Return of the former hero ch.60

Reuploading ch.55-60.

Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Scythal


60. The former hero* walking in the forest.


I’m walking inside a dim forest.

It is only a short distance away from the town of Iris.
Inside, there seems to be a place where special medical herbs are growing.
Very few monsters roam around the town thanks to the patrolling Knights. Originally, those plants didn’t grow inside the forest. Somehow, the soil started absorbing magic, making it suitable to grow them.
Well, I’m not here for them right now…
The thing is, we are completing various requests for the guild waiting for Celes graduation.
Sharon and Rithina especially participate in subjugation quests. We’re also doing escort and delivery to a village at a distance of several days from town.

Our life might be unstable once we start chasing that golem in the future.

That’s why, since we have free time now, I want us to gain experience in various area.
Thanks to my teachings, our group fighting force should be good. We can take it easy before our expedition.
When working as the Hero, in order to finish by all means, I ended it by myself.
Back to my actual situation, since I was alone at the time the request was made, I took the job as is.
My job right now is to find out who ruined the special growing place in the forest.
Base on the footprint, I suspect the monster named Orc.

Spring may be around the corner, we’re still in winter….
Was the Orc searching for food? Is he from a mutated specie?
I may not be sure about its purpose, but I am about its strength.
Other adventurers went to clear this request before. None came back even after the deadline.
Obviously, something happened. (Ed note: Captain Obvious is back!!)
The highest probability is they were killed.
Is this Orc stronger than regular ones? Had the adventurers enough informations?
When I accepted the request by myself, the old receptionist looked bitter. No point going back after taking it.

The previous team who accepted the request was a four-man party.

I evaluated that I’m stronger than them all put together. Even so, the receptionist saw me as a newbie and concluded that it would be an impossible task for me. He even tried to stop me from dying in vain. But, in the off chance I were to succeed, it would become good publicity to tell Rithina and the Marquis.
What a magnificent power.

I don’t want to brag about my power. But having my name spread as an adventurer would earn me fame.
This world is not Andarugia, so it won’t be a problem if my name become well-known.

By the way, am I obsess about this Orc? Orc remains are being sold for a high price. QED.
And those are manufactured into a potent vitality medicine.
I want it by all means.

I am a hero with a lot of magical power, but on the other hand, my vitality is limited.
I once found an eromanga by the river bank when I was returning home from my elementary school.
In a way, I am similar with its protagonist. I have a “very big gun” but with limited bullets.
Just like the other night, after I returned from the underground labyrinth, being able to do as much as two times with four girls was really a miracle.

The power of a week of abstinence.
Even so, I don’t know if I could do it again without dying in embarrassment.
“Wa a, you let out so much”. “It wasn’t even the full amount.(Haruto)”
“Certainly. E? Is that all??” It was awful.
I wasn’t able to discharge much of “dobadoba”. (TN: Huehuehue)

Two rounds may really be hard work, but I can’t afford to do only one.

It would be impolite for the girls. I can’t foolishly overestimate my endurance.

Remember the day I gave Sharon her new toy? Because I was a excited like a monkey in heat, I struck it out until I was tired in the car. The following night, I couldn’t do it anymore.

I am aiming for harem. If I’m like this with only four girls…. This is a serious problem.

The harem may increase… No, it will.
I don’t know how big it will become.
Pondering about this, I hear about a vitality medicine created from Orc’s remains.
I must obtain it at all cost.

I’m not sure of the effects it will have on me yet, but I might give it to the girls too.

As the prelude, or maybe as an excuse? This story has gotten too long.

Back to the hunt, I’m walking through the dim forest alone.

Looking over the forest map which I got from the guild, my destination is circled in red.

[Etto… The town is in this direction. I came this way… Am I around here?]

After checking the map, I have a better understanding of my location.

[Yosh, “Search”.]

I use magic, searching around the surrounding area.
From my current position, I understand the state, scope and also the distance to the farming area.

Around the area, signs of monsters…. none.

In the farming area… There are certainly some buildings.

And also, a big-sized monster… Wait, is there someone else?

The monster, most likely the Orc, is fighting against the person… Maybe?

I aim at that direction and start running through the forest.

While running, I keep confirming the situation with “Search”.

I should be there in a few minutes.
The current situation is 2 vs 1.

2 persons and 1 orc. (TN: This kinda remind me of the doujin Himekishi… orz) (Ed note: Or 2 girls and 1 orc…)

Are they survivors from the previous team? Or other adventurers who accidently ended in the area?

As I said, confronting the Orc with only two people is quite reckless.

Most of the adventurers from Iris are ranked beginner to intermediate level.

I haven’t meet expert nor influent seniors yet.

If those two people are intermediates adventurers, winning against this Orc is impossible.

Please stay alive until I arrive.

…. Well, it’s just a faint hope. It may be the hurdle of their life right now.

Even though I can’t see them yet, I understand the rough situation with magic.

It’s overwhelming.

Only one of the two is currently fighting the Orc, and he is overwhelming him alone.

In fact, I think the Orc is being toyed with. His opponent let him attempt to escape.

The other one is only spectating from the rear side.

Because I felt no magic disturbance, there is no sign of magic protection either.

The moment I arrive at the scene, the gigantic figure of the Orc fall to the ground.

the Orc is dead, his body was minced with a sharp object. His blood is scattering from all the cuts.

[Ano? Who are you? Do you want something?]

That person raise her voice while stepping on the corpse with one of her foot.

White hair and brown skin.

She wears tattered clothes wrapped around her body, it’s exactly like a wild child.

Person…. Or rather, It’s a female beast-man.

She has few hairs on her limbs and hands, just like a beast.

Unlike Mina, her ears aren’t on the top of her head. they are in same position as a human. I see a long and slender one similar to an Elf.
But it still is different since it’s covered with short hairs.
They are looking bigger than Rithina’s.

No, I should not let my attention there.

The person on the back has her body covered by a robe. Her face is concealed by a hood. Is it a human or a beast-man? I can’t tell if this fellow is either male or female.

[A, etto, I am an adventurer from Iris town, that Orc is….]
[No, it’s good, you’re the one who used magic to leapt over here, right? I know it.]

The brown beast-girl with a loud voice interrupt me.

What the hell is it with her?

For the record, I came here because of you.
No, leaving that aside, did she noticed the “Search” magic I used while I leapt over here?

I am surprised.

The passive “Search” magic is extremely faint.

It mix with the ambient magic in the atmosphere. So, it’s not an ordinary matter when someone is able to perceive it. Based on her appearance, may it be something like wild sense?

[Then, do you need something from me?]


What does it mean?
Why do I hear this?

I already tried to explain and was stopped in the middle of it, wasn’t I?
Also, didn’t you understand what I said?
De, in addition, what do you want more by asking it again?


Is she an idiot?

[Why are you standing like that over there? I don’t understand it. What did you mean?]

I am unable to catch-up with her at all. I regret having to handle the conversation with such a fellow.
I change my expression and gaze at her with pity.
She’s contemptible.
[… I am an adventurer tasked with chasing that Orc.]

However, I am a gentleman.
No need to raise my voice over such petty matter.

I also judge that I don’t have to use honorifics.

I talk casually. So does the other party.

What makes it hard is that I want to push you down, you brown beast woman.
[Aa, were you aiming for this guy? You should have said so from the beginning. But, it’s regrettable, I have dealt with it already.]

[Y,yeah seems so.]

I answer her.


[The Iris town is in that direction, right?]

The hooded person in the back, asked me.
Base from the voice, is she a woman too?

I start talking with her.
[Y, yeah. it’s close by the exit of the forest.
Also, there is a highway that goes trough said forest nearby.]

[I see.]


Say your gratitude by saying thanks.
There is no significant information.

My impression of them is low from the start.
As for their impression of me, I don’t want to know.

[Since the Orc is already down, I will return to the town soon. If you guys want, I could guide you?]

Even if my impression is low, I should be kind to other people.
Doing so, their impression of me will be go up.
It’s futile.

[Oh, you are unexpectedly kind! I like you.]

The brown beast-woman impression goes up.
Tte, this is not a galge, let’s stop with this impression thingy.

The reward for defeating this Orc will be for these chaps, can’t be helped.

The brown beast-woman cut the Orc’s ear.
Same as with the Goblins, it’s the subjugation proof.

Why only do that for the Orc?

They only take the ear. I wonder, can I get the rest?
While I have such an evil idea, the brown beast-woman collect the remains.


The brown beast-woman begin cutting the Orc using her knife after throwing away his torn clothes.
The Orc’s rod get gripped, it’s chopped up at the root near the balls. It hurt just seeing this.

My previous envy just got cut too.
[Yosh! Alright!
By the way, what is your name?]

The brown beast-woman ask me while putting the ear and the remains in the small bag.

Before asking someone else name, you should introduce yourself.

N,nope, I’m not angry because of it.

[…. I am Amagi Haruto.
Although I am staying in Iris these days, originally I am an adventurer from Torres.]

I introduce myself like a gentleman.

Now, what is your name?
There is hard expression from the brown beast-woman.

[Amagi… Haruto… You are?]

I have introduced myself in great pain, why not follow suit?

Tte, you are?

You, do you know me?

How is that?
In this world, no one should know me.

Or maybe, I’m a celebrity whose name is known worldwide?
Iyaa, no way.

[I see… It certainly is a frivolous face.]

Says the hood woman.

Fri, frivolous?
What the…. Is this what I transmit to other? Isn’t that cruel? (Ed note: Hahahahahaha!!!!! Get rekted you fop:) )

Tte, what happens now?
I don’t understand the situation well.

Does these girls know about me?

[Etto… How do you know me?]

I ask them since I don’t understand.

[What do we do? Is it alright?]
[Aa, it’s no problem.]

However, they’re chatting between themselves, completely ignoring me.


What the hell with them.
The impression rating is down, good grief.

[Yosh, then—]

After the talk end, the brown beast-woman face me.

Her pupils become sharper.

She kicks the ground instantly and is approaching in flash.
She then swing her right hand fingernails at me.

W, what!?

In the same moment, I bend myself and avoid the incoming nails.

Uwaa, I’m surprised.
What on earth is this.

[Hee, you’re good. As expected I guess.]

The brown beast-woman voiced her admiration without pursuing her attack.

She takes on a more primal form, her already sharp nails expand further, becoming small blades.
[W-wait a moment! Why are you doing this!?]

I have no idea about what is happening.
Suddenly, I am attacked again.

My sensitive ear catch something, the other hood woman approaches from my side.

She swing her arm hidden by her mantle.
the 2 womens arms are similar. it’s covered with hair and the fingernails are sharp. Annddd, it’s closing on me.

Is she also a beast-woman?

I block the approaching fingernails with my steel sword, and also kick her back.

Her balance destroyed, the hood woman is staggering.
Meanwhile, the brown beast-woman comes to back her up…


I don’t understand.
Although I don’t understand what’s going on, the other party want to kill me for sure.

I have to acknowledge this fact.

These individuals are my enemy.

They are the enemy. I must defeat them.

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