Return of The Former Hero ch.85

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Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

Chapter 85. Former Hero・Stand in Aquapolis

Aquapolis Angel.

In the short distance from the land, the entire island forming a city.
And then, there is a huge bridge spans toward over there, without using ship, we can reach it via land route.

Next of the Millis Kingdom, this city which located on the Elise Kingdom is a city where many great engineers gathers. Moreover, many local speciality coming from sea, there is many traffic of the trading vessels, this is a place where a lot of people coming.

[Oh my…]

Right now, I am stunned in the front of the reception desk in the Adventurer guild which existed in the Aquapolis Angel.

Today, we arrived at the Angel before evening, after divided into the groups, we begin the preparation to stay over on the Angel.

Rithina, Mina, Laurier gonna greet the higher-ups.
Celes and Tanya will do some preparation for the restaurant and arrangement for the hotel.
And last, I and Sharon will go to Adventurer guild and looking for a work.

Since Sharon is not a type of girl who like spending money, we’re not in hurry to gain money, but since she is single-minded in attaining victory (lit. is a monk of shura), she wants to assertively do guild requests, even in Angel.

As for me, my wallet is broke after the incident on Malt town, so I’m urgently want to gain money on Angel.

Using mithril sword to repel Golem in Malt is failure.

I should use the cheaper weapon.
It’s too late to crying over the spilt milk, though I’m unable to not grieve over it.

Rather than that, i think i should be grieving about my devastating use of money, but i have not even a bit of regret spending money for Girl Cosplay goods!

Thus, even though we’re immediately coming to Adventurer Guild, but a single sentence from the reception stopped us.

[Right now, we’re not accepting any new adventurers]

Short-haired oneesan, explained unconcerned.

Apparently, in Anherl where traders and technicians’ workshops are numerous, there are also a lot of outsiders coming and going, and with a quantity of people like that come a lot of arguments and jobs, but adventurers and people who come looking for jobs are also proportionately large in quantity, and because of that there are constantly people registering in the guild and not enough jobs, leading to the imbalance of supply and demand.

At present, only well-known/famed adventurers can registering on the adventurer guild.

[Un… Too bad we won’t get any works since we can’t register, oh well…]

From my back, Sharon said a carefree conclusion.

At best, if we’re unable to get a work, it’s impossible to train, that’s what she thinking.

Sharon is accept the fact.

But, for me it’s bad.
Because I don’t have any money left.

Although the hotel expense is no problem because of the shared funds, it’s bad if I don’t have any funds for myself.

Every single time, it’s not bad to spent with the girls, I want to enjoy an individual time at the hotel.

Since I don’t have money, I can’t always gonna do it under the blue sky.
Umu… What should I do?

If I ask Rithina, I wonder if I can make some arrangement with the big shots?
Nope, this is not Millis Kingdom.
It’s not a good idea to give pressure to other country adventurer guild.

[Ano, I’m sorry. I am, I need money by all means, even though it’s not possible to register on guild, is there any method which I can earn money?]

If it’s not possible to register on guild, the guild reception oneesan, perhaps felt troubled.

[If that’s the case, here you go]

Contrary against my expectation, the reception oneesan flawlessly, presenting me with a document from behind the desk.

I set down my eyes to the document.
In there, it appear Angel town, the blue sea, after that a drawn of the outskirt around the island.
Moreover, there is a big sentence written.

[Angel hosting: 24th Cross-race Island]

I can’t read it.

Although I was able to read the Angel hosting, but as for the rest….
Nope, the rest I’m understand.
It wrote about the race… I guess?

[…. Sha,Sharon. Here]

Because I don’t fully understand it, I shyly give the document to Sharon.

[Etto, The 24th Archipelago cross-race Islands sponsored by Angel]
[Thank you]

Archipelago cross-race, eh?
That’s self-explanatory, that’s still the same archipelago cross-race, right?

[Etto, this is?]

Just in case, I confirm it with the reception oneesan.

[Do you not know about this?
Even though it’s being promoted grandly…
It’s maybe because you’re just coming from the Millis Kingdom.
It seems it’s not reaching as far as Millis…]

Looking at the current me that looking at a blank space, the oneesan is grieving with the lack of advertisement..

It’s different. It’s different you know oneesan.
It’s just that I’m not interested to hear about it.

[A. I’m sorry
The one who being charge for the public relation is the guild]

The oneesan return to her usual self, she begin to explain about the race.

Archipelago cross-race, it’s literary touring the island around Angel, it seems this race competing for the speed.
Also, this race being held for once a year.

And then, the prize for the winner is money and fame.
It’s also being guarantee for favorable treatment.

In short, anyone who want money will join this race, to obtain the prize.
Moreover, the top-ranking winner might also being registered on the guild.

That’s all.
I see.
I understand.

They probably keep giving out the documents without faltering to cope with the other adventurers without any planning capabilities like me, who cling onto the guild, and after going through the same thing over and over they have gotten used to it.

[It will being hold in about one month. It’s participation can be apply on here. A detailed outline for participate, it’s already stated on the document earlier]

It will begin in one month.
Even if I can successfully get the prize by participating, does I need to penniless for one month….?
Uuu… So sad.

When I’m thinking for the future, the receipt oneesan take a glance on my back.
In my back, behind Sharon, there are two stern middle-aged man, they are waiting for their line.

Is this fellows also came to register as adventurer?
Or, they are registered adventurers, which want to take a quest?

In another word, I have received the general explanation from the oneesan, because I felt pressure from my back, I want to get away somewhere quickly.

I can’t help to mumble about it, but it’s certainly it will make trouble for the guild.

[I understand. Thank you very much]
[Thank you very much!]

I say my thank to oneesan, and went from the place.
Sharon who is also cheerfully greeting, going to follow me.

[Yes. Go join okay, we will wait for it]

The smile from that oneesan is lovely, after being also urged to participate on race, the stern middle-aged man agreed to join.

I’m feeling shocked to understand about a thing called business smile.

[Hey hey! Haruto, That race, do you want to join?]

When we went out from guild, Sharon asked in high spirit.
With a sparkling eyes, I want to kiss her because she is so adorable.
Nope, that’s not it.

If I’m remember it well, Sharon love festival.
She seems on passionate on the event like this.

[Yeah. It’s seems interesting, let’s participate to get the prize]
[Yeah! It’s interesting! I can’t wait for it!
…. Etto, this race seems race in pair group, right?]

Answering my vaguely response, Sharon cheerfully agree.
Moreover, she also explain more about the participation outline after learning from the document earlier.

A pair group, eh?

[Hee. It is so. Then, should Sharon and I…]
[I, I will go with Laurier!]


Before I can invite her to go together, Sharon already partner-up with Laurier.
Isn’t you should be go together with your beloved ones?

While I secretly feeling wounded, Sharon quickly run to the hotel.

I, it’s okay.
Then, I’ll invite Celes or Tanya.

So, while I stopped being a loser, I followed after Sharon.
But still, an Archipelago cross-race.
I’ll see the detailed rules after I return, it’s seems as interesting as Sharon said.

After all, I am a former Hero.
To tell you the truth, I’m not sure to have confidence to win the prize.

No, I will participate for win.
Become champion, getting the prize.

And then, I’ll let everyone fallen in love to me.
As for the victory prize, it’ll be a Queen race costume play.


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