spar when there’s a chance. The old man might just attack me without being asked though.

[Next is Mama… I guess Mama simply wants to pull Taichi-san into the Miscronia kingdom, for another goal that I am not aware of. Of course, brother Albert is her conspirator in this case.]

[Nothing less from Marl. I wouldn’t be able to piece it together if it’s just me.]

[But there is not enough information. I have just returned to Miscronia, so there is very little to work with. In any case, this will cause unrest among the aristocrats that side with the Geppel kingdom. They will certainly make some noise. It will be really noisy here from now on for sure!]

[I don’t want any of this power struggle stuff! All I want is to get that undeveloped land!]

Contrary to Marl who seemed to look forward to it, my heart immediately sunk. Should I just withdraw to the Arachnean village? Perhaps enjoy a comfortable and self sufficient life in the forest with Torn?
But I can’t do that, can I now? No, I can’t. If I don’t settle things right now, it’ll only bite me later on. And above all, this kind of trouble is to be expected if I want to marry Marl properly.
Worst case scenario, I could just use transfer magic to spirit us away. Un, having an escape route gave me a sense of assurance.

[Alright then, let us return to the main topic. Taichi-san?]

Marls smiled at me, seemingly looked bigger than she actually is at the moment. Now that she said we’re returning to the main topic, there’s nothing much I can add on my part.

[As I said, I won’t be making excuses. It was rude to both Marl and Princess Tinava to mistakenly recognize the latter for the former. Especially to Princess Tinava since it’s her first time… I’ll try to make up for it with everything that is within the realm of possibility for me.]

[You made it seem like it is such a bad deed. Do you really honestly think that it was that bad?]

[Naturally… even if it’s stemmed from a misunderstanding, it’s still an unrighteous deed. I don’t think I could apologize enough to Marl and Fram for this, but I’m really sorry.]

I deeply bowed to Fram who sat next to me, then to Marl across the table. Afterward I turned to Princess Tinava.

[I also don’t think that I could apologize enough for this misunderstanding of mistaking Princess Tinava for Marl. Ignoring the change in reaction and personality, I just greedily devoured your body. It’s an act equivalent to rape. I’m really sorry.]

And lastly, I returned to face Marl.

[Honestly, I can’t forgive myself for mistaking another woman for Marl. I’m really sorry. I’d give anything I could to make up for it.]

Silence filled the room afterward. Marl pondered for a bit before breaking the silence.

[It is a bit sickening, but it cannot be helped… What do you think, Fram-san?]

[In the first place, this time Master really did a blunder… but, on the hand, if we as his women were able to stick around him better, this incident could’ve been avoided. Master shouldn’t one-sidedly blame himself.]

The slightly blushing Fram is really cute.

[Indeed… if only I was able to return to Taichi-san’s room in time last night.]

Marl sighed as her shoulders drooped down. But then she quickly raised her face again. Her expression was radiant as though every sadness had been washed away.

[But, I believe that Taichi-san will reflect on this mistake! However! Unrighteousness still needs to be punished! So, when things start to calm down, I ask Taichi-san to set aside a full day to be spent on just listening to what I and Fram have to say. Is that alright?]

[Got it.]

It’s a very gentle punishment, but at least I get to make amends. Marl is seriously an angel. So amazing I might just start to worship her.

[Even so, Taichi-san always seems to not care about the other’s body even if it was their first time.]

[Wait, Fram, even if I do, when I slept with either of you, or even Princess Tinava, didn’t I always make sure that it’s enjoyable for you all as well? I have to firmly reject that statement.]

Marl didn’t even bother to hear my protest.
Those who got the first bite win. I believe that the sex education of Miscronia Royal family where it turns the princesses to be predatory and beastly needs to be corrected. The mastermind behind all this is certainly that certain person.

[Nnー, a normal date is good and all, but I think I have plenty of potions that have not been tested yet.]

[Would please stop!? Are you going to use me for an experiment again!? Like a guinea pig! Like a guinea pig!?]

For some reason, my poison resistance just won’t work against Marl’s potions. Is it because her potions were made from extracting medicinal effects from the monster’s part that it tasted so gross? Anyways, it’s scary!

[Excuse me, Taichi-sama. I might have barged into your life, but I will be in your care.]

While I was still frightened by the potentially horrible future, Princess Tinava, who had been silent up until now, bowed to me as she said that. I of course bowed back in return.

[No, it’s suppose to be me who said that.]

And just like that, I lived happily ever after with my three brides.

[I, will, kill, you. O-kay?]

But of course such a happy ending only exists in fairy tales. We revealed everything with haste in the dining room during breakfast.
As a result, I was challenged to a duel by the King of Miscronia, who is also Marl’s and princess Tinava’s dad, Erwin Blanc Miscronia. Right now, I was facing him in an arena-like facility built near the royal palace.
The spectator seats were fully loaded, thank you.
It’s because a『certain person』announced that『Hero Taichi will duel King Erwin for the right to marry both of the first princess and the second princess』.

[How did it end up to this…]

[Taichi-kun, you must not loseー]

The mastermind herself was cheering for me from the spectator seats. She just had to say that during breakfast.

『You two really work hard last nightー, so when will I get to see a grandchild? Hey, Taichi-kun? Tina-chan?』

After dropping that bomb, she proceeded to go kya kya while revealing footage of me and Princess Tinava going at it last night taken from a voyeur perspective. All during breakfast.
Albert simply laughed refreshingly, while Tinava’s face turned bright red before she ran away in tears, Marl evacuated to a safe corner, while oldman Erwin roared and pounced at me.
Fram? The fried egg she was eating flew off when the old man jumped at me, and landed directly on top of her head, which instantly sent her crying. I guess she’s just born unlucky.
Even so, considering the time needed to prepare all this, I could only guess that the preparation was already underway before I arrived at the capital city Crown. In other words, from the beginning to the end, we were dancing on Ir-san’s palm.

[You don’t even care to draw your sword even when facing me like this?]

I don’t know if it’s because of the steam or the dark fighting aura or both, but Erwin was terrifying despite the rambling. I could feel his dignity and ambition as a king were transmitted to me, but that kind of thing wouldn’t work on me.
Among everyone, this old man is the greatest victim of the mastermind Ir-san after all.


Name: Erwin Blanc Miscronia
Level: 45
Skill: Sword mastery 5+, Martial Arts 3, Archery 3, Wind magic 4, Fire Magic 3, Light Magic 3, Magecraft 4, Physical Strengthening 3, Equestrian 3, Etiquette 1, Negotiation 2, Danger detection 1, detection 2, cooking 2, Royal charisma (Majesty)
Title: Swordsman, Magician, Rising Star, Knight of Miscronia Kingdom, Royal Knight of Miscronia Kingdom, Sword Saint, Hero of the Gale, True Hero, Demon King Slayer, Cutting through Providence, Cutter, Divine Sword, Transient Contractor, Butthead in the family, Hero of Salvation, Fond of kids, Idiot Father, Shura←NEW!, King of Miscronia
Crime: none


Probably the royal charisma (majesty) at work here, but what’s with that Sword Mastery 5+? He’s dangerous no matter how I see it.
If I knew in advance that he has things like Cutting through Providence combined with other sword related titles like the Divine Sword, I would’ve never accepted this challenge. Now that I know this, I realized his attack yesterday was on the sloppy side.

[Don’t be so angry, father-in-law. Both of them agreed to this.]

[How dare you to call me father in law! I’ll slash and smash you right here right now just for thaaaaaat!]

Erwin almost instantly closed the gap after crushing the ground beneath him when he took the stride. The sword in his hands was dazzlingly full of magic power, that if I were to take a direct hit, there might not even be a speck of dust remaining.

That is, if it can hit me.

Erwin’s slash mercilessly cut the space where I was in until a moment ago. The magic power put into that attack crushed the earth, leaving a 10 meters long deep gouge on the ground.
He’s trying to kill me so thoroughly.

[Transfer magic, huh!]

[Correct answer.]

After creating some distance with short range transfer magic, I took out the godsilver staff from inventory and entered a stance. Even if he’s out for blood, it’s not like I could kill him. In that case, the godsilver staff would be a more appropriate weapon than the overpowered Bonded Sword for this situation.
With his sword mastery at 5+ I must not pursue close combat, but if I should then I could use some range advantage. This staff ability to amplify magic power is inferior compared to Bonded sword, but it’s more robust if used as a regular weapon.

[Because close distance combat is dangerous, then I will just fight from long range.]

[You bastard! Coward!]

[Who gives a shit about cowardice in an actual fight? Rather, expecting your enemy to play fair is just foolish.]

When I shook the godsilver staff while focusing my magic power, a large amount of the ground around me was scooped up and formed a myriad of spears as it floated in the air.
It’s the earth magic gained at level 4, Earthen Spear Storm.
The tips of the spears weren’t sharp since I’m not going for the kill. So it’s more of sticks instead of spears.
The number was still well over 100 though.

[Don’t die from this, please?]

There were two reasons why I chose this particular magic.
The first is how easy it is to adjust. The second is that it’s basically a bullet hell type of an attack.
One of the magic that Erwin should know already with his level of mastery is my favorite Windshield. Not only could it prevent projectiles both physical and magical, it nulls air resistance when accelerating.
However, this magic is only good at blocking arrows. Anything heavier would go through the wind barrier.
When it comes to countering the barrage of attacks from a wind magic user, the only way is to offset it with a stronger barrage of magic attack. Wind magic is excellent in terms of speed and concealment, but a bit lacking in kinetic power.
Of course, if the wind magic is focused at one point, it will have tremendous kinetic and penetrating power. But spreading it to protect one selves from the saturated barrage of my earthen spear wouldn’t bode well.
He’ll only end up consuming more magic power than I did.

[Javelin Storm!]

The floating earth spears rushed toward Erwin all at once. Normally each spear would’ve had enough power to crush a troll’s head. But I’ve considerably reduced the power this time.
Even so, getting hit directly might still break a bone or two.

[Nuuuuuuuuuun! Seven Dust Obliteration Fang!]

The old man would bite the dust if he had no counter to this. That’s what I thought.
However, an incredible sight unfolded before me.
That old man actually rushed head on, slashing down the earthen spears with terrifying speed while shouting chuuni sounding technique name. Old man Erwin’s sword seemed to have disappeared due to its blinding speed.


[Seriously… The Hero of sword name is clearly not just for show]

I was honestly amazed when he managed to slash down every single earthen spear I launched at him. Setting aside the godsilver staff for a bit, I couldn’t help but to applause in amazement to his skill.
It will be impossible for me to do the same thing by relying purely on my sword skill. At best, I can only cut down half.
Nothing less from the Hero King and the Hero of Sword, Erwin Blanc Miscronia. That arrogant face clearly showed his confidence in his sword skill.

[Is that it? With just this level, how come my daughter could fall for you?]

[So you want to raise the difficulty? Then I will send double the amount next.]


Erwin looked at me in dismay. But I could care less about that. Once again I casted the Earthen Spear Storm, but with eight times the amount of magic power normally used to cast it.

Bigger chunks of earth were gouged out from the ground around me.

[Second serving, double the size.]

Earthen spears double the amount of what I summoned earlier floated around me.
The number was approximately two hundred. And the spear density was harder than earlier.

[Ah, the speed and hardness are also doubled.]

[…..I, I will not be defeated that easilyyy!]

[Sure, sure, good luck. The next one will be double this number.]

The earthen spears flew in a disorderly manner, but Erwin who had already turned into a sword demon intercepted it still. Using the combination of high speed sword slashes and innumerable wind blades, he shot down the earthen spears. At least he didn’t have time to shout out chuuni technique names.
Unfortunately for him, I barely spend less than a quarter of my magic power reserve. Erwin however, used everything in his disposal.

[Such an excellent swordarm, it can move hearts. But it’s meaningless.]

He stopped on his track when he was about to intercept. The area around the old man was full of protruding spikes that were the remnant of the earthen spears that he cut down. Even if he tries to maneuver through everything, he’ll eventually show an opening.
It’ll be the end when that happens. Showing an opening with this density of barrage will only make himself a pincushion. In that case, there’s only one way for old man Erwin; defending on his spot until he runs out of magic power.
It’s important, so let me say it again. I haven’t even used a quarter of my magic reserve. The arena was already clogged with earthen spears.

[Ugaaaaaaa!? ShiAAAAAAA! Ubboooーーーー!?]

When the number of earthen spears reached 800, old man Erwin could no longer intercept the spears. He was sent flying and juggled in the air.
Innumerable earthen spears smashed at Erwin, sending him into weird but beautiful cartoonish poses in the air. He had become like a living punching bag.
From the middle of the arena, I approached while slowly reducing the spell’s power. How kind I am!
Doshaaa! Erwin landed face first on the ground after the last earthen spear hit him right on the head. From his twitching legs, I could see that he’s still alive.

[Fuhn, I won.]

If we were engaged in a close combat, I would have had a hard time winning this. Although for the sake of decency and formality, I should’ve attempted to defeat the oldman in close combat.

But I refused.

My life was on the line here, as well as my right to marry Marl and princess Tinava. No compromises, no carelessness, no honor.

[The Hero kIng is defeated by magic…]

[He’s a demon king…]

[Demon King] [Demon King!] [Maoh!]

『『『『Demon King! Demon King! Demon King!』』』』

The spectators started to enthusiastically shout demon king. Why did they start doing so… I had no idea.
That said, they’re cheering for me, so I better respond.

[Fuhahahah! The oldman was scary! But as promised, the two treasured daughters of Miscronia, the two beautiful princesses will become mine, Taichi Mitsuba!]

I declared while raising my godsilver staff. At the same time, huge pillars of flame burst out from behind me. The enthusiastic cheerings turned into horrified screamings right then.
Demon King Taichi Mitsuba was born explosively at that moment.


[So, what are you going to do? You have been widely recognized as a Demon King by the people, have you not? Fortunately, there are still a few who were just in awe and respect you out of the many who hatefully complain about you.]

[Pardon me.]

[Are you really reflecting on this?]

[It was just in the heat of the moment. Now I’m reflecting on it.]

When I returned back to the palace, I was forced to sit in seiza on the floor as Marl proceeded to preach on me. By the way, in the distance, Tinava was also doing the same, except she was scolding Ir-san and the first prince Albert.
Apparently she was scolding her for the footage that was taken secretly.
There is a magic tool called record crystal, that can act like a camcorder and record a whole day’s worth of footage once activated.
The record crystal with the footage of my night with princess Tinava was confiscated and is now in Tinava’s hand.
But of course, Ir-san kept a back up. She even gave me a copy. Naturally, this was kept as a secret from Tinava.
Let’s watch it slowly in somewhere safe the next time I have free time.

[It is totally fineー. On the contrary, the more afraid they are to you, the more unlikely they will go causing trouble for you. No need to worry about itー.]

[I guess I overdid it a bit. What about the king’s authority now that he’s been beaten by me? And politically speaking, letting me marry both princesses… is it really alright?]

[Of course there is a risk involvedー. Butー, Taichi-kun will surely help us resolve it, rightー?]

She was smiling alright. But I could see the Hannya demon behind her pointing its sword at my neck.
Naturally, I could only quietly nod.

[Of course, but only if the price is right.]

[Is it regarding that matterー?[

I turned my line of sight at Marl. And she nodded in response.
Apparently, the story was already known.

[Indeedー, it will be troublesome if the husband, Taichi-kun remains a commoner with no Royal title to speak of despite going to marry two Princessesー. For the time being, I can grant you the position of Viscount. Fortunately, Taichi-kun is already known to have a high『military merits』, if I remember correctlyー?]

She must be referring to when I slaughtered the monsters near Lumiere.

[With your new title as Viscount Mitsuba, I can grant you the desired border forest areaー. It is currently under the administration of Baron Victor, who governs Lumiere, or do you wish to pick a separate areaー?]

[No, I’m just worried that there will be complaints if their territory was taken from them.]

[Indeedー, do your best thenー]

And Ir-san laughed. Are you really helping here, oi.

[Do not worryー, since Mar-chan and Tina-chan are with Taichi-kunー, I will certainly do something about itー]

[In the first place, Taichi-san has greater titles already. He is both a hero and a demon king, and he is about to marry both me and Tina who are princesses. Well, surely it will work out somehow!.]

Thank you for the super optimistic opinion, you mother and daughter pair.
Well, in terms of authority, there is no way anyone will say no after both Marl and Ir-san agreed. I actually wanted to get along with Lumiere. If I want to connect both Miscronia and Karendil, the relationship with Lumiere will be very important too. The baron may dislike me at first, but let’s build up a friendly relationship overtime.

At least that’s how I want it.

[But of course, there will still be people complainingー, so I will need to have Taichi-san to work hardー. You will not complain and work hard like a pack horse, rightー?]

Ir-san smiled as she said so. Unexpectedly, she may have felt unimpressed seeing her husband get beaten up so easily by me.
But I will never apologize. Never in a million years.


[Was it scary?]


[You just met him for the first time yesterday, so it cannot be helped. But that person is actually very kind, you know?]

[Yes. And he is also surprisingly short minded. He certainly has great power, but he is still a regular person inside. There are bound to be weaknesses.]

[Once you spend more time with him, you will get to see more of it… by the way, tonight it will be my turn, alright?]

[P, please no.]

[Very well, this means war.]

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