Return of The Former Hero ch.173

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 173.  Former Hero – Facing the Unicorn

[Haruto-kun… Just now…]

[Yes. Maybe…]

Etna-san’s body was shuddering at the sudden noise.
Perhaps a little scared, she clung to my arm.

Breast… her breasts are pressing against my arm.


Even though it allowed me to savor this sensation, I still blamed the unicorn for not reading the situation.

If the unicorn didn’t make an appearance, I would’ve probably been able to sleep in the same bed as Etna-san, maybe watching her sleeping face. Or perhaps finally accompanying her to bathe or washing her underwear. There is no end to the possibility… but I digress.
Simply put, there should be many eventful days unfolding for the two of us. But the hunt target just had to show up on the first day.

Ah, but Etna-san’s breasts that are pressing against my arm felt soft.



My mind temporarily went all over the place there.

Etna-san worriedly looked at me who was basking in ecstasy.

That’s close!

…anyway, that’s less important now.

[Sorry. I was just pondering over what to do after this.]

[Is that so? Well… should I go out first to lure it out?]

Etna-san readily bought my bullshit. So cute!
It’s proof that she trusts me.….right?

Anyway, it’s time for me to get serious.

The moment I heard the sound of hooves, I had already expanded my 《Search》radius to the maximum. I have the pinpoint location of our target now. 

The hooves seemed to be coming from the middle of the lake.
It’s still slightly far away from our tent.

[Let’s get out after it gets closer.]

Telling that to Etna-san, I focused on the sound of the hooves.

At this distance, it is not possible to determine the exact figure by searching, but it is clear that it has a horse-like silhouette. It’s much bigger than I expected…
Could this be the unicorn?

As for our strategy, when the unicorn is close enough to our camp, Etna-san will come out to lure it in.

The unicorn would then willingly approach Etna-san… sense that she’s a virgin and sleep in her lap.
If it goes smoothly, the rest of things like binding it, etc will be a cinch.

There will be no immediate danger if everything goes well.
In case of emergency, I’ll only have to worry about Etna-san and my safety

[Etna-san. Please rest assured, I will protect you, Etna-san.]

Etna-san, in the wake of fear and tension, immediately replied as if to find solace.

[Haruto-kun… yes, I will leave everything in your hands.]

Etna-san stared at my eyes for a while and then smiled with a big mile.

I’ve struck a high score! 
An explosion of favorableness. Etna-san’s love meter must be rising like hell this moment!

I’ll show Etna-san my cool side.

…no, wait.

If all goes well, there’ll be nothing to do for me. That’s the problem.
I mean, for me to take to the stage something unexpected needs to happen and that also means putting Etna-san in danger. That’s also not good.

Eeeeーnn… this is problematic.

While I was worried about things like that, the unicorn approached us.
The squeaking noise was getting louder and louder.
The other side is also aware of our existence. 

The distance between us and the unicorn is now about 20m.

[Etna-san. About time…]

I encouraged Etna-san to take action.
Then a different sound could be heard and it’s not the sound of hooves… no, it was someone’s voice. 

『Ahー…..smells so good. Refreshing〜. This is a scent of a virgin〜』

It almost sounded like something coming from a gag manga.

My《Search》did not show any presence other than my own, Etna-san, and the unicorn. 
In other words, those playful lines came from the unicorn.

I wondered what’s going on here for a moment, but we need to go ahead as planned.
I’m still worried to have Etna-san face such a vulgar brute…

[E, Etna-san, let’s go out.]

[Ye, yes…]

In my words, the frown on Etna-san’s face became more apparent.
Well, even I felt nervous after hearing such a voice.

However, even when frowning, she still looks cute after all.

Anyways, both I and Etna-san exited our tent.

From the sound, it seemed that something was approaching us from 10m away.

I could make out the unicorn without any difficulty.
A body covered in pure white fur and a white mane that seemingly shimmered under the moonlight.
And above all, the unmistakable single horn extending from its forehead is the symbol of a unicorn.

Its slightly bluish eyes were directed at us.

Both me and Etna-san were entranced by its appearance as it waded through the lakeshore.

Until the next moment,

『Uhyo!  This is without a doubt the smell of a virgin female human! Haa〜… be able to meet a virgin female human in a place like this, I’m getting turned on〜』

…caused us to immediately lose our respect for it.

『Eh? What’s wrong? Hnn? This smell…..Nn? Virgin female human…..? No, there’s something else…..』

I felt like I was about to lash out at it while shouting [You horny fucking horse] but I managed to hold myself in the last moment.

More importantly, I did put on some perfume, but it could still sense something wrong.
Are we screwed?

『…but then, it still smells like…a female in general…well, whatever.』

It’s alright.
We’re safe.

Getting excited just from the scent of a female and throwing tantrums when she’s not a virgin.
As expected from a virgin addict. I Don’t like it.

…though I’m not any better anyway.

『More than that, look at this virgin girl. Like an angel in a cruel world. This world has not abandoned me just yet.』

I want to hit it.
Especially when the unicorn approached Etna-san and started sniffing on her neck. Whispering little sweet nothings at her.

Ah, shit.
Even though it’s just a horse. I feel sick even though it’s just a horse.

There’s no need to adhere to this lousy horny horse.
No need to smile like that.


『This is like an oasis for my weary heart. Paradise. Utopia』

The unicorn sat close to Etna-san and made an ecstatic expression while sniffing at her.
Etna-san kept stroking the tip of the unicorn’s nose gently without showing any sign of disgust.

This situation lasted for about 10 minutes.


The unicorn let out a stupid-sounding yawn.


Etna-san silently gave me a look so as not to wake the unicorn up.

I nodded in response, and quietly returned to our tent to fetch the tools.

The first is an incense burner that will put the unicorn into a deep sleep to wake up during transport.
After letting it inhale the incense for a while, we’ll strap it with a special restraint so that it can’t move.
The incense burner was working well. The unicorn remained fast asleep no matter how hard I turned and tossed it.

By the way, this unicorn is huge.
There might be no danger at all, but without me here, I doubt that the old man can get enough people to safely restrain and transport this thing.



Even after everything I did to it, the unicorn only groaned a little and stayed asleep.

[Yosh. The capture is done!]

After finishing the job, I wiped the sweat on my forehead. I didn’t break a sweat. It’s just a gesture.

[Haruto-kun, great job. Unicorn-san, sorry for the trouble.]

Etna-san commended me and also apologized to the unicorn.

Do you have to be so kind to that lousy horny horse?

Etna-san is an angel in a cruel world. This truly refreshes my heart.

I felt like the line that separated me and the unicorn had blurred even further.

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