One-eyed Female General and the Harem ch.3

This is the reason why I give tags “OP Female Lead” on NUF.
Comparing with the actual male MC, the female MC ones is more fierce. lol

The next chapter will gonna entering more deeper plot. I’ll post it next monday/tuesday because tomorrow is the time for Gacha Corps~

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

The Devil on the Battlefield

Several days before—— On the southern part of continent, there was an intense battle spreading in the dry wilderness. Shouts, screams, and angry roars were mixed in, the earth was trembling.
The southern barbarians crossed the national border and invaded the Kingdom of Ardeshil.
The silver armored army who had gone to intercept them, was pushed back in the battle against them.
The barbarians were dominating due to sheer of numbers.
The silver armored army is only several hundreds in number, meanwhile the number of invading barbarians is around 5,000.
The formation line of the silver armored army is losing the momentum and gradually collapsing.
Around that time, the wind suddenly began to turn noisy.
The strong winds passing through the cheeks of the barbarians.
The barbarians who felt something stopped moving at once.
Whenever the Devil of the battlefield appears, the wind is always noisy, as if supporting her.
When the wind is blowing upon us, it means that that being is already here, that’s what the rumour around saying.
It’s like this current situation, the face of the barbarians turned pale.

[Will she… will she come….?]

The barbarians exchanged glances, and began to talk about what they must do.
During this timing, the commander of the silver army issued a retreat order, they have set-up a large shield while falling back.
The barbarians didn’t use this chance to press the attack.
It’s because, the brown haired girl that unexpectedly came out from the silver armored corps was standing still
The girl was gripping a long sword in one of her hands, she also wore a silver armor.
Her long hair was fluttering in the wind, she is watching her enemy with an imposing attitude ,without any fear.
She is laughing happily.
The southern barbarians stiffened in cold sweat because of the ominous feeling, and slowly take some distance.
After a while, there is hatred oozing out from them.

[Th-,this devil!!! She killed my family!!]
[She killed my father too!!!]
[Let’s kill her!!! I’ll kill you!!!! The grudge of my daughter!! I’ll make you too taste the suffering!]

The brown-haired girl with a beautiful appearance, was only grinning happily after hearing their angry voices.
She was composed before the large army in front of her eyes.

[…. You selfish dogs who only know how to bark. If you want to kill me, you can come anytime]

After surveying the barbarians and laughing at them, she muttered amazed.

[Well—- You all who spring out like bugs, are not worthy as my enemy]

The provoked barbarians became enraged, they rushed at her exactly like dogs.

[Ortashia!!! You’re a devilllllllllllllllll !! ]

Being bothered with low-intelligence humans like them, the female general called Ortashia muttered something while raising her left hand toward her opponents.

At that moment, a mass of wind gathered around her and shot toward the barbarians.
Along with raptured voices, the barbarians bodies were being cut splendidly in the air.
The flesh and blood spread around, at that moment, the hundreds of bandits were completely shred to pieces
The soil was dyed with blood, the vicinity became like a picture of hell.

[D- don’t stop!! Kill her!!]

Ortashia expressed her admiration towards the barbarians who were overstepping the scattered corpses of their companions and kept advancing.

[Hoo. Do you want to kill me that badly? even if you are overstepping your companions corpse?! Interesting. This is why I love fighting!]

Ortashia swings her sword, which turned into a mass of wind, towards a red-bearded barbarian,

The man’s body splitted into two and fell to the ground with a thud.
After that, Ortashia thrusts her sword into a man’s neck, who was coming from the right side.
After she pulled it out, she kicked him, and she slashed another man who came close.

When the other party fell down, the lukewarm blood gushed towards Ortashia’s face.
Moreover, She showed a eerie smile.

[Hahaha….. So weak. You are all so weak. You are only maggots—-]

Ortashia didn’t stop her attack while she was talking.
Again, more barbarians were being cutted down.
When she noticed the man on her feet was still breathing, she trampled him down and kept speaking.

[—— Trash is still trash!]

While she said it, she looked down at the man who she trampled down.

[You…. Ortashia… I’ll curse you… through all eternity—–]
[ is that so? Then I’ll be looking forward for it. I’ll be waiting]

She stabbed the man at her feet, putting an end to his life.
The barbarians coming approached from both sides.
To respond to it, Ortashia recited a new chant.

And then, a small tornado appeared with her being the epicenter.
Noticing the danger, the barbarians stopped their movement but it was already too late.
The moment Ortashia spreaded her hand, countless shockwaves strikes her surrounding.
After the screams ended, the battlefield became quiet for a moment.
Ortashia shook off the blood from her long sword and looked at the barbarians who fell down on top of each other.
There were more barbarians remaining.
They stiffened and became frightened of her overwhelming power.
They were trembling at the tragedy that unveiled in front of them.
When her opponent was still standing silent, Ortashia ran by herself slaughtering her enemy.

Ortashia cutted the knee of the bandit who was hidding himself behind his shield.
Feeling the pain, the moment the shield lowered, she cutted his throat.
A giant man approaches her while brandishing a large axe aiming for a surprise attack.

[Uooooo!!! Be prepared!]
[I hate dirty people. Especially muscle darumas like you!! So disgusting!!!!] (TN: You can googling Daruma if you’re curious about it).

Ortashia somehow, reacted sensitively to him, and cutted the giant man into pieces.
After collapsing, there is only fear of her abnormality coming from the surroundings.
Since barbarians doesn’t have any general to lead them and settle the chaos, when you manage to break their spirit a little, they will retreat, Ortashia knows it because she has experience fighting against them many times.
But, even if the other party wants to retreat, she won’t let them.
She has another plan to fulfill.
When the barbarians started running away and showed their back.
Ortashia raises her right hand.
She gave a command to the army.
The female army who is standing behind her, has been setting up the bow.
There is a cloth soaked with oil in each arrow.
After the fire was ignited, the moment she waved and lowered her hand, they shot together at the barbarians.

[Aaaaaa, it’s hot, it’s hooooootttttt——!!!!]

Ortashia shakes her shoulder listening the screams,laughing happily.

[Ahahahaha——!!! More, shout more, spread the hell more!!]

The cruelty from Ortashia is not over yet.
When she snapped her finger,a small wind starts to blow.
She sent the wind towards the burning flame.
Along with the fire arrows, the sea of flame were chasing down on the barbarians back, and swallows them like a tsunami.
The barbarians who were able to survive the sea of flames, were cut down with the vacuum wave shots from her sword.
After Ortashia finished confirming the annihilation, she turned her body and took a deep breath, she informs the force which lies in wait in the distance.

[Yosh, time to return home!]

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