Return of the Former Hero ch.79

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Translator: Ashenwind & Raizu
TLC/Editor: Ascending_Flame

Chapter 79: Former Hero – Promptly Giv. . . Gets a Reward
Feedback, is felt.

My sword, has splendidly pierced the Golem/Dragon’s neck.

The Golem’s head, in other words, where the gem is situated, began showing cracks.

As I put in some strength to extract my sword, the Golem’s head fell and rolled down on the ground.

The gem is quite a precious item though, so I had to pull it out from the head even if it disgusts me.

At the same time the head rolled off, the body began to quickly lose its form, and dispersed into magic power,.

Perhaps it’s because it has a denser amount of magic power compared to other demons inside the labyrinth, but the dispersing magic power sparked some beautiful lights as it dissipated into the air.

As we are witnessing the view, the dragon’s body crumbled.

[Owa] (Haruto)

I jumped away from the dragon head in a panic.

While watching the dragon’s body crumbling from the edge of the hole, I averted my gaze toward the Golem’s head to make sure it no longer moved.

[Is it done!?] (Laurier)

Laurier said while slowly approaching me with short steps.

Stop that.

Don’t you realize, it’s a flag for ‘everything is not over yet’?

[Wait a moment, don’t lower your guard just yet.] (Haruto)

I grabbed Laurier’s hand, in case something happened.

But it doesn’t seem to move anymore . . Should I go and check it?

Nah, even if it doesn’t move, it might make a surprise attack. Especially before the dragon part has yet to fully fade out.

Let’s just wait and see until it completely disappears.

[Laurier, watch out for the dragon’s movement and the demons in our surroundings.] (Haruto)
[Nn? Ne ne. . . Why so anxious. It’s not good to be so worrisome.] (Laurier)


Nah, Laurier is being negligent again, really.

Demons in the surroundings began to scatter away in a rush.

Some of them were rushing toward us, but they quickly backed off at the sight of Laurier.

Eh? Wasn’t her magic power passed off to me?

Ah. . .No, though I don’t understand to what extent, how much magic power did she transfer?

Since the dragon was releasing magic power as it disappeared, this place should be full of magic power by now.

Perhaps she’s already recovered to some degree.

Though I was an exception among humans, I know that the magic capacity of demons far surpass the humans.

Demons really have it easy, don’t they.

A while later, the dragon’s body and head had completely disappeared. The Golem’s remains did not make any more movements, and simply lied there.

I got down into the hole, maneuvering between the stone pillars from {Earth Restraint}, and poked at the head with my sword.

There is no reaction. It really died.

It’s done.

It was a false flag.

Just to be sure, how about if I strike it once more?

Nah, It’s okay.

It’d be troublesome if it exploded after I attacked it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As for the demons in the surroundings, Laurier gave them a nice cleanup.

Still, some demons managed to get away.

The demons that managed to get away. . . Did they happen to run to the town of Malt?

Well, judging from the number, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

[Yo~to] (Haruto)

As for me, the remains of the Golem’s body that was trapped in the bottom of the {Earth Restraint}, I deformed into a plate.

Now it’s easier to take back in this form.

Though it no longer moves, holding it still gives me a slight chill.

Now. . . What shall we do with the head.

It can be put together with the plate, but I refrained from doing so.

It’s also somewhat hard to hold. . .

Ah, got it.

I took off my coat, according to the idea that flashed into my mind just now.

Because I received a direct hit from the breath attack, my jacket was scorched everywhere, but is somehow still in one piece.

[Ooo. . .?] (Laurier)

When I began to take it off, Laurier suddenly raised her voice.

What is it?

[. . . Fumu, I see. . . That intense fight might’ve made you excited. . . Could it be, in this place. . .] (Laurier)

As Laurier said so with a blush on her face, she was fiddling with her clothes.

Wait wait wait.

Laurier seemed enthusiastic.

What kind of misunderstanding was this girl thinking of. . . .

That kind of misunderstanding. . . Thats!!

I’d love to immediately claim the reward and gratitude now.

I am very thankful for such a thing, even if such a thing was just an offer.

I immediately look around to confirm the surroundings.

Probably because of the fight, not even demons or little animals can be seen.

Besides, since only demons got killed, no hellish stench of blood or corpses filled the air.

There was a large hole, most likely caused by the dragon’s breath attack. From there, as if basking my topless body with a feeling of victory, the warm sunshine of spring poured in, causing me to forget about the slightly cold air.

I may have said it with pretty great details, but in short, it’s a feeling that I enjoy very much.

[. . . . . . . . .] ( )

I used the coat I took off to wrap the Golem’s head that was till on the ground.

It doesn’t seem to move anymore, but it’s as if the head was looking at the slowly undressing Laurier.

I took Laurier’s hand, gently drag her away to the shade of a tree, and thoroughly enjoy myself.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Evening came without us noticing.

At this rate, we’re going to arrive at the town when it’s already dark, so long as nothing else happens.

Fudge. . . .

Everyone must’ve been worried sick. . . .

[Niyuuu~. . . Harutoo~. . . .] (Laurier)

Behind me, Laurier had flying heart marks around her, and a pair in her eyes as well.

Full on dere dere.

After that last battle, Laurier and I had strangely become closer.

[Oi, Laurier. If we don’t make haste, it will be dark soon. Being like that is cute, but please be quick.] (Haruto)
[Nene~ . . .Impossible. My lower body can’t hold out much longer. I’ll fall soon, Haruto.] (Laurier)

Yeah, seriously. You’re kidding me.

[It can’t be helped. . . It’s just a little bit more . . . Should I carry you back?] (Haruto)
[Umu! As expected of Haruto. Quick to catch on.] (Laurier)

As Laurier said so, she clung to my back.

I slung the Golem head to my shoulder with one hand, and used the other hand to support Laurier’s butt.

[Hi. . .Uunnn. . . ] (Laurier)

Hey, hey, don’t let out such a sweet voice so close to my ear.

That is so distracting.

Even so, I didn’t let go of my hand on her butt.

That said, I began to run toward the town of Malt.

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