Return of The Former Hero ch.88

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Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

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Chapter 88: Former Hero – Working Hard Labor
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Two weeks later.

Hohou? Is the attack from the front being endured?

Then, what about the pincer attack happening from the left and right?


You bastard, I can see your weakness is being attacked from the sides!

Ku! It’s been penetrated through, and the interior is very dangerous!

Endure it! Keep it up and endure!

This is no time to surrender!

In this place, has my conquest for world domination been checkmated?


Kyu kyu kyu kyu.

[Haru-kun. Why are you so happy cleaning the floor?] (Kagura)


While I’m cleaning off the dirt from the floor, I’m waging an intense global warfare between the army of dirt versus my army of cleanliness in my mind. Though, I’ve been pulled out of it by Kagura-san’s dull voice from behind me.

[I. . . I’m not happy. It’s indeed quite fun, after I manage to find a way to get enjoyment out of it. . .] (Haruto)

I think it’ll be pointless if I get upset about it, so I decided to not think about it.

In these two weeks, I have been working in the pervert – Kagura-san’s shop.

After visiting this store for the first time, I went to the remaining two weaponsmith shops, but they were inferior to Kagura-san’s shop.

The main reason is not because the other weaponsmiths were a bunch of old men.

Thus, it was inevitable to request Kagura-san to forge and craft my replacement weapon. I have no regrets.

Since my wallet is going to have to rely on the prize money received from the archipelago race, which starts in two weeks, I’m lacking a way to pay the advance payment. Thus, during the one month free time before the race starts, I began working as a part-timer in Kagura-san’s shop.

Also, if I am working as a part-timer here, I have a legal reason to enjoy the activity of the pervert Kagura-san.

Of course, to avoid being overworked, I’m actively checking the time with my wristwatch.

According to what I heard, Kagura-san seems to be the only daughter of a genius weaponsmith.

By the way, she’s a dwarf.

In addition, she is 20 years old already.

When I imagine a dwarf, I thought it’d be the lollita-type figure, but such a thing is different in reality.

She’s taller than me.

I also don’t know what the difference is between her and a human, like myself.

If she was in Japan, she might be akin to the female college student, or the female office worker type, I guess?

Spreading around adult female charm.

Although, I don’t feel it much, except from her body.

All of that aside, Kagura-san seems to have completely inherited her parent’s talents, and has become a first-class weaponsmith at a really young age.

However, she is still a maiden, and has grown tired of just making weapons all the time.

She seems to have grown tired of using a hot furnace and hammer while sweating profusely, and has seemed to find a new enjoyment in mechanical technology.

The mechanical technology has developed considerably in this world too, and is not wholly reliant on magic.

Some existences exist, such as a stove, streetlight, and washing machines.

The kuratou is also quite mechanical.

Although, the foundation of the machine is a Spirit Stone.

Previously, when I saw the pamphlet for the archipelago race, there seems to be a type of printing technology, too.

Anyway, she is totally absorbed in mechanical technology,and lately she is focused on the creation of a clock.

I had my wristwatch somewhat hidden in the beginning, but when I came back to talk with her again, her eyes caught sight of my wristwatch, and now I wear it openly in the shop.

Rather than showing my other earthly machines, this item is enough to sate her.

By the way, the payment for my work is going towards the cost of the weapon.

So for now, I am wiping down the floor inside her shop.

To tell you the truth, her shop is really dirty.

Most likely, it rarely gets cleaned.

Since she is renting the place, and not the owner, this should make it easier when switching tenants.

Can you really not keep it at least a little clean?

Kagura-san is, basically, not a good adult.

If the storefront is this bad, I cringe at the thought of seeing just how bad her living spaces are.

Also, no one is coming to the shop at all.

How is she earning her living expenses?

Nah, there seems to be enough money saved up from the profits of weapon sales she made while she was a kid.

I envy her.

I myself want to live having a lot of money, not needing to work, surrounded by the girls, and spend my life leisurely.

While I was busy having a fierce fight wit the dirt in the corner of the room, I heard Kagura-san’s voice from the counter.

[Hey, hey, Haru-kun. While you’re still cleaning, can you show me your wristwatch? Onee-san wants to see the insides a little bit.] (Kagura)

Here it comes.

This is it again.

Celes and Kagura-san. When an engineer-type person is curious about something, why do they want to sate their curiosity by deconstructing it?

Kagura-san and I have become friendly in these last two weeks, and she has started calling me Haru-kun.


It’s kinda pleasant to hear.

[Kagura-san. I already said it’s impossible. I’ll be troubled if it were to break.] (Haruto)

This line of communication has been repeated many times over.

If the wristwatch was to be broken, it’ll become troublesome.

Although it just has a regular clock, it also has functions such as a solar cell, alarms, and other useful gimmicks.

[Haru-kun is stingy. If a man were to show a generous attitude, this onee-san might just fall in love with him~ If you gave me that wristwatch, I’ll begin to repair and reforge all kinds of weapons~] (Kagura)

Kagura-san looked up, and I can see she is smiling sweetly.

Usually, such a smile is an ill omen though.

Fall in love? Seriously?

If I were to propose exchanging the wristwatch for a one-night stand with Kagura-san, how will she respond?

Isn’t this not a bad way to create a good relationship with Kagura-san, at the cost of one wristwatch?

Kagura-san is kinda attractive.

She is wearing a tank top with no bra today, and as for her bottom part, she is wearing hot pants, showing off her perverted figure.

I can see the swelling of her chest from the top of the tank top, and her butt coming out of the bottom of the pants.

I can only think she is trying to tempt me.

I would like to be in that kind of relationship, if possible.

After that conversation, 30 minutes had passed. After cleaning off the dirt from the edge of the floor, I gazed around the shop’s interior.

Even though it’s not quite “as good as new”, she can be pretty confident in the beauty of the shop’s shelves, wall, and floor.

Un. It feels refreshing.

I’ll remember this sense of accomplishment.

I might be unexpectedly suitable for this kind of work. (1)

It feels good, having worked silently, with a goal in mind.

Before I knew it, Kagura-san had already fallen asleep on the counter.

As usual, Kagura-san works on something until late at night, so she is always suffering from a lack of sleep.

She is currently sleeping during the daytime; though, I think it would be better to sleep at night, and work during the daytime. However, she seems to lack motivation unless she is working at night.

I do understand myself why every night, you can have an increase in motivation. Guhehe.

. . . . . . . . .


After I finish cleaning, it’s time for me to enjoy my recent pleasure time.

I enjoy observing the sleeping Kagura-san.

She is sleeping. . . Right?

Kagura-san, who is making a sleeping face, is quite cute.

Also, her chest is still quite amazing.

It’s being pressed tightly,and it’s wonderful.

I can only describe this as being wonderful.

However, there is a wall, which I can’t cross.

For some reason, Kagura-san, who has fallen asleep in a casual manner, with her defence as a woman full of gaps, still has a very important part incredibly well defended.

Kuuh. . . Another impregnable defense today.

I wonder how much defense an LP of 100 would give. . . (2)

I wonder which kind of position I should move to in order to see it. . . But, it is still quite impossible against her mysterious, impregnable defence.

No, I won’t give up.

A hero must never give up.

I went over to the counter, and observed her from behind.

Is this the ultimate line that a body can reach? The line is amazing, from her butt, up her back, and to her lower side, under the breast.

However! However, I am still unable to see the tip!

Damn. A little bit more.

I’m sure that, if I move her body a bit, I will definitely be able to see it.


[. . . . . . . .]


While observing Kagura-san’s sleeping posture from various angles, I noticed Celes is peeping in from the gap of the doorway.

I was surprised! I was really surprised!

Celes, is now working to make a magic power supply for the smartphone in the back room of the shop.

This is because, in the kuratou, the plan for remodeling the smartphone had been interrupted due to a lack of equipment. As a token of generosity for working here for a while now, I am allowed to use the equipment in this shop for Celes’s sake.

To be honest, I’ve already resigned myself to having the smartphone break anytime now.

Of course, it would be great if it can be operated with magic, but the chance of that seems to be small. (3)

Celes said that, if we can use some of the parts from the captured golem, it is not impossible, but I’m kinda doubting it.

Nope, it’s not important right now.

[Ce. . . Celes, since when did you get there?] (Haruto)

[Etto. . . Just now. . . I’m sorry] (Celes)

Celes said so, and then she closed the door.

Ou. . .

Will Celes always be like this?

Do you have to be born under a certain star to always encounter this kind of timing?

I should always be careful when I go somewhere together with Celes. I’ve duly noted it.

Yes, this is an important lesson.

It’s already the third time now.

I have grown up, just a little, again.

(ED: Haruto would be suitable as the stay-at-home dad for the harem. . . Also, as a last line of absolute offence and defence for the kids.)
(ED: I have no idea what kind of reference LP100 is. Google-sensei couldn’t, either.)
(ED: He should go look up the Smartphone WN on RTD. You should too, if you haven’t already.)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    The kuratou is also quite mechanical.<-the what? What's that?

    Even though it’s not quite “as good as new”, she can be pretty confident in the beauty of the shop’s shelves, wall, and floor. <-the adjective "kirei" means not only "pretty" or "beautiful", but also "neat", "tidy" and "clean".

    (ED: I have no idea what kind of reference LP100 is. Google-sensei couldn’t, either.)<-Seems to be an RPG stat, Life Points. In some games it's just a replacement for HP, in the SaGa series is a counter of how many times you can resurrect a character or their corpse be attacked before needing to go to an inn, while in some others they seem to have some effect in the defense power of a character.


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