The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.175

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 175 – Eastern Expedition. Part 7 – Liberation

Ares is currently stationed in the central part of the Kingdom of Dormadia… in the former Canaan Kingdom, San-Veil.

In the center of the San-Veil, stood the castle of San-Veil, which bears the name of the capital and was famous for its beauty in the eastern continent.

The castle of San-Veil, which was ruined by Dormadia, is a shadow of what it used to be. In the corner, Ares is planning the future strategy with his vassals.

Currently following him are Shu, Zekka, and Loran, who often follows Ares as a deputy general and the main members of the White Army.

The information-gathering in each area is collected here for the time being while he was planning the next strategy.

A large map is placed in front of Ares, which describes the current state of the eastern continent.

It’s been more than a month since Ares and his army invaded Dormadia, and Dormadia’s territory had already shrunk about one-third compared to before the invasion of Istraea.

Loran looked at the map… and then turned his gaze to Ares, while imagining the battle with the Dormadia army up to this point.


A few days after Ares’s army marched from Istraea.

A vast grassland extends south of the Royal Capital of Horus, Seran. After their defeat in the area, the Dormadia troops that had been scattered all over the place were concentrated here.

The Dormadia army is an army of demon beasts. The source of its strength is the physical superiority operation that uses overwhelming numbers.
They organized the demon beasts that normally act individually into an army. That is Dormadia’s greatest weapon.

Even all the demon beasts that are stationed in various towns and villages are also called to concentrate there. And the overwhelming army greeted Ares and others.

Ares, on the other hand, set up on a small hill overlooking the meadow.

[But well… there are a considerable number of them. It seems the Dormadia army also got serious after the previous battle.]

An army of demon beasts crowded the grasslands. But Ares laughed at it.

[But they didn’t get mad because [The Demon King’s Relic]… because they also have emotions, of course.]

And this was exactly the situation that Ares was aiming for.

A large number is a weapon. However, at the same time, mobility decreases.
It’s good for attacking, but when it comes to defense, it sometimes creates a disadvantage.

[First of all, my magic… Anti-strategic magic [Falling Star Meteor Strike] will disturb the opponent. And then I will thoroughly crush the shaken formation.]

With that said, Ares used wind magic to instruct the [Army]. And when that’s over, he begins to chant polite magical aria that he doesn’t normally use.

A long-spun chanting. At the end of that, Ares grinned and shouted.

[Now, let’s use this as the fire of the battle! [Falling Star Meteor Strike!]]

The ancient magic that was used by Ares.

It’s non-attribute strategic magic that drops numerous meteorites.

The herd of demon beasts was confused by countless meteorites.

[… If you have the magical power of [Oldeus], I might be able to cut about one-third of these numbers, but… I can’t do it right now.]

Watching the frenzied flock of demon beasts, Ares murmured in a small voice that no one could hear.

The magic of Ares made a gaping hole in the middle of the demon beast’s army. However, it can be confirmed from the top of the hill that there are still countless numbers of enemies.

It’s super-strategic ancient magic, but… it hasn’t been reduced enough to move the battle situation.

But… the magic of Ares had made the demon army incapacitated It is clear that the demon beasts who tried to run away were panicking. They are crushing against each other and writhing.

And this was exactly what Ares wanted most.

Ares gave instructions to his entire army, using wind magic again. Along with that, the Army moving forward as if it’s a living thing… [Army of Destruction] began to move like the wind.

The first to move was the heavy cavalry… the Black Army. Utilizing their destructive power, they certainly trampled the confused demon beasts.

The turmoil of the demon beasts is still going on. As a result, the army of demon beasts moves while changing various shapes. The Red Army carefully hunts them using its mobility.

The blue army supporting from behind casts magic on the immobile monsters in the center like raindrops.

And for the core of the demon beasts of this army…

[Ohoh. The left and right are full of prey.]

[Baran! Leave them be!]

[There will be nothing left later… there are still many of them!]

[Anyway… the strategy is to crush their [Head]. Don’t get left behind!]

The White Army, the strongest unit of the [Army of Destruction], charges.

The path they took was overtaken by their overwhelming power.

In this way, the great decisive battle in Horus territory ends in one-sided slaughter by the inferior army of Ares.

Although the battle lasted almost all day and night, after it was over, the grasslands were filled with countless corpses of demon beasts… that was the situation.


The Dormadia army in Horus territory was almost annihilated in this battle. The Dormadia Empire was greatly weakened.

In conjunction with the movement of Ares, the Kingdom of Horus succeeded in driving the influence of Dormadia out of the country. At the same time, a mass uprising occurred as planned by the people of the Principality of Nakia and the Kingdom of Meian in the north.

Starting with that movement, the people in various places of Dormadia, who had been oppressed, proclaimed their liberation from the demons and began to pick up their weapons.

A mass uprising as if this was planned. This was also a strategy that had been secretly pursued before Ares entered Istraea.

Ares provided funds and weapons to various parts of the country. He also dispatched several people from White Army to each of them, leading to the success of each uprising.

Every single member of the White Army is not only full of courage but also highly adept at handling both people and politics. It’s not strange for them to be an important figure of one country.
As for the battle, the rebel army, which was nothing more than an amateur group, is being put together and executing the planned strategy.
In addition to not only relying on their mouths, but they also put their bodies in the frontline and take the lead to inspire their allies.

Eventually, the members of the White Army became an integral part of the rebel army.

And for the rebel army that was led by them, it didn’t take long to conquer the demon beast mobs who had been tormenting the people.

Ares continues to move north even after liberating various places in the area.

The countries are released from the oppression of the demon beasts by the mass uprisings one after another. Ares used this chance to place White Army members in each country as a leading figure.
The people are familiar with what they have done for the country.
The people did not complain and followed the instructions of the White Army.

At the same time, those who worked hard to liberate the country were promoted for reconstruction. The reconstruction of the ruined countries started immediately.

Liberating the land and then leaving them, Ares and his friends moving forward through Dormadia’s territory again at a terrifying speed.
And… the central part of Dormadia. They reached the Royal Capital of the former Canaan Kingdom, San Veil.


[The reconstruction of [Liberation Land] seems to have started smoothly.]

In Zekka’s report, Loran, who recalled the battle of the past month, was brought back to reality.

Zekka continues.

[I have discovered Prince Eldan, the third son of the King who was fighting for the liberation of the Principality of Nakia. He appears to be hiding in the suburbs of the city to escape the pursuit of the Dormadia army. Moreover, he also seems to have been injured in the war.]

[For now, let’s send a magician who can use healing recovery and medicine. As soon as his injury is healed and restored, I’ll leave Nakia’s politics to him.]

[Understood. It seems that person is reliable and can be trusted.]

Ares nods to those words.

[Well, Nakia is good… the problem is Meian.]

[Yes… We have found the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Meian, but… it seems that the people haven’t welcomed them so much. The king, after handing over the country to Dolmadia, has been hiding and disappearing.]

[So, after Dormadia leaves, they want to buy our favor here…I see?]

There was a letter in Ares’s hand. It was written by the former King Meian that he wanted to guarantee his safety and return to his throne.

[It’s all about what’s convenient to him… Did he even consider how much the people have been oppressed by the demon beasts because of his unconditional surrender… Did he not understand it?]

Ares had already grasped the terms for Meian to surrender to Dormadia.

The contents were… It was a ridiculous thing that as long as the king’s safety was guaranteed… He doesn’t care about what happens to the country, the people, and his vassals.

[He is not qualified as king… Capture him for the time being and leave the judgment to the people. If the people want to keep him alive, let’s follow it. However if they want him to die, then so be it.]

It’s most likely the latter… Ares didn’t say it and went on to the next topic.

[What happened to the Canaan’s royal family?]

[We have rescued the imprisoned King Canaan from prison. He was exhausted, but his life was saved. Moreover, the royal family had been rescued from their hideout. The people seem to have been hiding them.]

[It’s a good example of how the people protect the royal family. It’s a big difference from Meian.]

With that said, Ares shows a gentle smile.

[Keep an eye on their health with haste. Eventually, I’ll leave the national administration that the White Army is doing to them. When they have recovered enough, let them take over it.]

With that said, Ares decided to stop his talk about the liberated land and then moved on to the topic…


[Then, let’s talk about the plan together. There was something I was curious about with Zekka’s information.]

Ares then pointed to a point on the map that stretched out in front of him.

In the land of wilderness, northeast of Canaan. There was information that a mob of demon beasts was gathering here.

[…Well, there are still generals who can lead them.]

Shu looked a little surprised.

Dormadia is an army of demon beasts. Therefore it is difficult to take command unless they are high-ranking demons; they will not listen to instructions.

Therefore, Ares sternly ordered Shu, Loran… and the White Army to be sure and thoroughly kill the demons that become the generals.

[After they lose their head, no matter how numerous they are, they are, in the end, still mobs. So you don’t need to be afraid] was the word of Ares.

I have never seen a large herd of demon beasts since the battle in Horus. This shows none can command them after that.

[Since they came together again… it means that someone is in command, right?]

It was Zekka who answered Shu’s question.

[Yes, however, it seems that the demons are not in command.]

[!? What does it mean?]

Shu and Loran were surprised.

Ares showed an expression that looked at something interesting and urged the explanation to continue.

[The appearance is a majestic lion. It had white body hair and a golden mane. It had a transparent magical power that differed from a demon beast and its powerful power could be understood from a distance. And based on its appearance… Probably…]

[… A true beast, huh.]

[Affirmative. It’s the one that the Lord was looking for.]

Ares grinned at those words.

[Regulus Balhard, the leader of the eastern true beasts. The bravery of this fierce man was said to be the return of Beast King by the true beasts…Huh. Back then, it was the person who was previously reported by Zekka.]

[Yes. We still don’t know why he’s working under Dormages… Dormages has likely grasped his weakness…]

Ares hears the words and thinks about something for a while, and immediately gives instructions to Zecca.

[Zekka. Look for that [weakness]. Depending on the circumstance, go obtain it. It’s urgent.]


Zekka bowed a little and disappeared like the wind. While watching it, Shu opened his mouth this time.

[Master… What is [True Beast]…? And who is this [Regulus] person…?]

[[True Beast Man] is a subhuman… a clan that is said to be the ancestor of the beast-man. It is said that their power surpasses that of the ordinary beast-man.]

Ares smiled when he said that.

[Since after I came to rule Grants as a Margrave, I’ve been looking for its whereabouts. The [True Beastmen] and the [High Elves]. They are likely to be the target of persecution in [This World]… At the same time, their power is powerful. If we can manage to protect them… and can get their cooperation, you see.]

Some clans have been called the ancestors of the demi-humans… [True Beastmen], [High Elves], [True Dwarves]… They are highly capable but have been persecuted by the teachings of the church.

Ares had long wanted to protect them and create a place to make use of the best of their power for the sake of the country.

At the same time, they have a very high ability. Therefore, he wants them to become a core player in this Margrave territory which has a lot of demi-humans on it… that’s what he thinks.

[But… I’m interested in a person named Regulus who was said to be the reincarnation of the Beast King… I want to have a match with him for once… No, I still want him…]

When he looked at Ares’s expression when he said that, Shu showed a scared expression.

Yes, he didn’t know that this was the character of Ares.

Perhaps if Sigurd was here, he would have said:

[Ah, Ares-sama’s usual bad habit (desire to collect human resources) has begun…]

Like that.

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