Return of The Former Hero ch.90

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Translator: Raizu
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Chapter 90: Former Hero – Swimming At Full Power

[Now! Today is the day for this year’s Anhel Cross-Archipelago Race to begin! The number of participants this year, is 296 teams, which is the highest so far. As for the number of participants gathered here, it is almost 600 people!] (Onee-san)

The voice from the energetic onee-san resounds.

Although I don’t know whether magic or machines are being used, the voice from the microphone is being enhanced, and is resounding around the entire venue.

The participants are standing by near the starting point, with the race starting at noon.

Just behind me, Kagura-san, who has recovered after eating curry for lunch, had a somewhat gloomy expression towards the crowd of people.

As for the other two pairs, they are not nearby.

They are seriously aiming at victory as well, and want to avoid any possibility of collusion.

As for me, of course I’m aiming for victory.

During our lunch, Laurier and I made a bet.

Anyone who gets defeated, will have to take the winner’s place of helping Mina with the laundry for half a year.

If I win, I can live pleasantly, but if I were to lose, I would be more than happy to wash everyone’s underwear; there is no disadvantage for me.

. . . . . Oops, I turned into a pervert a bit too much.

Well, anyway, there are various things that are contributing to me participating in this race.

This is a fight with which I cannot be defeated.

There is seldom a situation that, even if you lose, it turns into a win.

[Then, I want to explain the rules before beginning the race. Even though I say that, the rules are simple.

You just need to reach the three islands over there, pass through each checkpoint, and return back here.

However, there is a new attraction on each island every year!

So, which team will be the first on reaching the goal this year!?] (Onee-san)

The onee-san, keeps talking with high tension.

After the explanation, I turn to look at the three islands that I need to pass.

There are several islands in the distance, with three islands surrounding them. Because the islands were off limits, I don’t know what kind of tricks they have in store yet.

I believe the distance is not greater than 5 km, so if I were to use {Search}, I could find out the tricks on the islands.

However, I am a former Hero.

I’ll fight fair and square, and won’t do any prior investigation.

Though I haven’t done any pre-investigation up till now, it doesn’t mean I won’t do it later.

When the race begins, I’ll use it.

By the way, during the race, it’s prohibited to use magic to attack the other participants.

In other words, as long as the magic is not used for attacking, it’s allowed.

Afterwards, the greeting is continued by other important people of the town, and Rithinia also participates in the greeting.

When I begin to lament to myself if the race will ever start, the race is finally set to begin.

[To all the participants, are you ready? Then. . . . START!!!] (Onee-san)

At the same time the host onee-san gave the signal, there is a high pitched “Poon!” sound.

And then, I and about 600 other participants begin running forward to the first island.

It is a long distance swim to the first island.

This race is interesting, because there has never been this number of participants before.

Many people will give up at the end of the long distance swim; additionally, each checkpoint has a limit to the number of people that can successfully pass on to the next one, so there will be a lot of participants that will be unable to finish the race.

Everyone seems to be quite serious.

Even though the Adventurer Guild did the advertisement and recruitment, why are there no powerful pairs of adventurers here?

Let’s put that aside. Kagura-san and I arrived at the beach too.

[Kagura-san] (Haruto)

[When we really come to it, it’s actually kind of scary.] (Kagura)

I knew beforehand that we were going to have to swim between each island, so I already discussed our strategy with Kagura-san earlier.

Even if I say strategy, it’s just Kagura-san and me swimming while holding each other.

When I squat down, Kagura-san pressed herself to my back.

This is what you call a piggyback ride.

Inevitably, Kagura-san’s plump breasts pressed against my back.

Ouu. . . So soft.

It’s true that I didn’t aim for this when I suggested this strategy. . . It seems recently, I have made a lot of excuses.

As a human, I will be open about this.

Lets aim for that!

Meanwhile, her arms wrapped around my neck and her breasts pressed onto my back.

In addition, I can sense Kagura-san’s cheek near mine.

Her breath is flowing into my ear.

My, my heart is *dokidoki*ing from this.

However, I need to concentrate on the race now.

[Then, let’s go. Please grab onto me firmly.] (Haruto)

[Un, please.] (Kagura)

Toward my words, Kagura-san clings tighter to me with a *gyuu~*

Uhaa~, she really feels like she doesn’t want to be separated from me.

No, this is why. . .

Once I put away my evil thoughts, I, with Kagura-san holding onto my back, enter the sea.

[Ooooryaaaaaa!] (Haruto)

Because Kagura-san is on my back, I am swimming in the sea using the breaststroke. (ED: Haruto’s favorite pastime)

Since there is only one person swimming, the speed is not the same as normal.

However, I am a former Hero, who has strengthened himself with magic.

We’re passing some participants, and are reaching the main group of people.

Oh, this is going better than I expected.

If things keep going like this, I can possibly be the winner.

Suddenly though, I felt a response, and there is laughter coming from behind me.

[Hahahahahaha! Move aside! Move! Open the way for ME!!!!!]

This is a familiar laughing.

When I peek to the rear, I see Laurier.

That’s fine.

However, I was at a loss for words when I saw this spectacle.

Laurier was princess-carrying Sharon, and she ran quite fast on the surface of the sea.

I-Impossible! She is using the other participants as a foothold!?

No, it can’t be.

She seems to be making an invisible foothold in the air with her magic, making a kind of pseudo-float.


That’s foul play, right!?

[Whaaaat!? That’s awesome! That. . . Etto. . . Team number 96, Laurier and Sharon. There are running along the top of the water!

This. . . I heard about it before. Right before your right leg sinks, you step out with your left leg, and then step out again with your right leg before your left starts sinking. You will be able to run on the surface of water by repeating this. This technique of running is only described in legend!] (Onee-san)

While the host onee-san is following the race in a boat, giving out comments like a knowledgeable doctor, she is amazed at Laurier’s sea running.

Well, her method is different.

No, even though it might be possible, for Laurier, it is different.

[Fuhahaha! Ou, Haruto! Why are you in a place like that?] (Laurier)


If she gets any closer, I will grab her ankle and drag her into the sea.

[Oi, that’s cheating! Swim properly!] (Haruto)

While I’m doing the breaststroke desperately, I yell at Laurier.

[Fu] (Laurier)


This fellow, she is laughing at me, isn’t she!?

Our position, puts Laurier’s ankle on the same angle as my head; meaning, she is looking down at me, both physically and mentally.

[This is not breaking the rules!] (Sharon)

Sharon, instead of Laurier, while being princess carried answered me.


Certainly, there is no rule against this.

It’s also not an attack by magic, either.

More like, to begin with, why are there no one else doing the same thing as her?

Is it because you can do anything, that something like this isn’t prohibited?

If there is a flying demon, who has wings, participating, is it allowed to fly through the sky?

No, that kind of demon would never participate.

Oh well, whatever.

After laughing at me, Laurier increased her speed; after calming down, I notice that she is already in front of me.

Damn, this is bad.

[Kagura-san, I’ll be doing a crawl, and quite seriously too, so please endure for a while!] (Haruto)

When I became determined to do so, I gave a warning to Kagura-san on my back.

[Eh? Crawl? Wa. . . Haruwaaaaa!?] (Kagura)

Without waiting for Kagura-san’s answer, I shift my swimming form to a crawl.

Unlike the breast stroke, my body is shifting to the left and right; Kagura-san, who is on my back, is shaking as well. We’re splashing about quite a bit, but it can’t be helped.

[Uwaaa. . . Haru-kun, wait a moment!?] (Kagura)

If you are trying to talk right now, you will drink seawater, you know?

Though, even though Kagura-san is being tossed around, her grip on me isn’t loosening.

She is clinging onto me firmly.

Apparently, it’s possible to keep crawling.

Yosh, let’s keep it up.

Afterwards, my speed is also beginning to rise, so I’ve passed the main group too.

On the way, I felt that Celes and Tanya also got though the group too, but since I;m swimming so hard, I quickly lost sight of both of them.

Well, as for now, because only Laurier and Sharon are in front of me, I’m sure they will catch up later.

Eei, damn.

Is our speed the same? Although we’re not falling behind them, our difference is not shrinking.

No, it seems Laurier is getting slightly faster?

I feel like we are slowly being separated.

By the time our long distance swimming finished, and we arrived on the island, we could no longer see Laurier and Sharon.

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