The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.173

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Translator: Raizu
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Chapter 173 – Eastern Expedition part 5 ~ Dormages’ Move ~


Dormages roared and threw the fruit that he had in his hand against the wall.

The fruit splashed to the wall, making a rattling noise.

The reason why he’s frustrated… It was a report of his army’s defeat on each battlefield.

After being defeated in Istrea, Dormages raised the army of demons to the border of the Kingdom of Horus.

The Dormages army has won a series of battles until now and he doesn’t think it will collapse with a single loss… He will recover immediately and sortie again for Istrea… Dormages was planning to do so, but the situation changed completely. 

After being defeated by Istrea, many nations under its control rebelled.

The first thing that regained momentum was the Kingdom of Horus, which surrounded the Royal capital.

It was the Demon General Gilvales who was hunting down the Royal capital to the point of its fall. Bad news was reported to him over there. Yes, it’s the news of the Dormages defeat.

Upon hearing this, Gilvales immediately united the army of demons to save the king, raised it to the border with Istrea and planned to join with Dormages.

They stationed a minimum number of beasts and soldiers in the occupied areas in the Kingdom of Horus. And then they reorganized their decimated army and tried to invade Istrea again.

However, the Kingdom of Horus did not overlook the movement of the Dormadia army.

They took this opportunity to recapture the areas that had been suppressed.
They got their hands on intel that the Dormadia forces only had a few garrisoned soldiers, so they reclaimed the area. With that, they were able to wipe out the Dormadia forces in the country.

Reports of the defeat of the Dormadia army and the news of the recapture of his own country by the Kingdom of Horus; These news shook the whole of Dormadia’s territory.

The people, who could not stand the oppression of the demons, heard the news and decided to revolt all at once. In this way, Dormadia, who ruled one-third of the eastern continent with fear, was transformed into a war zone where humans and demons fought in various places…


Dormages was looking at the map of the eastern continent with a bitter face.

The kingdom of Dormadia, which governed one-third of the eastern continent he had built in the last few years was… cut in half in just a month.

There are three causes.

One is the invasion of the Istraea army.

Yes, that army that appeared when he invaded his country. They now appeared in Dormadia, releasing the occupied territories one after another.

No, to be exact, it might be different from the Istraea army.

It is a famous story that Istraea had no soldiers. Therefore, someone outside of the country would have stepped in to help this country.

An unidentified army… Dormadia has not yet been able to win against that army.

Dormages knows about  [the power of numbers]. He built such a widespread plan in just a few years because he led an overwhelming number of demon beasts and dropped the city with the power of numbers. 
Therefore, Dormages gathered soldiers all over the place and instructed them to meet them, but… the unidentified army swallowed their numbers and kicked them away. Dormadia’s army was devastated on both battlefields and the number of his proud demon beast army had now become small.

The second is the large scale revolt of the conquered countries.
The people of the important bases in each area rebelled at the same time, as if they had been planned. Normally, he would crush it with force without difficulty… but this time the situation is different.

It is not possible to deploy enough troops to crush it.

As many of his soldiers were tied down dealing with the Istrea army, there were only a few demon beasts and soldiers in each area. And… as if in anticipation of that, each territory rebelled.

Dormages didn’t take this very seriously when he first received the news. For him, a person is no different from livestock that brings wealth. And they are robbing everything that can be their weapon.
With his demon beast soldiers, there’s nothing to fear from humans without weapons because they are the same as livestocks…..

But here too, his predictions were off. They had weapons and accurate information, and collaborated with each other to create a rebellion.

This freed up many conquered territories, forcing Dormadia to reduce its scale.

The last thing to mention is the absence of a [General] in the Dormadia army.

The Dormadia army is an army of demon beasts. The power of numbers is very powerful, but… there are only a few who are capable of controlling it.

In order to command a demon beast, it is necessary to have enough [Power] to make the demon beast submit. And when it comes to those who have both command and intelligence as a general… Their numbers are small among the demons.

In that case, he had only a few people besides the Demon General Gilvalez.

And some of his generals were also defeated during the invasion of Istraea.

Therefore, his army of demon beasts had become a mob without any cooperation.

[At least if there is another Gilvalez…]

Gilvales is currently leading an army to suppress the rebellion. At that point, it was reported that the Istraea army had invaded Dormages’ territory.


After worrying for a while, Dormages told his close aides:

[Bring the [cat guy] who is being held in prison.]


The aides couldn’t understand Dormages’ instructions and were just confused. Seeing that, Dormages shouted without hiding his frustration.

[…Bring a man of [the True Beast Man] who has a lion’s face!!]

When he yelled, Dormages grinned and laughed.

[Let’s get that cat guy out…. It seems that true beasts value their [friends] more than anything else…]

When I said that, Dormages started laughing out loud.

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