Return of The Former Hero ch.89

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Translator: Raizu
Editor/TLC: Ascending_Flame

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Chapter 89: Former Hero – Welcomes the Day of the Race
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Well, I say that, but isn’t it a little too early for summer? Or are my senses being fooled by the area around Anhel?

With the sun blazing brightly, the day for the Archipelago Race has come.

[Ano. . . Kagura-san. Are you alright?] (Haruto)

I ask Kagura-san, who is standing by my side.

For someone who only goes out shopping for food, isn’t this kind of sunshine killer, just like it is for a vampire?

[I’m alright. . . ] (Kagura)

Kagura-san is closing one of her eyes. . . Is it because of the sunlight? It seems to be damaging her eyes.

The look in her eyes seem to be worsening, and turning cancerous, like the look of a yankee.

[The sunlight during summer is pretty harsh. . . Are you really going to be okay for the race?] (Haruto)

[Yeah. . . Right now, I’m really regretting it, Haru-kun. But, for the wristwatch, I’ll do my best.] (Kagura)

Disregarding my worries, Kagura-san walks slowly to some shade, and sits down, completely exhausted.

This person. . . I’m kinda worried she might really die under the sunlight.

[Etto. . . Then, I’ll go over to the receptionist, so please take a break here.] (Haruto)

[ . . . Ah~ . . . ] (Kagura)

There is a response; however, she is a bit like a corpse.

Is this really going to be alright?

She might become a mummy by the time I return.


Are you wondering why I have Kagura-san as a partner? Well, since I have no available acquaintances, and this town is so big, I went to Kagura-san.

At first, I was going to just simply pick up a partner from wherever I could find one.

I could return to Torres via a teleportation magic formation, and ask Etna-san.

But, teleportation magic formations are dangerous, so I refrain from using them unless something urgent comes up.

Then, while I was talking about it to Celes, Kagura-san overheard it by eavesdropping on us, and she has offered to be my partner in the race.

Rather than recruiting some random old man or a fellow adventurer, I’d much rather participate with the big-breasted Kagura-san by my side.

I don’t know what and when a lucky event may happen.

However, I’m really surprised that the hikkikomori Kagura-san is participating in an event like this.

Oh well, since we’re going as partners, I’ll listen to her story as she researches the internal structure of the wristwatch.

The scientists in this world are really frightening.

If you show them something from an unknown civilization for a mere moment, they will completely chase after it.

Thinking about it, this probably has no relation to my own charm.

Aside from that, I accepted Kagura-san’s offer.

Even though I said that, I was still firmly refusing to allow my watch to be dismantled.

However, when my arm was grabbed and placed within her voluptuous breasts, I lost all will to refuse.

Nah, there are no issues with my willpower.

When you’re being sandwiched by such breasts, is there any man in the world who can resist such a thing?

No, I don’t think so.

If there is any, I think they’re probably not really a man. Something like a Homo or an Okama.

That’s all for my excuses.

They were very pleasant and soft.

Aah, I want to place something else between them as well.

It might also be really nice to bury my face in them. . . Pafu~ Pafu~

The feeling of pafupafu would be great. . .

Anyway, the enticement is quite nice, but I am considering the current state of affairs. Right now, Kagura-san is not looking favorable.

Seriously, I might have to work very hard in the race. Oh well.

First thing is, that we are able to participate.

Moreover, I think I can show off to Kagura-san, so let’s make her fall in love with my charm!

Kukuku. . .

For the starting point, going off the info from the receptionist, it’s on the east side of Anhel’s beach.

Because the entries just finished there are only a certain number of participants.

The beach has become really crowded with all the race visitors and stall shops.

There are a lot of couples flirting inside of the shops, too.

Ah, I remember that whenever I went to the sea on Earth, whenever I saw a couple, I would remember to send a curse their way.

If I think about it now, that’s pretty childish.

That’s because, today, I don’t have such negative feelings.

The reason goes without saying.



[Oh, Haruto. What are you doing all by yourself?] (Laurier)

While I was watching a couple on the beach go by with a feeling of victory, someone called me from the side.

[N, nothing. I wasn’t smirking just now, you know?] (Haruto)

The one who is asking, with an old lady tone, is Laurier.

When I turned to face Laurier, Sharon was there with her too.

Sharon and Laurier look different, since both of them are wearing swimsuits.

I have experience in coming to the sea, so I have prepared thoroughly.

I won’t show the appearance of them in their underwear to anyone other than myself.

[Hee. . . Both of you, those swimsuits seem to suit you well. Cute.] (Haruto)

I praised them first.

I don’t really have to compliment them though.

The swimsuit they are wearing is a simple one, without any kind of ribbon or decoration, and instead gives off a sporty feeling.

It suits Sharon especially well.

[Ehehehe. . . I-is that so? Thank you.] (Sharon)

[Fufun.] (Laruier)

Sharon responded to my praise with a meek expression.

As for Laurier’s reaction, she is showing off an air of superiority, but I can see that her face is a bit red.

Fufu. Their gestures are so cute.

[Have you two already gone to the receptionist? I’m heading over right now.] (Haruto)

[A, yes. We’ve already gone. Let’s see, here’s our number.] (Sharon)

Sharon answered my question, and she shows the number on her arm.

It seems they stick a small number to you.

I thought it might easily come off, but it looks to be secured with magic.


Magic like that, seems easy to reproduce.

I wonder if that kind of magic is worth practicing?

Ah, well, even if it’s just a number, it seems like it could be useful for various things.

Magic is not just limited to combat related tasks. It can be used in other areas of expertise, too.

[By the way, Haruto-kun, are you by yourself? Did you not meet up with Kagura-san?] (Sharon)

Sharon is looking around restlessly in search of Kagura-san.

During the past month, Sharon and the others had come by the shop several times, making everyone in my harem acquainted with Kagura-san.

[Aah . . Kagura-san is pretty weak against sunlight, and is now slowly dying in the shadow of a tree. If possible, can you buy something cold for her?] (Haruto)

[Ah, over there. Alright, I understand! Then, let’s go Laurier!] (Sharon)

[Umu. Haruto, see you later.] (Laurier)

[Yeah.] (Haruto)

Both Sharon and Laurier have started walking over to Kagura-san.

After I saw them off, I walked over to the reception desk.

After finishing the stuff at the reception desk, I went back to get Kagura-san.

When I see the main stage in the hall for VIP guests, I noticed that there were several familiar faces looking back towards me.

The seats for the VIP guests are placed a little far and is off limits. Just when I was thinking about what I should do, Rithinia noticed me and went through the seats over to me.

[Rithinia-sama, thank you for your hard work. Mina too, good work today.] (Haruto)

I greeted Rithinia and Mina who were in the VIP seats.

Both of them are not participating in the race, so it’s regrettable that they are not in swimsuits.

Also, Mina-san.

Why are you wearing a normal housemaid outfit on such a sunny day like today?

[Haruto-kun~ There have been many people coming and greeting me since this morning~ I’m so tireeeed~] (Rithinia)

Oddly, Rithinia is complaining.

Is there a huge number of people making rounds for greetings today?

[Is that so. That’s pretty terrible.] (Haruto)

I am casually patting Rithinia’s head, who is sitting in a chair.

Because I was standing next to Rithinia, I am in a pretty good position to stroke her head.

[Wa. Fufu. . . Thank you very much. With this, I am refilled with vigor.] (Rithinia)

When I pat her head, Rithinia shows a big smile.

That smile, is also healing me.

[Ano. . . Haruto-sama. There are many people who can see, so it’s not a good thing to do that here. . . ] (Mina)

While patting Rithinia’s head, Mina gave me a warning.

Looking around, I see several old men and women, sitting in the VIP seats, looking at me. Their dubious expressions seem to be saying, “Who is this guy?”

Oops, dangerous.

I am sorry.

[Sorry, Mina, Rithinia-sama.] (Haruto)

[I’m sorry, Mina. I also let down my guard, and was feeling happy.] (Rithinia)

[No, I understand that feeling too, that is why. . . ] (Mina)

When Rithinia and I apologize, Mina is ashamed.

A pleasant feeling, eh?


I quietly approached Mina, and whispered into her ear.

[Mina, I’ll pat you later.] (Haruto)

[Nyaa!? A. . . Y, yes. Thank you very much. . . ] (Mina)

Hearing my words, her face is turning red. Dere-dere Mina-chan is so cute.

With this, I wonder if she is feeling happy now.

Taking a glimpse, I see that Mina’s skirt is shaking lightly.

It might be because of her tail.


So easy to understand. Isn’t that so cute?

[ . . . Haruto-kun. Let’s continue with me later, okay?] (Rithinia)

Rithinia said that while peeking at my face.

Even if you didn’t say that, of course I’ll pat you.

Though, not in a place open to the public eye!

[Of course. Then, I’ll go ahead. Make sure you two don’t get dehydrated.] (Haruto)

[Yes. Haruto-kun, good luck in the race.] (Rithinia)

[Haruto-sama, we’ll be cheering for you.] (Mina)

While receiving words of encouragement from them, I responded to them by raising a thumbs up while turning my back to them.


Then, I walked away from the VIP guest’s area.

This, is a pretty cool attitude, isn’t it?

I don’t know if it will be transmitted to them or not, but this looks kinda like one of those scenes from a guy who will die in the future.

I won’t be turning around.

If I turned around these two girls . . . No, I am sure the people in the VIP seats are vacantly watching me, and I would die in shame.

After returning from the VIP area, I come to the general hall to look for the last pair of girls.

Where are Celes and Tanya?

In the sunlight of summer, an elf with transparent hair and a loli brown beastman should stand out quite a bit among the crowd.

However, in front of the main hall, there is a great number of people around.

Though, I still found them.

[Celes. Tanya. If you two are already finished registering. . . Eh, what is it?] (Haruto)

When I found Celes and Tanya, I called out to them. Though, when I saw the scene around them, I became speechless.

[Ah, Onii-san. Etto, we haven’t done the re-registering yet. This is. . . Umm, what should I say. . .] (Celes)

[Haruto! These fellows are trying to pick a fight, and lack common sense. So we knocked them out.] (Tanya)

The two girls in front of me, explained their current situation.

As Tanya said, there are four people who are rolling like corpses beside them.

Are you all okay?

You all are not dead, are you?

[They were making a move on my woman. That is certainly not allowed.] (Haruto)

[O, my woman. . . Tte, That’s. . . Ehehe.] (Celes)

[Aside from Celes, I am not your woman, you know?] (Tanya)

[Eh?] (Haruto)

My woman, with those words, Celes suddenly stops moving.

Such a precocious kid.


Although the meaning might be different, it’s all good.

And then, Tanya seems to be making a pretty cold statement here.

I mean, I’ve been piercing you quite severely at night for quite a while now. . . Aren’t you my woman? I’m a little shocked now.

Eh? It can’t be?

Does this mean that I have been misunderstanding something?

[Ha! To think of me as your possession without my permission?. . . But, well. I’ll give you a special chance. If you can win against me in this race, I’ll formally become yours.] (Tanya)

Tanya is provoking me while looking down on me.

[Hou. . . ? You will become mine after I win? Alright, I accept your challenge.] (Haruto)

Between Tanya and myself, sparks started scattering around with a *bachibachi* sound.

What if I am defeated?

In order to make sure there is no room to escape from me, let’s not talk about it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

A man with a loli beastman, disputing on whether or not she will become a possession of the man.

Four men dying while rolling around on the floor.

Off to the side, there is an elf saying [My woman. . . My woman. . . ] with a red face.

It won’t take long before people begin to surround us, asking questions.

How should I explain this situation?

[Ah, right, Sharon and the rest are already over there, so quickly go and finish your re-registration. We can drink some juice afterwards.] (Haruto)

[Oo! As expected of Haruto. Yosh, let’s go. Hey, let’s go right away, Celes.] (Tanya)

[Fue!? Etto. . . Y, yes.] (Celes)

After I reel back in my attitude, Tanya also switches back to normal.

And, she also climbs up on my shoulder, like usual.

This fellow, didn’t she say that she is not my woman yet?

Oh well.

I’ll win this race, and then I’ll make her formally admit that she is mine.

There’s now another reason why I can’t lose.

Naa, Leon.

Leon is unrelated.

Though, for some reason, I want to call someone.


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