Return of The Former Hero ch.73

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Chapter 73. Former hero – Disassembly

Things have been going fairly well so far, but now, I’ve hit a bit of a snag.

When we arrived at the border town of Malt for the first time, we divided into 3 different teams. However, the combination of who would do what was quite poor.

What does that mean? It means Celes was in the group for acquiring the rooms at the inn.

First, I inquired about where the largest inn is in the town, and was told that it was by the town entrance. After arriving, I left the procurement of rooms to the ‘Inn’ team, while the others split up. This was quite the grave mistake.

Sharon went in with Celes and tried to rent a single large room as was usual, but Celes expressed concern when she did.

[Huh? If we are all in one room, where will Onii-san sleep?] (Celes)

At least, if Rithina was there, she could have probably smoothed things over.

Problem is, Sharon’s thoughts immediately coincided with Celes’s.

Now, we’ve got a huge multi-person room for all the girls, while I’m all by myself in a single person’s room.

Thanks to her, I’ve had to visit them every day due to their different room.

Even if I bring them over to my room, multiple rented rooms costs a lot of money, Sharon-chan.

Though, given that we were divided into two groups, there was still the option of {yobai} . . .

It is incredibly lonely to not wake up being surrounded by girls. (TL: Aren’t all RTD TL’s and ED’s the same. . . . .)(ED: I don’t know if I should feel envious, mad, or sad.)

Aa . . . .!

My morning routine and the pleasure of running my finger over the girls has been deprived. . . .

Even when I’m controlling myself from the need for pleasure, the pain and agony of that being taken from me is just immeasurable.

Well, if Celes is in the same room, then my actions with the others would be quite limited.

Aside from that though, I attacked Sharon and Mina incessantly until their legs couldn’t support them anymore.

Umu. That was great even if I do say so myself.

In lieu of my isolation, Mina has been getting together with the girls and attacking repeatedly. As expected, they’re keeping my lust in check.

With a very upright attitude, Mina has been going around, helping the others, and spoiling me like a child. (ED: This line, alone, stalled me for nearly half an hour. . .)

Indeed, she is the model of what a maid should be like. She’s perfect.

Shortly thereafter, I notice that 2 weeks have already flown by while in Malt.

There is remarkably no information coming in about the Golem.

There seems to be one person that might be a possible candidate; I heard that it might be delving into the labyrinth beyond the border. But how authentic is this information . . . . .?

Thinking back to my time in the underground labyrinth, is it possible to escape into another labyrinth from there?

No, there’s no such thing, and there isn’t any kind of relation between the two labyrinths either.
That line of thinking might be a little rash.

Even if that is the case, it’s not like there are any other witnesses.
I’d also like to go around searching the labyrinth. Should I go? Well, the way things are now, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

Meanwhile, I’ve started the disassembly of the smartphone with Celes.

[Uh . . . Uhm, Celes? Do you have to break it apart? Is it not broken now? I didn’t make it, and do you think you can repair it if it’s broken?] (Haruto)

I checked one last time to confirm with Celes.

Even if we break it open, there are only various chips and circuitry inside of it. I don’t think it can be understood. . . .

[Perhaps. It’ll be fine. I’m not playing with it, and I’d just like to confirm the structure inside.] (Celes)

Celes answered back calmly.

Well . . . Is it ok? Even if it broke though, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve already taken care of everything.

When I looked over at Celes, her eyes were sparkling. She REALLY wanted to take it apart.

[And, wasn’t Curato talking about it too? Charge? It’s pretty troublesome. If you can substitute magic for that, it’ll be a lot more convenient.] (Celes)

I can say with absolute certainty that using magic to charge it would be helpful. When Celes was fiddling with the smartphone and caused the battery to run dry, I ended grumbling the whole time I was winding the charger.

Though, if it was possible to charge quickly with Thunder magic, then . . . .

After hearing it from Celes, it seems that Thunder magic users seem to exist in this world, but are extremely rare.

Apparently, in the whole of Milis Kingdom, there’s not a single person that can use it.

By the way, I can’t use it either.

Before, when I was a hero of Andarugia, I tried using Thunder magic, but I was never able to invoke it.

The reason, I believe, is that lightning is just not understood well, and there’s nothing that produces lightning either. It was difficult to imagine, so I gave up on it pretty quick.

Though, one day, I want to be able to use it too.

Isn’t something like Thunder magic for the exclusive use of the hero?

You would think that, but lately, that seems to not be the case.

Anyway, I am going to make use of the lesson that the imagined image is everything. This time, I made sure to bring a stun gun from Earth for self-defense and image training.

I will train myself intensively in the near future.

Even if I don’t go with Thunder magic, I can probably figure out a way to have it charge the phone without having to resort to the hand crank.

Deep down, I understood Celes’s desire to break open the phone. I understand, but. . . .

[Also, did Onii-san not resolve to disassemble it? Didn’t Onii-san bring up the topic of ‘disassembly’?] (Celes)

Celes, who was looking at the smartphone the whole time, turned away from it and looked at me, who was standing to the left.


The condition that I gave to her in exchange for dismantling the smartphone.

It was a whole day of Celes and I on a sweetheart date.

It isn’t just a mere date, though.

It’s a romantic, lovers date.

At first, Celes wouldn’t give in. But after some careful persuading, Celes finally accepted it.

Should I say she has the soul of a true scientist?

She really, really wants to break open the smartphone and see what’s inside.

Are you fine with a romantic love? Because I asked for confirmation, she doesn’t mind so long as it’s up to the point of holding hands.

What is it that you think we are going to do? Hmmm?

Isn’t to that extent already impossible?

. . . It’s inevitable.

It’s not a guarantee that the phone will be broken, though. It’s also quite possible that something like this will become incredibly convenient, too.

This is all for the romantic date with Celes.

I’ll also prepare myself for the worst to come.

[Got it. Please, go ahead.] (Haruto)
[Yes! Thank you very much, Onii-san.] (Celes)

Celes pleasantly smiled.

What is with this pleasant smile?!?

Is it that?
Is this the child of an angel?

Because I gave her permission one last time, Celes picked up her tool.

This tool, though, is something I made. Since the screw hole is quite specialized, it didn’t match any of the precision screwdrivers that I brought over from Earth. Therefore, I processed a new one to match using Earth magic. When condensing it with magic to make it like a weapon, it can function properly as a screwdriver.

To make this, a considerably precise operation was necessary. My reputation in magic operating techniques also rose with Celes.

I’ve been using a steady inflow of good impressions to better her favorability towards me in preparation of the romantic date with her.

Celes carefully takes the screws out with at *kacha* sound.

Doing so, the lid of the smartphone comes off, and the insides are laid bare.

Uwa, it’s wonderful.

This right here, is a nucleus of technology.

I can’t tell what is what though.

[This . . .] (Celes)

Celes also has a troubled face.

[Uhm, isn’t this big thing the battery?] (Haruto)

There was a large, black stick that was occupying around half of the body.

[Do you understand it?] (Celes)
[Huh? N . . .No, not really. That’s probably the only thing that I really know.] (Haruto)

As expected, it looks like I got what the battery was right.
Though I got it, that’s about it. I don’t have a single clue as to what the rest of it might be.

[This is the battery? Is that so? Then, this is the power source, and it is connected by a cable . . . . This being connected like this. . . . Hmmm. . . .] (Celes)

With the insides exposed for inspection, Celes is beginning to understand, while viewing from various angles, what everything is. She’s even moving her whole body around to verify.

This reminds me of an old memory.

Watching Celes, it reminds me of the time I spent looking at plastic models on display back on Earth.

[Onii-san, do you understand anything else? Can you read the characters written on it?] (Celes)
[That’s impossible for me, because it’s written in English.] (Haruto)
[English?] (Celes)

From the beginning, I was not really a bright student, and I’ve only gone to school up until the middle of 6th grade. (TL: Asian parents are raging.)(ED: Why you no doctor yet?!?.)

It’s pretty unreasonable to study English when I’m going to travel to a completely different world.

[Mumumu . . . . ] (Celes)

Celes keeps inspecting the phone with a serious look.

Rather, I just noticed something that’s completely unrelated to everything here.

Celes is wearing spats . . . . (TL: lol)

It seems that they were able to be put on without any trouble, and I was able to finally enjoy them. Finally, I can worship spats in their rightful place.

Though I don’t know how Rithina explained it, she seems to have accomplished her mission safely.

Nice going, Rithina.

For her reward, I will take my time and love her thoroughly.

Wait. . . Isn’t it me who is being rewarded?

The black spats which are peeping through the gap between Celes’s thigh and her shorts. . . The hem of the spats cutting into the skin which is just slightly whiter than Laurier’s. . . . (ED: I don’t get it with Japanese and their beloved doll like/porcelain/snow white skin . . . .)

Uwa, my face has started grinning . . . I want to touch her thighs. . . .


At the date, you’ll definitely be wearing spats, by all means.

[Haruto.] (Laurier)


Laurier, who was sleeping in the back, has woken up without me noticing.

[I’m hungry. Let’s go get something to eat.] (Laurier)

Laurier, with a disheveled appearance, sidles up to me as her chest is laid bare.

You had lunch, slept, then woke up and now you want to eat again? You’ll gain weight. . . .

[Uhmm. . . . Well, because Celes and I were busy disassembling the machine . . . .] (Haruto)
[Oh really? For the disassembly of the machine, isn’t it Celes’s thigh —–] (Laurier)
[Stop it you fool.] (Haruto)

In spite of the fact that this fellow just woke up, she really observes me well.

[Hmm? What is it?] (Celes)
[No, no, it’s nothing, nothing.] (Haruto)

Fortunately, Celes is so engrossed in the smartphone that she didn’t seem to hear what Laurier and I said.

[Well, Celes. Is ‘this’ still necessary?] (Laurier)

Laurier is asking Celes something.
Hey, wait a minute. . .

[Huh? Oh, Onii-san? Well . . . Because he doesn’t seem to understand much about this, it’ll be alright with just me, probably.] (Celes)
[Is that so? Then, I will be borrowing ‘this’.] (Laurier)
[Ah, yes. Go ahead.] (Celes)

Woah, woah, wait a minute here.
Don’t I get a say in how I am treated?

[Wait, wait, for the time being there is still —] (Haruto)
[Thigh.] (Laurier)
[—I understand. I’ll go.] (Haruto)

Shit. What was with those exchanges. Laurier will probably end up vying for some alone time. We won’t be back until late in the evening if that is the case.

[Good. Well then Celes, Haruto and I will be going now. We won’t be returning until the evening.] (Laurier)
[Hmm? You two won’t be back until later this evening? Even though all you’re going out for is a meal?] (Celes)


I haven’t said anything yet, and my thoughts are already leaking out.

How do you always know? Did you anticipate this situation that far ahead? Are you saying you always know what I’m going to do anyway?

Ah, yep. Thats right. It’s the last one.


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