Takami no Kago ch.43

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Translator: Vaen
Editor/TLCr: Darknari


Chapter 43


The next day we headed off to the goblin village in the early morning and thanked Lalu and his group for his hard work.
Lalu seemed to be happy about it, but then his smile darkened a little bit.

“Did something happen?”

Lalu threw a fleeting glance towards the house behind him.
Looks like someone’s inside there.
It’s the building we often use when we stay over here. It’s filled with important items like the tools Amy uses. The goblins don’t go inside unless they have permission to.
Are there any goblin children playing inside? Well, it’s not a big deal if it’s just going inside but it would bother me if they play a trick with the stuff inside. Let’s put a stop to that at least.
I open the door carefully

“Oi, don’t touch my stuff, alright!”

There were no goblins inside.
Inside was a strong-willed looking woman and a woman with a gentle atmosphere, both half undressed.

“W-who the hell are you!?”

“Ara~, good morning. You look quite human for a goblin, do you not~.”

I quickly got out of the house.
Since it can’t be helped I’ll just have to wait for her to get dressed first.
Amy seemed displeased with why I had to wait outside.
After a while a voice came out saying ‘enter’.
Upon hearing it Amy’s mood dropped again.
I entered while calming her down.

“Who the hell are you?”

I start questioning the moment I came in.
I had already pulled out my sword and held it in my hand.
Having to wait outside had slowly started to irritate me.
I’ll let these people know how things stand right away.

“That’s my line. Who are you people? This is our house.”

The strong willed person turned my question back at me with a *humph*.

“Answer my question. Who are you people?”

“… I see. You’ve no intention speaking with me. Fine, I won’t bother to ask any further. Just get out, now.”

“I refuse. I must protect Flora-ojousama.”

“As if I give a damn. Why do I have to put up with people squatting in my house who won’t even properly respond to my questions? If you don’t get out right away I’ll force you out. By the way, all goblins in this town are my allies.”

“Huh, are you stupid? The goblins of this town don’t attack people. We’ve already confirmed this.”

I see, Lalu was ordered not to attack people more than necessary. Because of this these interlopers were permitted.
Probably when the girls were first noticed by the goblins they didn’t attack, so the goblins ignored them.
And even when they entered this house the goblins still didn’t touch them.

“The fool here is you. You didn’t even think of a reason why these goblins didn’t attack you? I’m the chief of these goblins!”


Because this house is mine the goblins don’t enter it. The one who ordered them not to attack people is also me. If you finally get it then get out!”

“No way, if we leave now we’ll get attacked by different monsters.”

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I intended to listen to your circumstances with an open mind at first, but thanks to your attitude I’m quite cured of that.”

They probably sneaked in the day before yesterday. I’ll have to properly leave behind some guards next time.
“Grab your stuff and leave. Return anything and everything you found in this house. You… you even got your hands on our food. Don’t you guys make a fine bunch of thieves.”

“Thieves!? Take that back!! I’m a proud knight-” “A proud thief?” “That’s wrong!!”
(ED note: This line part of the text is Hibiki interjecting. that explains it. so far I’ve never seen 2 people speak on the same line and the grammar made no sense.)

Surely, calling them proud thieves would be very presumptuous. Even a third generation monkey-face has more pride than them. (TN I don’t understand this reference)

“Well then, [Proud Knight]-sama. Explain to me where the pride is of someone who selfishly sneaks into someone’s home, wolfs down their food stores and acts high and mighty when the master of the house returns with a drawn sword pointing at their neck?”

I dispassionately corner the knight.
Even that M-sister would apologize at this point.
If they still don’t apologize and leave I’ll just evict them at full force.

“I-I must… Flora-ojousama…”

“Ah, so this is all because of this lady then. It must be tough, being a [Proud Knight], isn’t it?”

Finally she collapsed on her knees.
Incidentally, why is it that while we’re having this discussion that lady is sitting over there amusedly playing with Ruby? The simple-minded Ruby is just sitting there jiggling like it’s smiling.

“Well then, ojousama. Since this is my house if you could…”

“Ah, that is true was it not. Lovely place you have here. When I arrived the day before yesterday I was so tired I fell asleep right away. I am sorry for my belated greeting.”

She gracefully picks up the edge of her skirt and bows. If anyone tried this in my previous world they’d only get laughed at, but if a true ojousama does it somehow it starts to look appropriate.

“My name is Flora Caprice. I was told by father to go to Welburg for a while. When will we be able to finish our departure towards the city?”

I get it now. This person is seriously not right in the head.
It seems that this Flora girl is the daughter of a nobleman in Bureto.
On the way to Welburg they must’ve been attacked by monsters and lost their wagon, coachmen and guards – or they all ran away.
And this woman with the bad attitude who was left seems to be called Frey.
They were probably attacked by the monsters who attacked the town, as they say they were attacked nearby.

… Hmm?

If that’s so couldn’t it be said that it’s my fault that they were attacked? Well, there’s no reason to go out of my way and tell them that.
Talking with the ojousama isn’t getting anywhere so let’s try and wake up the female knight Frey, who’s been mumbling ‘I’m a proud~’ on the ground for a while now.
I collect a wooden bucket and fill it with the water outside and splash it on her face.

“Uwa~rgblh, wha-what are you doing!?”

“Hey, [Proud Knight]-sama, I’ll close my eyes to the whole trespassing thing, but I’m taking a fee for bothering me, alright?”

“You do all this and demand to be paid on top of it too!?”

“What is this? [Proud Knight]-sama is okay with just taking other people’s property? I see, so that’s how a [Proud Knight]-sama thinks. To a proud knight other people aren’t even people at all, is what you’re saying.”

In the end Frey agreed to pay us for the use of the house and having us escort them to Welburg.
We didn’t really exchange a contract, but if Frey breaks her word I’ll make sure her reputation sinks so low she won’t be able to continue living as a knight.

The only problem we faced when leaving the goblin town was that we have no wagon suitable to carry the ojousama.
For us going to Welburg by foot would only take about 30 minutes and we intended to leave like that, but Frey objected vehemently. It can’t be helped.
Using a cart as a base I built a palanquin. (TN: looks like a carriage but is lifted by people and carried instead of using wheels)
It took a while as I got a bit too much into it, but the result is quite impressive even if I say so myself. By the time I’m finished it’s already noon.
Since the palanquin grew in size a little I had Lalu and his men carry it.
I used their help a lot in the events a few days back so it’s already known in town they’re under my command. It’s fine if they’re seen at this point.
Even if someone says something about it, it should be fine if I have them carry it up to the gates and then dismiss them.

“Today we’re not using a carriage I see.”

“My utmost apologies, ojousama. If it doesn’t suit your refined tastes I’ll make immediate arrangements for a carriage.”

“No, having the goblins carry me seems like it’ll be fun.”

“Seeing that it satisfies you is important above all else, ojousama.”

Frey who had recovered a little is a bit annoying, but it matters little. Since it’ll turn into evening if we keep wasting time here we’re leaving at once.

We see good progress on the road towards Welburg. Well, it’s all Lalu’s territory so that’s to be expected.

“We’re not being attacked by monsters at all. How come?”

“Because all of this is goblin territory.”

“How do you manage to control these guys?”

“Effort and spirit.”

“… Why did you order them not to attack any people?”

“I did that when I was feeling irritated. I’m reflecting upon it now.”

“Don’t mess with me!!”

I reply letting out an exaggerated sigh.

“Now listen here, I replied evasively because I don’t really want to answer. Does a [Proud Knight] not know any tact at all?”

Frey grew sullen but held her tongue.
After walking a bit further we exited the forest and the city’s ramparts became visible.

“O~h, so that’s Welburg. I hear it’s an adventurer’s town.”

Frey seemed to have recovered her high spirits upon seeing the city.

“Ojou-sama, the city has come into view.”

“Is that so? Whereabouts is it? Also, when we arrive I want to have some tea. It has been two days since I last had some, after all.”

“Yes, certainly. I’ll will prepare some at once when we arrive.”

This girl really isn’t quite right in the head. Were you drinking tea on the road until you were attacked by a monster then?
After talking a bit more we arrived at the gate.
The guy guarding the gate was startled seeing something come over from the goblin town, but a smile appeared on his face when we got closer and he recognized me.

“Welcome back. Will you be entering the city with these goblins today?”

“Thanks. Would it be bad if I did?”

“Well, I guess it’ll be alright. They’re carrying the palanquin after all. They all listen to your orders, right?”

The goblins were accepted into town without any annoying formalities.

“Alright, where can we drop you off?”

“I should have a word with the local lord. Please bring me to his place.”

We walked straight towards the lord’s castle in the center of town.
The lord came and met us on his own. It’s probably hard to miss this commotion.

“Miss Flora, I’ve been worried about you. To think Hibiki-kun would be bringing you along…”

“Giren-ojisama, It is good to see you after so long. Did we arrive a bit late?”

The lord’s name suddenly came out. Turns out he’s called Giren Brooks.
Giren gave us his thanks and told us about the necromancer we captured the other day.

“The one who incited this man wasn’t an evil god but a demon. It’s possible there’s still a demon on the loose in this city.”

Peace is truly an ephemeral thing in this city.




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