Return of The Former Hero ch.167

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Our MC visiting Etna’s house, and what he found is…

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 167. Former Hero – Visiting the home of Etna-san’s parents

[Oooh—! Awesome—–!]

I inadvertently let out a yell of admiration at the cityscape spreading in front of me.

Port town Verde.

It is located in the northern part of the Kingdom of Millis, facing the sea that shares its namesake.
The Kingdom of Millis is surrounded by the sea in the north and south, making the kingdom one of the important points for marine transportation and distribution.
Unlike the maritime city of Angel, which was situated on an island, Verde is located inland. Moreover, it sports a spectacular sight different from the ones I had seen so far; the waterways that have been set up all over the city.
The fantasy cityscape, like the royal capital, is good and all. But this kind of cityscape is also one worthy of admiration.

[I’ve heard about it, but this is amazing!]

[This is also Sharon’s first time?]

[Un! First time!]

Sharon, after leaving the carriage at the city’s custody, was also impressed by the cityscape.

But what really caught my attention was when she said ‘first time’.
After all, Sharon’s ‘first time’ has been taken by me a long time ago. Ehehe.

…..I keep acting like an old bastard recently. I need to repent.

[Haruto, Haruto.]


As I was admiring the streets of Verde, Laurier pulled at the hem of my clothes.



[Ah… I get it. But that’ll have to wait till later.]


Laurier seems to have been looking forward to it after hearing from Etna about the many seafood dishes that are typical of Verde.
In order to fully enjoy Verde’s seafood dishes, she even went as far as skipping breakfast.

I’m also looking forward to it, but not now.
We need to complete the task at hand first, which is escorting Etna-san until she meets her parents.

[I’m sorry, Laurier-san. In exchange, I’ll show you the most recommended establishment later.] 

[Umu. Then let’s make it quick, let’s go, let’s go]

Laurier was coaxed, but she proceeded to run with Etna-san in tow.
You little, you don’t even know the way. Where are you going?

[La, Laurier-san! It’s not that way, it’s this way. This way.]

[Ah, this way.]

As it turned out, Laurier really didn’t know, so Etna-san hurriedly gave her the right direction.
Why so excited.

[Haruto, if we don’t give chase, we’ll lose sight of Laurier.]

Sharon, who was standing next to me, said so and took my hand very naturally.
We’ve been holding hands many times before, but I’m still surprised at the warmth and softness of her palms. 

[? What’s wrong?]

[N… no, nothing. Let’s go.] 

I tightened my grasp on Sharon’s hand in return and began running to chase after Laurier and Etna-san who just disappeared around the corner.

[So the city is still in the middle of development.]

I looked around whilst trying to catch up with Laurier and Etna-san on our way to Etna-san’s parents’ residence. My thoughts unconsciously leaked out.

As it is the best port city in the Kingdom of Millis, the scale of the city is quite big.
But despite that, I could see unfinished construction at the end of some waterways.

[Indeed. It’s even more developed than before I left the city. For example, that building did not exist before.]

Etna-san replied to my remark.
I don’t know when Etna-san left Verde to work for the adventurer guild at the royal capital, but apparently, the city had changed quite a lot since then.

Not long after, as we walked through the center of the city, Etna-san finally said [This is my parents’ house] in front of a building.


It’s huge.

The large gate in front of us.
The garden behind it.
And a mansion further back.


Isn’t this way too elegant!
Simply speaking, it’s even larger than my mansion in Aria.



The girls were visibly amazed at the sight before them as well

[Please. Through here.]

While all three of us stood there amazed, Etna-san guided us through a smaller door next to the large gate.

[Welcome back, Etna-ojou-sama.]

[Thank you.]


[Excuse me…]

We were greeted by someone who appeared to be a security guard as we followed Etna-san deeper into the residence.

[Haruto. Etna-san is actually an ojou-sama! Incredible!]

[Yeah, it’s shocking. Didn’t you already know about this, Sharon?]

[Nn—… she did tell me in passing, but I didn’t expect that it’ll be this huge!]

Apparently, even Sharon, who often chats with Etna-san, didn’t know about this.
She only knew that Etna was a lady living in a mansion.

A noble… No, she can’t be.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t be a guild receptionist.

Don’t tell me… the daughter of a crime lord…
Nah, that’s pretty much the same, isn’t it?

What to do?
What if a scary father-in-law appears?

Ah, what father-in-law?
We are not even in that relationship yet. I’m just getting ahead of myself here. Tehee.

…while my mind was running wild, we passed through the garden and arrived at the front door of the large mansion.
Entering through the magnificent front doors, we were greeted by the equally magnificent interior.

Uwa. There’s a stuffed monster, which I’ve never seen before, displayed inside
Isn’t it a bit too grand?

Behind the stuffed monster was a curtain hanging from the ceiling with a large crest on it.
The crest depicted a horned horse-like creature. It’s also white in color.

That’s… what they usually call a unicorn…right?

[Oh, Etna. You returned.]

As we were marveling over the interior, a hunchbacked old man appeared and greeted Etna-san.

[Esteemed Father. I’m home.]

Etna-san replied to the hunchbacked old man.

Is that her father? I was worried for nothing.
Good. Nothing scary came out.

[It’s been a long time. Are you doing well with your job? I heard that you moved to another city.]

[Yes, thank you. I’m doing well.]

The old man had an amicable exchange with Etna-san. 
Seeing her not hug the old man, I somehow felt relieved. No, he’s her father. I should’ve not thought of this.

[I see…. And these people?]

The old man’s gaze was directed upon us now.

[They have escorted me all the way here from Aria. Haruto-san, Sharon-san, and this one here is Laurier-san. By the way, my esteemed father, Haruto-san is the lord of Aria.] 

[Ah, yes… I’m Amagi Haruto. Etna-san has assisted me on many occasions before.

[I’m Amagi Sharon! Nice to meet you!]

[Amagi Laurier von Steinhardt.]

Following Etna-san’s introduction, we greeted the old man one by one.
It feels a bit weird hearing my family name added to Sharon’s and Laurier’s.

[Amagi…? Nn? Lord…? Nnn?]

The old man was visibly confused.

Well, sorry. It’s a bit complicated alright.
After all, why would a Lord willingly escort your daughter all the way here?

[Hahaha. A Lord? Surely you jest. In any case, escorting Etna all the way here must have been a lot of work. Allow me to prepare a room for you three. Please take your time.]

[Ah, yes. No, uh…]

Apparently, he treated it as a joke. But it isn’t tho.

Should I correct him?
Though I don’t really mind him treating me like a normal adventurer.

[Esteemed Father. Haruto-san is really the Lord of Aria you know?]

[No way… No… nn? What Etna said earlier… No way, really?]

When Etna-san insisted, the old man finally looked convinced.

The old man seemed to have a certain level of trust in Etna. 
I guess, given her personality and conduct, it’s only natural.

[Certainly… I did hear that Aria recently gained a new lord… Hmm.]

However, the old man frowned, seemingly still in disbelief.

…..err, should I just continue to act as a bystander?
We are talking about me after all.

[Ah, pardon me. I really AM the new Lord of Aria.]

As someone with the Lord’s title, I shouldn’t have said [Pardon me]. But being Japanese, I simply couldn’t help it.


The old man gazed alternately between me and Etna-san.
Will he believe it? Will he believe it?

After pondering a bit more, the old man finally arrived at a conclusion.

[Of course! Forgive me for doubting you.]

The old man’s face turned brighter and he acted more friendly at once.
Apparently, he accepted it as the truth for the time being.

[My name is Rov Milfin, the head of the Milfin family who does business in this city. I do not know yet what kind of relationship you have with Etna that you are willing to escort her personally, but I would like to thank you again]

[No, I mean, you are welcome.]

The old man, whose face had turned into a brighter mood, acknowledged me with a polite tone.

Business… So a merchant?
What kind of business could allow someone to live in such a huge mansion?

I wonder.
But the fact that Etna-san’s family actually has their own family name means that they’re more than meets the eye.

[Now, now, please follow me. I feel that we have a lot to talk about.]

The old man invited us to go deeper into the mansion.

Ee. It feels like a hassle though.
Can’t I reject it?
Isn’t it like being invited by my future father-in-law?


When I was about to follow the old man, somebody tugged at the hem of my shirt.

It was Laurier.


Having remained silent up until now, Laurier finally complained.
This is bad. 

Laurier’s belly is at its limit.

[Oh, I’m sorry, Laurier-san. Father, let’s talk again later tonight.]

[Nn? A, ahh… alright. See you later.]

Not anyone can sense it, but I guess old man Rov could feel the gloomy aura coming from Laurier.

[Sorry! Haruto! I wanna eat fish!]

Laurier apologized to old man Rov then dragged me outside.
Sharon and Etna-san followed us in a hurry.

Hey, I mean, you don’t even know where the establishment is. So why bother rushing ahead?

I was a bit put off by the annoyance, but I felt relieved otherwise.

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