29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai ch.48

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 48 ~ I tackled various decision making~

『You actually defeated that thing? Heroes truly are ridiculously overpowered.』

[I might be a wee bit stronger than most of them, but there you go.]

『This is really unbelievable.』

I poured honeyed water into a wooden flask and handed it to the frightened being sitting in front of me. She dipped her antenna into the water first before proceeding to lift the flask into her mouth.
By the way, her voice was seemingly echoing directly inside my head. Just like when that god talked to me. Is this some sort of telepathy or something?

『This doesn’t seem to be a Killer Wasp’s honey. This one has such a mellow sweetness.』

[Giant Hornet’s honey. How about the meat?]

『A real good quality meat. Nothing to complain about.』

Right now, in front of me sat a human-size ant that could speak in a high pitched girl’s voice, holding a flask of honeyed water in one hand and a piece of dragon meat in another. It felt surreal. The gap between the voice and the appearance was way too wide.


[Although it’s unintentional, I’m still sorry for killing many of your friends.]

『It would be a different story if it was an attack with clearly malicious intent, but since it’s not, you’d only have to compensate us sufficiently. Apart from that, even if a dozen of us died, it’s not like our entire species will be in dire straits from that.』

Yup, that’s how it is.
I accidentally killed several dozen of this anttilians–this creature in front of me–during my effort to level the ground earlier today. Well, in my defense, who would’ve known that there were intelligent creatures living under this land?
Their only request was for me to compensate for the『damage』they suffered with food; meat in particular. Fortunately, I still had some leftover meat from the dragon I slew during the Great Flooding and large amount of Hydra meat in my inventory. So I decided to have this one antillian to give them a try first.

[By the way, what would happen to me if I couldn’t give enough to compensate for the losses?]

『Then you can compensate by letting yourself be squeezed of everything until you died』

[So scary!]

What will they squeeze out? What scares me is that I don’t think this one threat has any sexual connotation to it. Is it blood or something like that?

[But still, trading losses of life with meat is a bit too cheap.]

『It’s just difference in common sense between you and us.』

From what I heard from her(?) this far, the Antillians have very little sense of『self』. The impression I had when talking to her(?) was that it’s like I’m talking to a machine rather than a living being. She(?) never referred to her(?)self with『I』or『me』, but rather『we』or『us』. Don’t tell me it’s the case of『hive minded clones』? (TL Note: The raws include (?) mark on the sentence as the MC is not sure the gender of Antillians)

『In fact, we are grateful that you’ve slayed that thing. That thing was really annoying. Not only did it pollute the soil, it would also assimilate and prey upon anything that touched it. Not to mention the mental erosion.』

[What’s with that scary stuff? I thought it’s going to be the usual tentacle play.]

I might be able to resist that with my stats, but I promise I’ll get back at that evil god one day for almost pushing me into such a horrible thing. Once things calm down, I really need to think up a way to get into that God’s place.

『The first time we made contact with it was utter disaster. We had to dispose 30% of us because of the mental erosion.』

[Causing you to lose 30% of your total numbers… that’s quite terrifying. But why did you choose to stay around this place? Wouldn’t it be better to live away from such a dangerous creature?]

『We’d been keeping a close monitor at it since it’s a threat. And we have developed necessary countermeasure after the first encounter.』

I don’t even need to ask for more information. The method of this『countermeasure』she talked about is clear if I looked back on our conversation so far.
In the meantime, more Antillians crawled out of the holes one by one. Nope, I really can’t tell them apart from one another.

『We will take the meat now, so please put it out』

[Aye. But is it really alright to just put all of it on the ground?]

『『『『It’s alright. Come on now.』』』』

[Be quiet please!?]

I involuntarily squinted from hearing so many voices in my head at once. I could hear girls’ voices with only slight differences saying the same thing like they’re singing in chorus.

『『『『Yaayー!Fresh meat!』』』』

They instantly jumped at the meat. It was pure chaos.
Imagine this; ants about the size of an adult human cheerfully transporting the dragon meat back into their lair. Adding to that was all their slightly different girly voices echoing directly in my head. It’s too surreal I was rendered speechless.

[Ahー, well I’m glad if you’re delighted. Anyways, I’m planning to make a town, no city, perhaps even a country on top of this vacant land. Don’t you think we need to discuss some rules so that there won’t be unnecessary accidents between us?]

『Right, right, please wait a minute.』

One of the antillians stopped to address me and started moving her(?) black antennae. She(?) looked strangely cute when doing so. In the sense of seeing her(?) as a pet of course.
I might be proud of my super wide strike zone, but there’s no way I could get turned on by a huge ant with no humanoid features. At the very least, they have to be on the Arachneans’ level of humanoid features. If only it was a beautiful girl with those tactile antennae, then maybe…
Well, I have plenty of women already in my life. I don’t want to increase the number of women, or bears for that matter, around me. I might’ve overcapped my capacity.
Ah, I also need to craft a mithril dagger for each of them.

『Understood. If you call out through this hole later on, one of us will come out to discuss with you.』

[Good. I’ve erected an anti monster barrier around the leveled area, so that place should be safe unless an overly powerful monster appears.]

『Understood. Well then, we are going to be busy sampling these meats, so until later.』

[Un, I’ll come again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at the latest.]

After bidding my farewell with the antillians, I casted long range transfer and instantly headed back to my mansion in Alfen. I’m so tired today.


[Ooーii, I’m homeー]

[Ah, welcome back, Taichi-san!]

[Welcome back. Thank goodness you are safe.]

When I entered through the mansion main entrance after storing all my armors back into the inventory, Marl and the others were in the midst of getting to the second floor through the stairs on the main hall. Marl quickly climbed back down with a light step and immediately jumped to hug me.

[Thank goodness you have returned. Are you injured anywhere?]

[As you can see, not a scratch. There were some annoying encounters though]

I suddenly felt slightly sick, probably taking mental damage just from remembering the appearance of that lump of meat. But Marl’s body heat and softness transmitted to me through her hug healed me. Tina and Fram arrived downstairs soon after.

[Most importantly you are safe.]

After finishing her greeting, Tina, just like Marl, proceeded to hug me softly. Fram in the meantime snuggled to me wordlessly.
Feeling this great being surrounded by three beautiful women right after I got home. So this is what becoming a normie feels like. I feel like I can do anything now. Nothing can scare me now!
No, I shouldn’t start raising that flag now. I don’t feel like interrupting this moment, but I can’t underestimate the power of the death flag.

[It’s a success, I was able to secure a large piece of land. It was simple, but an anti monster barrier has been erected around the area, and I have purified the land too. Also, I encountered another intelligent creature of the Sea of Trees. They’re big ants who call themselves Antillians.]

[Thank you for the hard work. Huge ants? But Kusuha said that there was no intelligent creature living around that area, did she not?]

[They’re living underground, that’s probably why she didn’t see them before? Besides, there were a lot of powerful monsters roaming the sea of trees. No matter how strong the Arachneans are, gathering the information of the land should still be difficult.]

Actually, wandering around the vast sea of trees on foot collecting information would be more like a penance than anything else. I was luckier because I could fly in the sky.
But I did see some ancient ruins while flying over the sea of trees. I’d like to investigate those ruins when I have some free time. I also want to get in touch with the other intellectual races that Kusuha mentioned. Ah, there’s no end to what I want to do.

[Dear, would it be better if you take a break tomorrow? Is there something wrong?]

[No, but did you just…]

[We’re going to get married soon, so I thought it would be better to refer to you with that… did you not like it?]

She smiled a gorgeous smile and slightly tilted her head while saying all that. Wh, what the hell. This, what is this, this… such destructive power. And so sudden too. This should be considered a foul play.

[Tina… so scary!]

[Fumu, I see.]

Tina’s action caused Marl’s face to turn pale and aghast. Meanwhile Fram simply nodded her head as if impressed.
Maybe I should be more vigilant in case of Fram doing a similar attack. No, it’s probably going to be out of nowhere as well.
Even so, this… it’s making my chest hot. I wish I could just sweep aside all the hindrance and get to enjoy the sweetness of a happy married life. Well, since there will be eight brides, it might be more of a sour and sweet life.

[No, I don’t hate it. I was just surprised.]

I kissed Tina’s forehead and gave her a hug. Hugging Tina certainly felt different compared to hugging Marl. Should I say that it felt ephemeral, as if she’d break if I hug tighter? Marl’s body has this certain stoutness under her softness. There is a sense of security that makes you feel like you can lean on her.

[Wait! Wait a minute Taichi-san! I’m not done with my portion yet!]

[Ahーyes yes, I know. Marl is the best.]

Releasing Tina, I hugged the teary eyed Marl and spun her around. Ah, it’s so relieving to hug Marl. I stopped spinning and took a deep breath. I had no scent fetish, but the slightly sweet scent mixed with the herbal scent of Marl’s body was relieving to smell.
I enjoyed the moment for a while before letting go. Marl who was on the verge of crying earlier now had a very happy look on her face. So cute.

[Alright, it’s Fram’s turn now!]

[Well… yes, your words is my command]

I spread my arms toward Fram who stood a bit further away, and she jumped into my chest after a slight hesitation and shyness. Since it’s a frontal hug, Fram’s full breasts were pressing into my chest. And I’m happy about it.
Our faces were pretty close to each other since we are of similar height. As I stared at Fram’s obsidian eyes and pretty face, I realized that she’s inching closer all of a sudden. Before I knew it, her soft lips were already pressing onto mine.

[ [ Aaaーh!? ] ]

Marl and Tina let out a yelp almost at the same time.
Fram looked away after maintaining the kiss for a while. Tint of redness and a smile filled her face.


A war broke out.
It was between Karendil Kingdom which boasted abundant supplies and personnel, against Miscronia Kingdom with its excellent magic technology and the bloodline of Hero.
Karendil kingdom made good use of their abundance in resources, outnumbering Miscronia’s forces by double. Despite the experience and technology, Miscronia might face defeat.
However, the war was overturned by a Hero’s intervention.
The Hero launched a surprise attack on Miscronia’s second army which was in charge of logistics, catching the first army in pincer with Karendil army at the front and the Hero at the back.
Realizing their end was near, Miscronia’s first army resisted violently, but was ultimately defeated by the combined attack of the abundant Karendil’s army and the overwhelming power of the Hero.

[Ahaaahn! I, I am at my last straw already, about to to…!]

[No hard feelings, Marl. Alright, Fram, finish her off.]

[Forgive me, alright?]

[Aaaahn!? N, no! There…!?]

Marl’s body quivered and tensed up following her scream. Her face looked as if she was in pure bliss. A good kind of expression to me.

[Un, then next is Fram.]


[I’m sorry to deceive you, but it was all to create this situation where there are only us two left… toryaaー!]

[Oーhoー, fufu.]

Getting such a good reaction from her, I promptly jumped into Fram’s open arms and directly to her breasts with a smile. The night was still long after all.

(TL Note: You might get confused at first. But yes, there is a war…in the MC bedroom, if you know what I mean.)


[Master, why do you look unwell? Are you alright? Do you want a massage?]

[Un, I’m alright. I’m alright, but a massage sounds good for later. Now you should focus on your current task.]


Maybell was serving platters of breakfast in front of me while asking me with her bouncy and cheerful voice.
Last night, I was about to sleep after spending a relaxing time together with Fram. But I was ambushed by the resurrected Miscronia kingdom forces. Their revenge was really fierce.
Moreover, for some reason, Fram, who also recovered in the later half, joined hands with the Miscronia’s forces. They formed an allied force against the hero.
They even resorted to suspicious drug use to squeeze me dry. It reminded me that Marl’s potions could somehow bypass my poison resistance. I felt like there were invisible hands caressing my member last night.
Ah, this is really bad. Don’t come out, don’t come out please? Yosh.

[Taichi-san, what are you planning to do today?]

Marl whose face had become glossy for some reason asked me with a smile. Not only Marl, but Tina and Fram’s faces were glowing. Only me, despite having enjoyed three women last night, looked spent.

[I’ll be working in the smithy in the morning. Then I’ll go to the village to bring the people to the new area.]

[Alright. I will investigate more about this Antillians in the meantime.]

[Sounds like a good plan. Ah, can you do me a favor? I found this shield with the Karendil royal family coat of arms in it from one of the skeleton knights yesterday. Can you deliver this to Sondark at the royal palace?]

I took out the shield with the Karendil kingdom insignia from my inventory and showed it to Marl. Marl received the shield and took a look at it for a while before replying back to me.

[Got it, I shall deliver this to the Royal Palace!]

[Yeah, please do.]

After wrapping up the morning meeting like that, I saw Marl and the others off then going to the smithy myself… but not before enjoying Maybell’s massage in the living room.

[Is it good? How about over here?]

[The, there, right there, Aahhhhー……]

[Ufufu, does it feel that good? Being stepped on by a mere maid of a mansion such as me?]

[It feels good to be trampled upon by Maybell, rriiiiiiight theeeeeereー]

[…..Master, can you please stop putting strange things into my niece’s head?]

Jack-san who usually stayed silent finally couldn’t overlook it anymore and scolded both of us with a bitter voice.

[We’re just playing around though.]

[We are, Uncle.]

[Then at least make it a little more beneficial for her health.]

With a tired voice, Jack-san picked up Maybell and had her sit on the sofa. He then crouched down right next to me who were lying down on the carpet.

[A massage should be done like this. Stepping on the patient like that is mere child’s play.]

Jack-san put one hand on my thigh, while the other on my waist. Soon after, he started to exert force.

[Ewait, wha the…]

[Please relax your body and make yourself comfortable.]


I unexpectedly let out a weird noise.

[This, this is a real massage…]

Maybell’s eyes shone with deep respect as she stared at Jack-san. Don’t tell me you are going to try and mimic this?

[I have learned and mastered all 108 massage techniques. Please enjoy]

[Wa, wait! Aahaaaaa!?]



[Hmm, so what do we have here…]

I’m not supposed to be working. But since I’d feel bad to be the only one not working, I asked permission to do small work. Desperately.
I couldn’t underestimate Tina, especially since she’s the one who asked me to take a break today. She’s, afterall, a blood relative to Ir-san and Marl.
Well, it’d be a full blown blacksmithing after a bit.
The number of my brides-to-be increased exponentially at once, so I felt the need to take this opportunity to make mithril daggers for all of them. Before Tina came to the picture, I only had Marl and Fram. So I wasn’t feeling pressured or anything. But now that the number grew, I felt the need to show them my attitude towards it.
Regarding the material, I decided to exclusively use Mithril. I could’ve used godsilver instead, but I need to be fair since Marl’s was made of Mithril.
Mithril was a type of metal that did not deteriorate overtime, did not rust, was fairly durable, and had long lasting beauty. Of course, it’s inferior to Black Iron in terms of durability, crystal in terms of magic conductivity, and Orichalchon in overall aspects.
But conversely, Mithril was easier to get and process than Orichalchon, much more beautiful than black iron, and more durable than crystal. Basically it’s the best material in terms of practicality and looks.

[Yosha, so which one should I start with?]

After preparing the mithril ingot, I started scribbling designs on the lithograph. Erasing and repeating until I had the solid designs.
There were two kinds of ‘paper’ in this world. The first was papyrus and the other was parchment. However, it’s hard to erase whatever we have written on them, and it’s troublesome if I’m going to need a lot of them. Therefore, when it comes to trial and error in designing, using pyrophyllite on a lithograph was more convenient for me.
And writing a name on top of it wouldn’t just send that person to another world. It’s a shame though.

[First is Fram, maybeー, hmーm.]

Fram was capable of fighting, so she’s one of the most likely to use the dagger in battle. Which meant I needed to emphasize practicality.
She’s also rather modest in personality, so it shouldn’t look flashy. But it’s not good to make it too plain either. Since the chastity dagger was like the engagement ring in this world, I should still make it noticeable at glance.

[Un. something like this?]

The result was a simple looking double edged dagger. The cutting edge looked sharp, and the blade thick.
This one is especially good for cutting instead of stabbing. With the help of magic engraving, it won’t break, chip, bend, or be dulled by blood or fat.
This dagger, forged with blacksmithing skill at level 5, can automatically absorb magic from its surroundings to fuel the magic engraving to be semi permanent. It can be considered to be on a level of a magic sword already.
Suffice to say it is a product that emphasizes on points that maximizes the performance as a knife.

[An ideal kitchen knife… Hush, put away that kind of thought]

Look, it can easily cut frozen meat and hard root vegetables! Even fish bones! Moreover, it didn’t require maintenance and could be cleaned just by flushing it with water!
I imagined an old man with a strangely high pitched voice and flashy appearance saying that advertisement in my head. No no, that’s enough. Stop thinking about it.
It was made complete with a sheath crafted from tanned dragon leather.


Name: Mithril Dagger
Quality: Transcendent
Special Effect: Unbreakable


That’s what was shown when I used the Appraisal eye. For it to have the unbreakable special effect is not bad if I have to say so myself.
Well, as long as the magic engraving continues to run, it’s guaranteed to be near indestructible. It could be destroyed if the magic power supply was turned off, causing the magic engraving to go offline. But in its current state, even I would have trouble in destroying it by force.
By the way, this unbreakable special effect could only be engraved on a weapon. And it cannot coexist with other special effects. Which means it’s not really the greatest weapon, and at best can only be used as a self defense tool or cutlery. I’ll try to overcome this limitation one day, but it’s not something urgent to do, so let’s put it off for another time.
Alright, next.

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  1. “Karendil kingdom made good use of their abundance in resources, outnumbering Miscronia’s forces by double. Despite the experience and technology, Miscronia might face defeat.”
    I didn’t bother checking the raw this time, but I think there’s a mistranslation or two here. Miscronia is the one that should be outnumbering the opponent (two princesses vs. Fram), and Karendil the one close to defeat before the Hero’s intervention.


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