Glutton Berserker ch.187

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Chapter 187 – To Battle

I don’t get it.
Although I know how I feel, putting it into words is a different matter.
Roxy changed the topic with a smile, perhaps missing the expression on my face.

[First of all, we need to deal with our most recent problem.]

[Most recent problem?]

[I mean Eris-sama.]


I momentarily forgot about Eris.
My mind was full with the thought of my Dad and Roxy.

[We have to find a way to get rid of that neck tattoo. I have some doubts that Libra would let her go just like that.]

[Indeed. There is this feeling like, he is either lying, or deliberately leaves something out when he talks.]

[I have the same impression.]

If he had any plan other than stopping Dad…
It would probably be to get rid of the Mortal Sin skill holders. Of course. He’ll never let go of Eris so easily.]

[That means, I’m gonna have to go meet Kairos again.]

[Is he not… the owner of the Gluttony skill before Fai?]

[Yeah, Kairos is here.]

I pointed at the area around my chest.
Putting the two on two together, she quickly made a good guess.

[Inside the gluttony skill.]

[He said so inside the spiritual world. I wish I could control my Gluttony skill better now..]

Roxy turned to me anxiously when I stopped talking.

[What happened?]


[Tell me honestly, please.]


We’ll fight side by side from now on. I suppose I should start sharing some of my secrets with her.
Or maybe I shouldn’t.
But I took off my coat anyway.

[Fai!! What are you!?]

She was panicking because she didn’t know why I took off my coat…
But her face stiffened when she saw my back.

[I’m sorry to keep this from you.]

[Those are.. wings?]

[But it’s not like Roxy’s wings during angel mode. Mine are broken.]

[When did this start?]

[I think before we went to Hauzen.]

[Since back in the royal capital!? But back then… I remember there was nothing on your back when Snow pulverised the bath house’s wall.]

She did see my back when Snow destroyed the wall at the bath house.
It’s true there wasn’t anything visible yet at that point of time.

[It started growing after I consumed the sacred beast. Apart from that… the day after I fought Aaron in the royal capital …something started…to form and appear in front of me.]

[And that was?]

[In the spiritual world, I met another me created by the gluttony skill.]


Roxy looked confused. Well I was confused too back then.
Did the gluttony skill rise to the surface to take over my spirit and appearance…?

[Are you alright, Fai…?]

[I managed to drive it off.]

I recalled what it said before disappearing.
You belonged to me… it said as it glared at me full of hatred.
It was seemingly full of emotion, like a true living being already.
Can a skill replicate that kind of emotion?
I felt uncomfortable about it. But it’s just my subjective opinion regarding the matter, and I don’t want to make Roxy even more worried than she already does.

She fell into thought after hearing my story.

[Does that not mean your gluttony skill has been awakened?]

[Perhaps… perhaps because I inherited part of my Dad’s bloodline, that the broken wings grew. They may not have anything to do with the gluttony skill.]

[Dean-san… is also a sacred beast, is he not?]

[I don’t think the clone will reappear anytime soon. And it’s not like I have the sacred beast power like Dad or Snow. These are just unusable wings.]

It’s wearisome.
I sighed as I put on my coat back.

[It is relieving to know that the wings have nothing to do with the gluttony skill. But it is still worrying that the skill has become more active…]

[It is pretty rough alright.]

I no longer have Luna who could keep the gluttony skill at bay, nor Greed’s guidance.
There’s no other choice but to face the guy inside me head on.
Suppose it’s the price I have to pay for relying on it.


[I’ll do my best.]

I’m saying that not just to reassure Roxy. it’s really something coming from my heart.
Also because I need the power gluttony skill more than ever now.
Only then I’d be able to meet Kairos again.

[What are you two doing, still standing around here?]

Before I noticed, someone else sneaked into our conversation.
When we turned around to see who it was, there’s Eris.

[Please get some rest soon.]

Eris was staring at us with her empty eyes.
I felt that she’ll continue to wait here until we return to our room.

If we don’t comply, Libra may punish her. Considering she talked more than before this time, it might be the case.

[Let’s return, Roxyー]


When I passed by Eris, I muttered.

[Be a little more patient, just wait.]


Her reply never came.
However, I noticed that the tattoo on her neck glowed slightly brighter.
Roxy seemed to also notice this.

[Somehow, our voices might have still reached Eris-sama after all.]

Eris was doing her best for us as well.
That promise in the desert… How under her laid back attitude, she still harbored so much fear to Libra. The way she looked that night is still fresh in my mind.

Her expression, which contrasted her usual self, was probably what made it stand out.
As we left the deck, Eris also followed suit.

Returning to our room, we found Myne sleeping happily.

[This… so much like Myne to do this.]

[Fufufu, it is very her alright.]

Roxy took the blanket and gently covered Myne properly with it.

[I think she is in love with Fai.]

[Wha! Why talk about that all of a sudden?]

[I have been spending some time with Myne recently.]

Certainly, Myne has been learning to cook from Roxy these days.
And I was in charge of sampling and judging her food. Myne’s cooking level was still developing. It was almost like a battle of life and death for me.

[When will she improve, I wonder.]

Hearing me saying that, Roxy immediately scolded me.

[Myne lost her sense of taste for a very long time. It will be difficult for her to adjust right away. Still, I know that she’s happy when Fai eats the food she cooks.]

[When you put it that way…]

Myne was slowly moving past the expressionless doll-like persona she used to have.
I sat next to her sleeping form, gently stroking her head.

[Thank you for helping her again. I’ve always been indebted to Myne after all.]

[Do not mention it.]

Myne opened her eyes.

[Did we wake you up…]

[Not at all. We are in the enemy’s line. I’d be able to keep my eyes open at any time, even when I’m sleeping.]

[Always so capable.]

[That’s because Fate’s training is still lacking. Why don’t you do the same right now?]

[No way I can.]

[Just kidding.]

Myne laughed at my expense.
That one expression I haven’t seen before.

[I’m also responsible for this. That’s why I will spare no effort to close the door. And… I just want to be with Fate.]


Without her here, we might never stand a chance.
Right at the moment, Gallia should be teeming with resurrected ancient monsters.
Her knowledge of the past will be the lynchpin of our strategy. She’s pretty much taking the position that Greed usually filled.


When I thanked Myne, I felt a sharp gaze piercing at me.
Turning around, I realized Roxy was squinting at me.

[How nice. Lately, Myne has been sticking close to Fai. That is good.]

Her expression didn’t look so good, but…
Myne got up without hesitation, yawned and turned away. Resting her head on my lap.

[Don’t worry too much about small things. Since I don’t care, then it’s fine.]


What the hell is going on.
I could almost see the image of a dragon and tiger behind each of their backs.
Optical illusion!? I hope so.

At that point, Snow, who was wandering around god knows where, suddenly barged in.

[Everyone is here already!]

I noticed that she actually opened the door properly without destroying it this time. When she’s excited, her control over her Area E strength tends to become sloppy after all.

[Let me in on it too!]

[No way, it’s already complicated as it is.]

[I hate you!]

Each one of us was strong.
The room turned into a chaotic mess, naturally.
Before I noticed it I was overflowing with laughter. Thanks to the girls, the tension I felt since I met Libra had seemingly melted down.

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