One-eyed Female General and the Harem ch.4

Politic and more serious plot.


Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 4

Assassination Plan.

——– The lifespan of the great Queen has almost ended. It means that the start of the new war will now begin—— Ardesil Kingdom. This country is flourishing in the mountain range of the eastern continent of Yuadorado, which is blessed with abundant natural and mineral resources. Ardesil has always been ruled by a Queen, the succession is being inherited from the country founder, and the throne has been transferred until the 20th generation.

However, the glorious bloodline of the Queen is swaying in front of the recent occurrences. The trigger was the death of the first princess due to a disease. The first Princess, Beatria, from her birth had weak constitution and due to that was always feverish. Ever since she was still small, she was really troublesome, but because of that, she was always being doted by everyone. Moreover, that girl had a kind heart towards everyone.

From that kind-hearted attitude, people were passionately supporting her, she was already being expected to be the next Queen. A popular girl like her, departed from this world because of her diseases. The lifespan of the Queen is also not too long either, the ministers are on a rush, the situation on the royal palace is stormy. The reason being that the country has been invaded by the barbarians many times. The battle against the barbarians has been going for 100 years, but it’s still hasn’t settled yet. For that reason, there is uneasiness about the barbarians attacking anytime. That’s why, the stability of the country is more important than anything.

However, there was an ideal candidate.

After Beatria, there are two younger sisters of her, but this leaded into another problem again. The second princess Ortashia is very excellent. She is well-versed in politics. Her martial arts is also being called as the strongest in Ardesil, the invincible, she is also sharp and clever. Her military tactics are excelling too, there are sayings that she is able to repel 10,000 barbarians with only 100 Ardesil soldiers. Moreover she is pursuing the barbarians who are trying to escape, she doesn’t give mercy to her opponent, and doesn’t show compassion towards her partners, with prudence, this will be, during the critical moments, she possessed both the boldness to pluck everything as long as it’s obtainable. She is an existence who is suitable to be called the strongest.

However, even though Ortashia was a major figure in the country, but she is not interested in succeeding the throne at all. Her eyes are only fixed on the battlefield. Her only concern is only to fight. The reason is that she is really appreciated for repelling the barbarians, but she doesn’t feel like to inheriting throne as princess.

Next is the worst possible candidate, the third princess Yuran. Different from her older sister, she is often abusing her authority as princess. She always makes other people do everything instead of her and never do anything by herself. Always sleeping around in her room. Whenever she goes out, the only purpose is to buy new clothes and cakes.

As if aiming for this moment, there is a report coming to the Royal Palace that the barbarians are entering the vicinity of the north borderline and they have occupied the old castle which is located in the sideline near the Shiyuen river.

[Do you hear it? Even though we just repulse both of barbarians attack, they are attacking again]

[Isn’t their force re-organization too fast? It’s like they have taken military training]

[….That’s impossible]

The barbarians actions on the north have been strange recently, they did some strange movements. Obviously, the ministers have suspicions toward their activities.

[It seems there are a few hundreds of them who have escaped during Princess Ortashia’s attack]

[Yeah. That honorable lady spread the oils to the retreating force and set them up on fire. Probably, They can’t gather more than 2000 soldiers]

[Is this a trap….?]

[However, as our current situation is right now, it’ll be troublesome if we are worried about our domestic affairs being damaged. We must do something. Is it not this concerning our country dignity?]

The barbarians are not the regular army of any country. If the other countries heard the information that they are struggling hard against barbarians which are not a regular army, those countries will likely be planning to invade aiming for the wealth that the mineral resources can bring. There is also the reason of a country pride too.
The bearded minister looked at his colleagues.

[…. Which subjugation force should we send? Please spare me of it]

[Same here. This might be a trap]

The conversation between ministers stopped. As if their throat was unable to speak. There is a brown-haired girl wearing armor talking to them.

[——- What is it, another barbarian attack?]

The face of the ministers appeared surprised when they turned around at the girl’s voice.

[Well well, isn’t this your highness Ortashia. Have you returned?]

Ortashia smiled at the question.

[I have given the southern barbarians some bloodbath. Two, or three of them seems to have escaped so I returned back——]

A few mortified voices can be heard.

[—– It can’t be helped]

While being reassuring in a light tone, the ministers simultaneously felt fear toward Ortashia. She might be a hero in the battlefield because she doesn’t hesitate to kill people, but in the Royal Palace she is a mass murderer. Her coldhearted eyes that she is showing are the proof of that. She is on the same side, but their face is still stiffening.

[By the way, I heard about the matter which you all mentioned. I’ll go to subjugate them!]

While fiddling with her hair, she turned her body around, when she is about to go out. One of the ministers called her while smiling awkwardly.

[You, have just returned, haven’t you? Maybe, you can take some rest first?]

Without looking back, Ortashia answering while fluttering her hand.

[The battlefield is calling me. I will be annihilating the enemies]

The ministers turned pale at her cold blooded words.
And then, everyone thought.
Ortashia must not become a queen. The ministers knitted their eyebrows when they were being asked for their confirmation. There is someone voicing what they were thinking, it is Runatitas, the main pillar of Ardesil. His appearance is of black hair mixed with some gray hair. His back and side hair is cut short, he has a fine moustache. He is sixty years old this year. It has been said that he is the one moving the country. Currently, he managed the country as the queen’s subtitute.

[As I thought, that person is really dangerous. Do you all not think so?]

[Yeah certainly….]

[Yeah she is. If she became the queen, the country will be ruined for sure. She is a great terror for both inside and outside the country]

Runatitas gained confidence after looking at the ministers, then he said something in low-voice which could only be heard on that room.

[Let’s have her disappear from our country]

The ministers opened their eyes widely. What on earth did you say?
However, no one objected it. Everyone only muttered that it was inevitable.

[She will only need to be killed during the battle against the Barbarians. After that, Yuran can succeed the throne. With this, our country will gain peace. Is there any objection?]

Everyone folded their arms and nodded. It means that everyone acknowledged it without any objection. Runatitas makes another confirmation.

[We shall never tell this to everyone]

[Yes, understood]

[For our country…]

Runatitas floated a strange smile after he obtained the ministers agreements.

19 thoughts on “One-eyed Female General and the Harem ch.4

    1. Well… That’s a little bit of a push to say… I mean legitimately, thinking of the human prospective, and how you’d react, would you want a single minded, battle manic killing machine running the country?? It would be a safe bet to suspect, that if peace occurred, she’d do anything in her power to create chaos and war so sate her boredom… Naturally their reaction ‘kill her!’ is extreme, but your dealing with a person with a kill count in the tens of thousands… Image what the UN would do with such a person. Anyhow long story short, i wouldn’t agree to say they are scum, just weak and inappropriate to leadership as most aristocrats are. Strong leaders deal with such dangerous people in a more constructive manner… It’s just that they don’t have anyone strong which is why they are in this message to start with 🙂


      1. the UN wouldn’t do anything except sending diplomats to desculate the war.

        The kingdom is literally fighting a defensive war at the moment. Meanwhile the ministers are having an assassins creed like templars plot to take over the country


      2. more has prolly been revealed in the later chapters, but as of this one…i mean has she really been said to be hungry for war and such? maybe she enjoys the fight but i dont think she is a maniac about it. I mean the entire idea is so stupid, killing her off. The nobels arent just scum, they dont have brains in addition to that. In times like this they should weight the consequences. First off she is obviously the strongest and most talented of their leaders, and warriors. They need her, she is pretty much carrying the whole nation’s main defensive effort. You cant kill off someone as important as her when in times of war.

        Second, she may be dangerous, but for now she is working to keep the country safe, which is all that matters. If you want to kill her off, wait till AFTER its safe to do so. They have ever reason to keep her alive…for now. Killing her at this time is just the height of stupidity considering all the things she can accomplish for them first.


      3. U shouldnt say that the UN is the same as a fantasy mid age empire i think….(sry when english is bad but I cant halp it…)


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  2. thanks for the chapter, hmmm… that was weird from the two options that they have yes the 3rd princess is more easy to manipulte but for the sake of the country I don’t think how she would be so mutch better that Ortashia.


  3. That’s the most foolish decision I’ve ever read, they’re like the north Korean government… 😑


  4. They’re in a state of war. And yet they want to kill the only one who can defend the country. Aren’t they too stupid fot their post?


  5. What’s wrong with having an empress well versed in war. Considering the period the story is set in, royalty should be required to be able to lead armies and defend the nation


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