The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.178

Weekly chapters (1/2)

Finally, we’re catching-up with the RAWS.
I was waiting in case Author-sama make some updates on these past few weeks, but alas. no update at all.

Rest assured, I won’t drop this project.
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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Eastern Expedition 10 – Heavenly Sword Gemini

Regulus was glaring at Ares with sharp eyes.

Another weapon that changes shape one after another from earlier… And his power seems to change depending on the shape of the weapon.

Those have long-range attacks, those that improve overall ability such as speed and power, Those that specialize in power, and those that have a shape that gives an ominous premonition… and…

[This time… two swords?]

Responding to Regulus’s muttering, Ares stared at the two swords seriously.

[Gemini… I don’t think I’ll be able to put this out… Have I used up most of my power…?]

While muttering, Ares turned his gaze to Regulus.

[He is that strong… I see… Well, I will probably understand after using it.]

That said, Ares held the two longswords.

[Well, I don’t know how much power these swords can project… Let’s try it !!]

When he said so… that was the moment everything changed.

From Regulus’s view. No, even from Shu’s sight, Ares who was there… had disappeared

And at that moment…..


A chill runs through the spine of Regulus.

He obeyed his instincts and twisted his body. However…


Regulus’s voice echoed.

When you take a look, blood is flying from his left arm.

(Impossible, even I can’t catch up with my evil eye?)

I can’t see Ares yet. But again…


Chills run through Regulus.


Unavoidable. When he realized that, Regulus turned all his fighting spirit into power. However…


Blood splashed from his right shoulder.

(What’s going on!? Why am I hurt?)

Ares hasn’t shown up and yet, for the third time, he was hurt.


The moment when Regulus got the chills like earlier…

[Gaaaaaaaaaaaa !!]

After Regulus’s roar, blood spewed out from Regulus’s left flank.

Regulus kneels with angry voices. But looking ahead…

[Huh, huh, huh.]

Similar to him, there was Ares, who was the same, kneeling and breathing heavily.

[I used Gemini, but… as I thought, there are still some physical burdens…]

While listening to such a muttering, Regulus had no choice but to question him.

[…You… what did you do…?]

[These two swords… the name is the heavenly sword [Gemini] and its ability is [Godspeed]​. However, the burden on the body is heavy due to that speed…]

While saying that, Ares laughed fearlessly.

[Well… how about it? If it’s possible, surrender yourself…]


While saying that, Regulus is dyed red and he hits Ares.

(I can’t see his attack at all… but if he said that he cannot move, now is the chance!)

[My Lord!]

Shu shouted involuntarily and tried to jump out… but when he saw Ares’ expression, he stopped moving.

Yes, his expression toward Regulus who jumped at him… Even though he looked tired, but there’s no sign of impatience.

Being able to reach that level only means one thing.


Regulus’s great sword attacked Ares. However, Ares remained motionless and stayed on his knees. Then he used the twin swords to catch the blade.

[How can you take it with such a thin sword!]


The sound of metal hitting echoed and…


It was Regulus who was blown away in surprise.

It must have been a blow from a great sword from a short distance. However, only one got blown away.
With a rough breath, Ares opened his mouth.

[And… it has another ability. It is called [Iron Wall]. It’s a defensive sword that repels all kinds of attacks.]

Ares said with a fearless smile. However, his complexion is bad due to the fatigue of using Gemini.

[As I expected, when I used Gemini, it took more magical power than necessary along with my physical strength… I think it’s about time to decide the game.]

When he said so, Ares who had been in the Regulus’s view… had disappeared.

At that moment, blood gushed out from Regulus’s right foot.


Unable to stand anymore, Regulus knelt on both knees.

[Ugh! Haa haa haa.]

At the same time, Ares also knelt and breathed wildly.

[As I expected, the burden of [Castor] is heavy… But… I wonder if it’s permitted?]

When he said that, Ares looked far away.

[And… it looks like the [long-awaited reinforcements] has arrived for you.]

Regulus, who had been deeply injured in both hands and feet is stuck, he turned his neck around and looked beyond Ares’s line of sight. And there was…

[Why are you here?]

His eyes were wide open and what was reflected in them… was his brethren, the true beasts under him were approaching.

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  1. It’s got to be tough for author-sensei to keep going with this level of detail and consistency. Hope he hasn’t given up.


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