Return of The Former Hero ch.91

The MC and his harem is too OP for this kind of race.
They should give more restriction to forbid using magic XD


Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Ascending_Flame

Chapter 91 – Former Hero: Fully Enjoys It.

[Cough cough. . . I thought. . . I thought I was going to die.] (Kagura)

While I am looking for Laurier and Sharon’s presence, behind me, I heard Kagura-san make a grudging remark while coughing.

[I’m sorry. Um, are you alright?] (Haruto)

[It’s okay, you don’t need to seriously apologize.] (Kagura)

While facing Kagura-san, I am apologizing obediently.

She seems to not care that much.

And then, Kagura-san grips her long, wet ponytail, and squeezed it, hard.



Squeeze!? She, squeezed it!?

While I am surprised, Kagura-san’s expression is saying, “What?” (ED: Why wouldn’t you squeeze a ponytail to wring it out?)

No, I don’t understand it well, but if the person in question isn’t complaining, then I don’t need to say anything more.


From Kagura-san’s wet bathing suit, I can see something with a pink color, slightly.

No, no way. . . There is a Godlike movement to destroy the impregnable defense, in a place like this.

Oou. . . I want to see it.

Using this chance, I’ll observe it thoroughly.

However, right now is not the time to do something so leisurely.

Gugigi. . .

I am half-heartedly removing my vision from Kagura-san’s breasts.

I really need a strong amount of mental power. As expected.

[Ka. . . Kagura-san. This, thank you very much.] (Haruto)

On the beach where we landed, I picked up a paper that contains the objectives, and handed it to Kagura-san.

There is a landing point is set up on each island, and the objectives for the island will also be located there.

While following the rules, we’ve headed to this island.

[Etto. . . What is it. . . ] (Kagura)

Kagura-san began to check the paper, which contains the objectives.

Yeah, if I didn’t have a partner, I’d drop out at this stage.

[There is nothing to do here, so let’s start moving over to that mountain.] (Haruto)

I take Kagura-san’s hand, and start moving over to the small mountain.

This time, when I take a glance to the rear, I can see Tanya landing on the beach.

I didn’t see Celes anywhere.

Originally, if someone arrives early, it’s customary for that person to wait for their partner before confirming the objectives for the island.

After seeing this, Kagura-san and I set foot toward the forest, which leads to the mountain.

Huh, without my being aware of it, Tanya has turned into her adult form.

I want you to face this race seriously, but I would rather you only show that adult form exclusively to me.

With the spectacle of those swollen breasts, there is a mysterious charm overflowing.

[Let’s see. . . We climb the mountain first, then we acquire a ball while there? Afterwards, we take the ball to the goal on this island.] (Kagura)

Kagura-san explains the objectives.


It seems that it is not that complex of a objective.

[Haru-kun, you seem to understand that we need to go to the mountain first? Or do you already know the objectives?] (Kagura)

Kagura-san asks while directing a faraway gaze at me.

I-it’s not like I did something wrong to deserve this look.

But, those onee-san’s eyes are really sinful.

Obviously, I didn’t say anything.

However, when I used my {Search} magic after landing on the island, I noticed Laurier and Sharon were headed toward the mountain, so I started chasing after them.

[Nope, I don’t know. But, I noticed that the only remarkable landmark on this island is that mountain. If we need to do something, it’s most likely related to that mountain. It’s just a simple guess. If it’s just me, I would have been able to easily see through it.] (Haruto)

[Oh, awesome. As expected from the self-proclaimed First Class Adventurer.] (Kagura)

Well, it’s totally a lie, but I will keep quiet because she is being honest in her admiration of me.

Honest, eh?

What’s with that ‘self proclaimed’ title.

Nah, it seems to have happened because I’ve not had a chance to show Kagura-san my abilities.

Be relieved, I’m a trustworthy Former Hero.

Oh well.

The race will enter the serious stuff now.

[Kagura-san, please stop for a moment.] (Haruto)

[Uwaa! What? What is it?] (Kagura)

Towards my voice, Kagura-san gives me a confused look.

Even though the target mountain is directly ahead of us, there are traps spread out starting from here, and also are further on ahead.

To be more specific, there is a pitfall right in front of you.

There were also traps on the way here, but I avoided them all.

However, from this point on, there are quite a few traps that need to be avoided.

[There seems to be a pitfall.] (Haruto)

[Pitfall? Eh. . . I didn’t notice it at all.] (Kagura)

I would have also certainly missed it.

This is all thanks to {Search} magic.

What did Sharon’s pair do?

I think I know what they did.

Same as before, Laurier is carrying Sharon while running on air.

This way, the activation from most of the traps can be avoided.

That’s very Chuuni-like.

It’s a really cheat ‘Cheat’.

Well now, what should we do?

Naturally, I cannot run on air.

Although I can do it if I push myself, Kagura-san won’t be able to do it at all.

Then, there is only one choice.


[Forgive me for being impolite.] (Haruto)

[Uwaa!?] (Kagura)

I exercise some strength and pick up Kagura-san into a princess carry.

[Mo-mou. . . Haru-kun. . . Why did you do this so suddenly?] (Kagura)

When I picked her up, Kagura-san slightly protests.

Her face. . . is red? Nope, it’s not like she particularly has any feelings for me.

As for the earlier movement, even though I have prepared beforehand, I do admit that I was a bit hasty.

Lets reflect on it later.

But, however.

The self-indulging body when I saw her on the beach, the plump breasts on my back in the sea, and after the arrival on this island, a wet bathing suit showing some pink things. . .

With all this comboing, I quickly became engrossed in touching Kagura-san’s thighs as soon as possible.

The princess carry is quite wonderful.

With the princess carry, I can legally hold a woman’s thigh; it’s a really wonderful custom.

Even though it doesn’t compare with the piggyback ride, where I can grab my hands onto the butt. . . well, for this one time, the winner goes to the princess carry.

I shoulder her with one arm, and hold her thigh with my other arm.

In my arms, Kagura-san wraps her arms around my neck, so that she won’t fall down.

Because of the bathing suit, our skin was in direct contact with each other, and I can sense the warmth from her wet and bare skin.

The feeling of plump thighs, made me want to squeeze something.


Etto. . . Now, what were we doing?

Ah, I forgot about the race.

[We’re going to fly a little now, so please hold onto me firmly. Ah, also, the ponytail is dangerous, so please hold onto it too.] (Haruto)

[Ah, yes. I understand.] (Kagura)

At my words, Kagura-san moves her long hair in between her breasts; in addition, she clings onto me with a *gyuu*.


I firmly hold onto Kagura-san, and begin collecting magic into my feet to strengthen them.

And then, -bam-, I jump lightly.

I jump over the hidden pitfall easily, and land on the other side.

[Uwaa? Such an amazing jump! But it’s also really scary!] (Kagura)

[Since I will be flying in the future, when you think it gets a little scary, you can close your eyes. Also, don’t open your mouth too much either, to avoid you biting your tongue.] (Haruto)

It seems the jump is scarier to her than I expected. After seeing Kagura-san’s watery eyes, I gave her some advice.

Kagura-san doesn’t open her mouth and nodded.

We’ve lost some time with all of this, so let’s show off my real ability from now on.

I confirmed our current state with {Search} magic again.

From the response, I noticed that Sharon’s pairing has already arrived at the area at the top of the mountain.

There are also a few pairs not far behind them.

I have also understood the arrangement of the traps ahead.


I take a deep breath; first of all, let’s begin to run while aiming towards the top of the mountain.

PItfalls, logs, rat traps, hanging ropes, nets, round rocks on a slope, moving scaffolds, and lower demons.

Good grief, the entire island has been remodeled quite a bit.

Moreover, these traps are kinda frightening; it seems it won’t be used for next year.

As a countermeasure, the objectives for the islands change every year.

I wonder if they have a lot of money for that. I’m so jealous.

When I come up to the traps, I dance around them a bit, and destroy them at the same time.

The more intense my movements, the more Kagura-san’s breasts in front of me sway. Up, down, left, right. . .

Everything is as I planned. (TN: Keikaku doori)

As I expected, the spectacle exceeds my imagination.

Amazing. This is really amazing.

After I understand my surroundings by using {Search}, I then proceed to steal quite a few looks at Kagura-san’s breasts.

Ah, well, I’m just making sure everything in front of me is alright.

Nevertheless, I want to praise myself, who chose giving a princess carry, over the piggyback ride. Harasho!

After a while, I arrive at the top of the mountain, and a round ball is already available there, as according to the rules.

The ball is a bit like a balloon; the balloon must not be broken when we are descending from here. Therefore, we need to protect it.

No problem.

Kagura-san holds onto the balloon; if we did the same thing like when we were getting here, there is no reason to worry about it breaking.

But, even though the balloon will be fine, it also means that the objectives are a little dangerous.

Since the start of the race, hasn’t Laurier been the only one that has been dominating?

With the balloon protection and the running, Laurier seems to be at quite an advantage with her {Air Shield}.

Well, couldn’t {Air Shield} become an attack magic?

How would it? It’s kinda complicated.

Worst case, if we were to use magic around the balloon, would it classify as cheating?

When I think about it again, Laurier really seems to have a ‘Cheat’.

That fellow, to have such a convenient magic.

I have also been training to learn {Air Shield}, but I guess the original is just something else, isn’t it?

Aside from that, comparing those two to the rest of the people on the island, they are not weak. There would be no problem if one of them is left behind, and the other one finishes the race on her own.

While I am anxiously going down the mountain, I sense two people coming towards me.


Why are they going back?

When I proceed forward some more, I meet up with Laurier.

Sharon is not here.

[Oh, Laurier. What happened?] (Haruto)

[It’s embarrassing. The balloon was broken by a tree branch.] (Laurier)

For a moment, we went ahead and chatted for a bit.

And then, Laurier turned back towards the top of the mountain.

So you say it broke on a tree branch?

This person, was she not using {Air Shield}?


Even though there were two people, neither of them seemed to think about using the magic in such a way.

I’ll name this pairing the Baka-girls.

But with this, I am taking the lead, right?


Isn’t the wind now blowing at my back?

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