Return of The Former Hero ch.69

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Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLCr: Scythal


Chapter 69. Former Hero・ Opening magic classroom in the open blue sky.


[This noon, I want everyone to learn one magic]

Under the cloudless sunny sky, I make a loud declaration. Everyone sit down on the chair that were already prepared. Standing next to me is a blackboard made by magic.

There is no plan to use that blackboard though.
I only wanted to set the mood up.


Sharon, raising her hand in high spirit.

[Hai, Sharon-kun]

[What magic? Until now, I never used any magic except body strengthening.]

Sharon’s battle techniques have made tremendous progress. But, just like she said, she is not using magic one bit.

She is more a sword expert rather than a magic swordwoman.
No problem about that..
Her strength is already sufficient now.

[Today’s study will be fire magic. This is not for battle, still, please remember it.]

The beginning of this study session originated yesterday. Mina and Rithina came to me and asked me to teach them how to create fire with magic.

In contrary to offensive magic, it’s just a simple fire spell, very convenient for the daily life.

When they are cooking or warming-up the dishes, they need to ignite a fire on that spot.
When you’re travelling, this magic should be learned at any cost.

If this goes well, the next magic I’ll teach them is one to create water.
Water is a lifeline, human need a lot of it.

When you’re able to create fire and water, your daily life will become so much easier.

[So that’s why, Celestia-sensei will become the special lecturer for this noon class..Sensei, please go ahead.]

[Y, yes! Please take care of me]

As I urged her, Celes stand-up and goes to the front.

Recently, my relationship with Celes is going well after I passed the smartphone to her.

Together with the smartphone, I gave her the charger. Celes was very delighted.
Of course, even though the mechanism is not fully understood, Celes is somewhat excited toward the unknown technology.

To a degree, her teeth are chattering.

When I explained the functions to her, our hands were unexpectedly touching. (Of course I aimed for that).
With a blushing face, Celes withdrawn her hands.
This eagerly feeling! It’s good!

[By the way, Laurier and Tanya, do you can use fire magic?]
[Can’t do it!]

Un, it’s good to respond vigorously.
So, in conclusion, the only ones who can do it are Celes and me.

[Etto, to explain it easily, we need to work together with the spirit of fire. Then we can generate the fire using the spirit power, that’s all.]

I only need to picture a fire to create it. As I expected, the foundation for imagination is different in another world.

But, working together with Spirits?
Is this a way to make it easier to imagine?

Or, do spirits really exist?

The body strengthening technique use the same method I do: Imagine a reinforced body and you get stronger… more or less…. But for other magic, they have a different approach.

My voice leak weakly when I learn there is different image foundation in this world.

Celes saw my expression. Is she wondering what Oniisan found interesting about it?

[N, no, it’s nothing, please continue]

Afterwards, the fire magic class by Celes begin.

It doesn’t concern me actually. Yet, I still learned the truth behind the image foundation for magic in this world. It’s related to their common sense. Good to know.
By attending school and being a genius, Celes gives an easy to understand explanation.

Nonetheless, no one is able to achieve it simply by listening to her.
Sharon, Mina and Rithina try hard to learn the foundation while groaning.

Laurier and Tanya got tired and went to sleep.
I’ll punish those flat-chested girls later.

[It’s so difficult]

Mina groans with a troubled face.

[Ma, It’s normal that you can’t understand it in an instant.]

I gently comfort Mina.

When I was practicing that magic, it took me around 3 days.
Although, I’m able to better understand because I saw manga and game characters who were capable to create fire from their hands.

[Please, can you show me again?]

[Of course]

To answer Mina’s request, I produce fire in the palm of my hand.

[No casting, using fire magic so easily, marvelous-desu.]

[Yeah. As expected from Haruto]

Celes, who saw what we were doing, join us. She praise me along with Mina.

I feel like my impression is rising. There is no bad feeling like before.


Oops, dangerous.
Celes is gonna be scared again.

My face almost became wycked, I tighten it.

I have grown-up.
I won’t let the same mistakes repeat themselves.

[Could Haruto see the spirits?]

Mina, while seeing the fire burning in my hand, ask a question.

[No, I can’t]

I can’t see them.
In this case, only Eternal High School students can see them. (TN: He refer to Chuunibyo disease)

Fu… Was I careless?

Celes was surprised at my side.

[Did I say something strange?]

[A, No… Although it’s weird… To be able to cast magic without chanting, it is really important to be in complete synchronisation with the spirits. Can’t you really see them? ]
So, is it like that?

Moreover, if the spirits do exist, what are they?

[Etto… I never saw them. Ah, I did see a fairy. She was stuck to Leon.]


Celes and Mina tilt their heads. Both girls caught on different things.
It’s amusing that they are tilting in same angle and direction.

I see, Celes haven’t met Leon yet.
While it’s different with Mina, didn’t you see that fairy?

I saw her appearance only twice, so she might not usually show herself.
I explain to the two people.

[Wa, awesome. He is a hero!! I have heard about Hero-sama. But for Oniisan to be Hero-sama’s teacher, awesome-desu!]

Celes’s eyes are sparkling.
Her look is full of respect.

This is quite the rapid promotion, isn’t it?
I should have said it sooner.

As expected, the Hero’s reputation is really great.
Thank you, Leon.

Next time we meet, I’ll treat you to a meal.

[Fairy… I don’t know much about it. Celes-sama, are fairies and spirits different?]

[Etto… As a race, fairies are only few in number. There is a theory saying that they are the embodiment of spirits. But since there are no proofs, the more detailed thing is still unknown. That’s all I know. If he indeed bring a fairy-san along, as expected from Hero.]


[What about the Spirit of Curato? She said herself she is a spirit stone.]

[The spirit gemstone is assumed to be a stone where the power of a fairy stayed. However, any more detailed infos are not understood yet.]


She doesn’t know either. Aren’t you just thinking of it as a movable tool?
This world is dangerous.

Even though it’s the power of the fairies which dwells inside the spirit stone, it’s named like that probably because fairies are less known than spirits, something like that…

Maa, whatever.
More importantly, there is no problem.

[By the way, since Oniisan can’t see the spirits, how do you imagine the magic?]

Celes ask a question.

What should I do?

Even if I say “I’m thinking of a lighter”, she’s not going to understand.
If I had a lighter, I could show you. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring one with me.

[Etto…. So… It feels like buwaa, and the fire appear in my hand…]

After saying that, I find it a terrible explanation.

As I thought, from Celes’s gaze, she doesn’t know how to respond.


[I see!]

Just then, Mina tells us she understand. She nods with un-un.

You’re able to grasp it?

Celes too is astonished from the side.

Although she doesn’t understand Celes’s theory, is Mina relying on her intuition?
Because she is a nekomimi-beastman, her feelings are more important than theory.

Should I publish it?

『The sense ・How to practice Magic as a Beastman!!』

Not like I particularly want to do it.

[So… Buwaaa… In the palm… Boom…. I think somehow I’m able to follow it. Haruto-sama, thank you very much.]
Ooh. Nice.
She really is able to grasp something.

While muttering that, Mina begin to absorb herself in imagination practice.

[No way… With such an explanation….?]

Celes is staggering.

[Ma… Maa, that’s all there is to it. In the end, Mina understood how to imagine magic. Sometimes we ought to learn something from the situation.]
I try to answer her even though I don’t fully understand either. For the time being, I’ll pretend to actually do.

[Y…Yes. A, No, this.. Oniisan is so amazing. Ehehe.]

Celes seems dejected.
Her last smile is even miserable.

Maa, this is so outside my expectations.
I am also surprised.

The result is, with my abstract image theory, the brain-muscle Sharon, the feeling Mina and the just woken-up Laurier; those three people, somehow, are able to understand it.

If they keep repeatedly practicing for a while, the 3 of them might be able to use fire magic.

As for Rithina, she doesn’t seem to understand no matter how I explain. So regrettable.
Tanya is left out because she was unmotivated from the start.

Magic is useless for the people who don’t want to use it.
While fire magic isn’t her thing, it is possible that only Rithina might be able to use water magic.

However, since no one understood her explanation, Celes is depressed pitifully.

She became timid and sat in a corner when we did physical exercise.

Get up, Celes.
Your theory just won’t do for these fellows.

She receive my glance. Although I don’t know how she interpret it, Celes quietly nod.



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  2. Im guessing here that the magic he uses has science as its basis while the magic system of the natives has fantasy as its basis. Does that mean the the fire the spirits create do not follow the fire triangle (heat, fuel, oxygen)?
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    1. My guess is that the fire spirits naturally use the fire triangle unconsciously. When humans use fire magic the fire spirits act as the middleman supplying the ready made fire. Otherwise humans who don’t know the process couldn’t use it without the spirits guidance.

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    2. Might be like the magic explanation in Janitor-san only backward, maybe they imagine fire spirits, or water spirits, causing effects without fuel or outputting anything tangible. Water that doesn’t remain if you stop the spell, for example.


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