The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.172

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Chapter 172 – The Curse of Attraction

[Can you hold me?]

Irene stared straight at Ares, saying a line that seemed embarrassing to herself.

Ares also stared at Irene with a confused expression, listening to her words.

A time of silence wraps both of them.

Irene wondered if this silence would last forever.

Given her appearance, Irene Istrea is expected to be a very experienced person due to her overflowing sex appeal. But… it’s completely different.

Irene’s male partner was only the first king. Moreover, because the other party was old, they only did it a few times. And she had children after those few times and made him into a successor.

So to speak, when it comes to that kind of thing, she was a beginner and innocently naive.

Irene… even though she showed an advantage with her age… but the truth was that her mind and body were trembling.

On the contrary, Ares did not answer anything. But… He is looking at Irene as if I’m looking for something.

And… He opened his mouth. The contents were enough to surprise Irene.



Ares raised his right hand in front of Irene’s face. Irene trembled as she saw it.

[Ah, it’s okay. I won’t do anything strange?]

With that said, Ares began to increase her magical power. His right hand began to glow quietly yet warmly.

[Ares-dono…? What are you doing…?]

It was when Irene muttered that she realized that a change had occurred in herself.

[Eh? What? What is this…?]

Irene was surprised. Yes, there is a shining red pattern appearing on her neck.

[It’s a curse.]

Ares quietly told the surprised Irene.


[Ah, you didn’t know that? Well, I thought maybe that was the case…]

Ares said so and lowered his hand. As his magical power disappeared, the pattern on Irene’s neck also disappeared.

[Since I first met you, I was wondering if something was wrong… but I’m convinced now.]

With that said, Ares began to explain to Irene about the curse.


There is something called a [Crest] in this world.

It’s like a sign that embodies the magical power that resides in you.

Magical power is born and many human beings have different sizes.
However, it cannot be used without the [Crest].

Often, it is carved into the body.
A good example is the [Magic Crest] that magicians carve on themselves to use magic.
However, engraving the [Crest] is a specialty of the [Crest Master] and requires a very large amount of money, so the general public has no access to it.

Also, even if the [Crest] is carved, it is compatible with the attributes and requires various studies to deal with it… It was unrelated to the common people on this continent.

The guide mark of magic that dwells in the human body; that is the [Crest].

[Can you see this?]

When he said that, Ares rolled up his sleeves and showed Irene his arms.

With his moderately trained arms exposed, Irene appeared a little confused.

[What was wrong with…your arm?]

[Oops, excuse me. You can’t tell from this alone.]

With that said, Ares quietly put his magical power into his arm.

[…! This is…!]

It’s no wonder Irene is surprised. This is because a number of Magical Crests appeared on Ares’s arm in an overlapping manner.

[The one that shines without color is the magical crest of my attribute magic [Null]. After that… the spirit crest with a mischievous spirit and the contract crest with the demons…]

Not only magic, but also summoning and spiritual arts use magical power. Therefore, the [Crest] that is the guidepost of the magical power is needed.

[I’ve heard about it… but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it…]

[Well, unless you’re a Royal family, you won’t actually see it. It’s not embarrassing.]

Ares kindly answered Irene, who was ashamed of her lack of knowledge.

[And… it’s not well known to the world from here.]

Ares continued.

[Among them, the one that has the strongest power is one who has the [Marked Sign].]

And [Marked Sign] Is not something that is what you want. It was received after you were born.

Among the [Marked Sign], the ones with the most powerful power are the so-called [Engraved]. There are only eight of them in the world and the number of people who are said to have had them in history is limited.
However, whether they were good or bad, most of them make a name for themselves in history.

And about [Marks] other than [Engraved].

[It’s not as powerful as the [Engraved], but it’s much stronger than the normal [Marks]. Therefore… I never heard any good rumors about the end of its owner.]

They did not have the [Marks] they wanted. And… their abilities vary and some can even cause harm to their masters.

Therefore… the name given by the magicians.

[Cursed Marks]

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a [Curse] for the owner.

[… What your Excellency wants to tell me is…]

[Yes. The pattern on your Majesty’s chest… it’s a [Curse].]


Irene was confused by the unexpected first story.

[Well, it’s normal to be confused… Honestly, it’s my first time seeing it too. It has more information than [Engraved], but I don’t know much…]

When Ares said that, he held his hand in front of Irene again and released his magical power. Along with that, the [Cursed Marks] on Irene’s chest began to glow.

[…Your Excellency… My power is…]

[Maybe it’s a stronger version of the [Fascination] power used by succubi and incubi… Let’s call it [Charm] for now.]

That said, Ares stopped holding his hand. At the same time, the [Curse Marks] on Irene’s chest also disappeared.

[…Maybe there was someone in your Majesty’s relatives who knew about this. It was overwritten and hidden by powerful magic. But… since this is a [Cursed Mark]… it seemed difficult to control the overflowing power.]

In Ares’ words, Irene remembered going to a magician many times before entering the Royal family. That was… to hide this.

Ares was also often convinced by seeing the [Cursed Marks].

Perhaps Irene’s [Cursed Marks] broke through the multiple layers of concealment crests and leaked out. Therefore, the men were attracted to her and couldn’t stop… Yes, such as King Dormages of Dormadia Kingdom and Zackard of King Beiseld.

Alfredo and Eldan, who are close to her, are her relatives. Therefore, it is difficult to apply the power of [Curse Marks]. But the other guys…

She had heard that many aristocrats also wanted her. Not to mention her natural beauty, there is no doubt that the power of the [Cursed Marks] was also one of the causes.

[For now, let me cast a stronger concealment spell and then… I think you can live a more peaceful life.]

[…wasn’t your Excellency influenced by my [Cursed Marks]?]

[I… well, let’s say that I have a special constitution.]

That said, Ares gently touched his eyes.


[Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t mind it.]

When I said that, Ares laughed self-deprecatingly.

[Well then… let’s hide the curse mark…]

When he said that and reached for the curse on her chest…

[Please wait, Ares-dono.]

Irene betrayed Ares’s expectation and pushed her hand away.


[…Your Majesty Irene?]

[His Excellency… It’s fine with the secrecy. Thank you for telling me various things. I feel that I understood everything with everything that I don’t know at all.]

Irene holds the hand of Ares and spun her words.

And she gently pulled her hand to her chest.

[This curse was part of me so you don’t have to hide it.]

With that said, Irene looked straight at Ares’ eyes.

With that strong look, Ares’s heart jumped.

[His Excellency… Let’s talk about politics from here.]


[Your Excellency is trying to use this chance to get the eastern continent by saving this country called Istrea… isn’t it ?]


Ares was lost for words at Irene’s statement. Irene continued.

[Istrea is a country with an old tradition alongside Byzeld on the eastern continent. I think it would be easier to govern if you could connect with either of those countries. Am I wrong?]

[…..I don’t understand what your Majesty wants to say. What did you want to say?]

[What I mean is…]

Irene said that she had taken a breath and decided.

[If I give birth to your child… it will be a strong bond, an unbreakable bond… that’s what I thought.]


The next morning.

Ares was awakened by the refreshing breeze and greeted the morning.
Looking to the side, there was the happy sleeping face of Irene.

Ares embraced her at Irene’s suggestion.
It is nothing but an agreement between Ares and Irene.

If Irene gives birth to Ares’ children, it becomes a strong bond between the Margrave and the Istrea Royal family.
The child will become the center of national affairs as an assistant to the next King, Elliott, and with them as the flag, the eastern continent will be easier to rule.

For Istrea, they can draw in the overwhelming force of Ares as another source and can become the leader of the eastern continent, albeit it is only a front.

It’s a win-win scenario.

At the same time… Ares thought:

[For some reason, this person is also having a hard time.]

Ares refused at first. Even if she didn’t do that, he’ll be on Istraea’s side.

However, he noticed it as he talked with her aside from the political matters.


The pain of those who stood at the top, which Ares has felt before.

She couldn’t communicate with the former King, who was a political marriage partner. And after he left early, she was the only one to defend the country of Istraea.

[It’s a strange story. No one has ever told such a story.]

Seeing Irene laughing with tears saying that… Ares’s heart was decided.

After that, they did it many times.

He felt embarrassed when he thought about it. 

However, when he looked at her sleeping face, a thought ran across his mind:

Be sure to protect it.

[I have to explain this to Cornelia… I wonder if she will get angry?]

He’s sure she will get angry. But… she is also excellent as a politician and as a [person]. She will understand the circumstances behind it and, at the same time, she will understand her own feelings.

[I wonder if I am being spoiled by her?]

I think so. For some reason, Cornelias understood and accepted what they did.

[But… maybe Cornelia will have more powerful allies…?]

While thinking about such a thing, Ares laughed bitterly.

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