Return of The Former Hero ch.86

The continuation of Christmas present first batch.
Motoyuusha (2/2)


Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

Chapter 86: Former Hero – Is Left Out

Sharon and I return to the inn, and after checking in with the receptionist, move to the top floor.

While climbing the stairs of the five story inn, she is excited about the upcoming race in one month’s time.

When we arrive in the room, I’ll try to partner up with Laurier before Sharon does.

Initiative victory. If I can secure Laurier before Sharon, I’ll more than likely become the race’s winner.

. . . . .

No, let’s stop this.

While I’m thinking about it, Sharon is most likely going to invite Laurier as well, and as a result of their talk, will most likely agree to pairing up with her.

There is no need to ruin the pairing.

Uwaa. . . It’s quite pointless.

I felt sad somehow.

To comfort myself, I stroke Sharon’s ass, who is climbing the stairs in front of me.


[Hyaa!? Wa, Haruto-kun!? Why would you suddenly do that!?] (Sharon)

Sharon, blushing, turned around, with one hand on her ass, and one hand holding down her skirt.

No matter how much time has passed, she still behaves like it’s her first time for such things.

[Fu. You have a lack of qualification as an adventurer. There is always a danger of being attacked by enemies, anytime. Don’t let down your guard, even a bit.] (Haruto)

Such an absurd argument.

[Hee. . . Is that so? Then, is it alright to attack Haruto too?] (Sharon)

Uwaa, quite scary.

Sharon, who is grasping her fist, is looking at me with a cold gaze.

What’s more, because she is standing two steps above me, it’s giving an even more intimidating effect, and is super scary.

Ah, isn’t that right? Isn’t this similar to a Demon King?

[I was lying. I’m sorry. That was just a spur of the moment thing. Please forgive me.] (Haruto)

I . . . immediately surrender. Quite miserably, too.

[Good grief. . . If, if you want to touch, etto. . . Don’t do it so suddenly. If you say it beforehand. . .] (Sharon)

She is not that angry about it in the first place, and Sharon seems to accept my apology quite readily.

And then, while she averted her gaze nervously, she said some lovely words.

Is that right? Isn’t she quite the angel?

[Sharon] (Haruto)
[Ha, Haruto. . . ] (Sharon)

We’re watching each other.

I pull Sharon’s hand, climbing the staircase.

And, moving my hand to her waist, I hold Sharon close.

[Can I kiss you?] (Haruto)
[R, Right now, in this place. . .?] (Sharon)

Sharon speaks while keeping her face down, glancing all around. There are no people in the surroundings.

[. . . If, if it’s only a kiss.] (Sharon)

Sharon shuts her eyes, and puts her arms behind my back.

When she touches my back, I felt her shivering through our clothes.

This girl, is a really cute girl.

While hugging her even more tightly, I kiss Sharon’s lips.

[Nn. . . ] (Sharon)

When we’re kissing, I can feel her warm breath.

I can also taste the softness of her lips. . . Obviously, it’s impossible for me to endure.

Teachability? What’s that?

I quietly move my hand to Sharon’s bottom.

[Nmu!?] (Sharon)

Sharon gives a fast reaction, squirming her body.

However, I suppress her, by holding her head with my other hand, effectively sealing her movements.


This is the strategy on how to capture Sharon.

Sharon becomes meek when we’re kissing!

I can do it!

I have confidence in this strategy to victory, and my right hand is steadily moving in and around Sharon’s ass, and inside her skirt.

However, I suddenly felt a pain in my side.


The reason is definitely because of Sharon.

She is pinching my side, and twisting hard.

It’s painful. . . So painful, Sharon-chan.

She might not want to do something quite in this place. . Is this Sharon being coy?

No, this kind of pinching is more painful.

[Mou! You said only kissing! Haruto ecchi! Bedda!] (Sharon) (TL note: Sharon sticking her tongue out)

. . . . What just happened?

The strategy has failed. . .?

Does this mean that Sharon is growing up? Eh?


I wonder if it would have been fine for me to have stuck my tongue in.

Probably not.


I need to apologize later.

Sharon already started running, and has disappeared up the stairs. I finish the rest of the ascent, tottering along the way.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The trials of being a human. There are always days in which everything doesn’t go the way you wish.

When I arrived at the room, I offer my apologies to Sharon. Since she wasn’t really angry, the matter is solved.

Sharon is really a good girl.

Aside from that, about the archipelago race.

I wonder if the talks went well. If they did, then I’m out of luck. (ED to TL note, erase this before posting: this line was left as a partial in the doc, so I’m kinda freehanding it from TA)

Sharon invited Laurier, and she agreed.

Rithinia, who went to give the greeting earlier, was invited as a special guest, so it seems she is going to be busy with some kind of meet-and-greet on the big day.

Mina, who doesn’t have any intention to participate in the race out in public, is going to be Rithinia’s escort.

Well, these developments are to be expected.

The problem lies with Celes and Tanya.

These two, have somehow become close with each other. And before I knew it, Tanya has invited Celes, with Celes agreeing.

While I was talking about the race, the partnership just kind of established itself, and there was no room for me to act.

By the time I had finished speaking about the race, I had been left out completely.

This is impossible. . .

Now, I am timidly sitting while facing the corner of the room.

No, I should have expected for things to become like this since the beginning.

I had predicted that Mina and Rithinia wouldn’t take part in the race, but I hadn’t made any predictions about the others.

[Haruto. . . Are you alright?] (Sharon)

From my back, I heard Sharon asking anxiously.

Even though I don’t see her face (since I’m facing the corner), I gather that most everyone is looking at me.

Wait a moment, please.

I’ll recover soon.

While recovering, my self-excuses start.

Let’s think about this positively.

If I was not the one excluded, then one of the girls would have been excluded.

If it’s come to that, then it’s a good thing that I was the excluded one.

Therefore, as the master of this harem, it’s necessary for me to take on this role.

Everyone might become strained and awkward with each other, so it’s far better for me if they’re getting along with each other.

Okay, this is a good excuse. Let’s think of it like this.

My self-excuse time is over.

Oh well, Celes usually doesn’t participate in this kind of event, so I didn’t anticipate her joining.

I, who regained peace of mind, stands up and faces everyone.

[Oou. Did you recover?] (Laurier)

When I turn around, everyone is normal, except Sharon.

Though, this is Laurier’s voice.

She is asking me that while enjoying some candy.

Kuu. . .

I am quite depressed here!

. . . Haa, calm down.

Right now, everyone is trusting in me to not get depressed by these kind of things. This is good chance to build up that confidence.

Ku, so painful.

. . . Oh well.

If I hesitate forever, nothing will start.

Let’s think about my race partner for later.

[By the way, Rithinia-sama. Aside from the race, how is the search for a blacksmith coming?] (Haruto)

To pull my mind away from depressing matters, I ask Rithinia.

It is so.

To begin with, the reason we’re coming to this city is not to take part in this race.

It is to create a personal weapon for me, and we are coming here to get the best blacksmith to make it.

[Hm, let’s see. We have an introduction to an excellent blacksmith. I’ll guide you there tomorrow.] (Rithinia)

Rithinia puts down her teacup on the table soundlessly, while answering my question.

[Really? Thank you very much.] (Haruto)

Whenever Rithinia does something, I never recall any sounds.

The royal family is quite something.

Anyway, our aim of getting a blacksmith seems fulfilled.

Then, as Rithinia said, let’s go over there tomorrow.


But, the price.

As expected, perhaps I need to borrow money from everyone.

Uuun. . . is that it?

Aren’t I going to try and use the victory prize from the race?

Nevertheless, my plan won’t change.

The unexpected problems are starting to pile up. . .

(ED note: Poor Haruto. No money and no partner for the race.)


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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

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    But that is why it is so enjoyable in a cringe fashion.

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