Motoyuusha Gallery is up.

Hello everyone, Raizu is here!

Sorry for the wait, finally I got myself the illustrations from Kaette kitta no Motoyuusha. You can check it via Gallery tab or on here .

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll post a new chapter of Motoyuusha and Takami no Kago (if it’s done edited). So wait patiently, okay? ^_^)d

Have a good saturday night everyone!


10 thoughts on “Motoyuusha Gallery is up.

      1. It may be either us being accustomed to big sister-type receptionists to have short hair (this may be it as the only receptionist I picture with long hair is Ilia from Guild’s Cheat Receptionist, and that’s because she appears in the cover, which I saw before reading the series) or just a change of design between WN and LN (Yun from Only Sense Online is described to have shoulder-length hair in the WN while in the LN and the manga [s]he sports hip-length long hair).


  1. Thank you for everything!

    Maybe now we could have some official PDFs with the latest translation? I would gladly read everything from the start again since to tell the truth I’m still at ch 60 or similar… I prefer to read 10/20 chapter at a time instead of one every week 😀


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