Gacha Girl Corps ch.10

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 10

The reason of wearing helm

“Noru, umm, are you okay?”

“I have calmed down….”

I somehow manage to make the crying Noru stand, and moved from that spot. The Bistros Forest wasn’t a very big forest, so we were able to pass through in afew hours.
She didn’t cry non stop, and soon stopped crying. However, her usual vigor is gone, and she only answers in a monotonous voice when I talk to her.
The sun has set for the day and it was dark already as we camped out, I arranged for me and Noru to be alone for the time being.

“Try not to feel so depressed about it, ‘kay?”

“I am not being depressed……”

She didn’t look at me, and sat in that “hugging your knees” posture while facing away from me. She’s totally throwing a tantrum.

“Come to think of it, though I have wondered about it for the longest time, but why are you so apprehensive about revealing your face?”

“Uuu, I know that I have been ignoring Okura-dono even though you are showing consideration for me. Actually…… I turn “useless” when I expose my face.”

I see, I don’t get it at all. I get it that you don’t want to expose your face, but what the heck do you mean by turning “useless”.

“Hmm, I’d like more details.”

“When I get conscious of the fact that others are looking at my face, I become unable to move my body as I want to. It’s embarrassing. My speech also reverts back to my native way of speaking.”

….So she has social anxiety disorder? It’s pretty bad, if she panics that much just from having her face seen.

Even her way of speaking changes, she’s easily at the level of self-suggestion. Is it the same as getting a change in personality when a person gets on a motorcycle?

“Your native way of speaking is good as it is isn’t it?”

“That’s no good! I lose my identity as a knight that way!”

She finally turned around and responded to me with her usual tone.
However, I think it’s quite a stretch to link her identity to her way of speech. Her native way of speaking was nice and refreshing too.
Just what is she so embarrassed about. There was no such setting written in GC… is this her internal setting? It’s quite a waste to not be able to see her face.


“…Even though you were so cute.”


“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

That was dangerous, I unconsciously said it out. But then, she really was cute.
If this was really implemented, it’s on the level where I wouldn’t have second thoughts about spending all of my savings. This was so my kind of fetish that it’s scary.

“But, I’m glad the person who saw me was Okura-dono.”

“Nn? What do you mean by that.”

What’s this. I’m getting expectations from hearing words with such innuendos.

“Be-because I’m really weird, right? But, Okura-dono isn’t really bothered about it… You just laugh it off.”

Weird huh… it’s kinda hard to say I didn’t think that way. I did think “Who are you?” for a brief moment. But, that was okay in and by itself.
If I saw her talk without her “knightly” speech, I would have had a gut wrenching laugh had I not known her circumstances. But, seeing as she has some shame about her native speech is a good thing. This is what should be acceptable for a maiden.

“Nn~, let’s see. This talk made me want to see it more.” (TN: He refer to her face)

“Th-that’s a little….”

Noru spoke in a troubled voice, and twists her body as she got all fidgety.

“Ah, don’t worry about it. You don’t look like you want to do it, I’m not going to force you either.”


” Uwa!? That hurts! Hey, you fool! Your snot and tears are gonna get on me!?”

She lunged into me who was standing in front of her. She hugged me as she buried her face into my belly, there was liquid flowing out from under her helm.
Isn’t she just letting her snot and tears flow!? More like her helm is digging into me and it really hurts.

“I, I shall follow you for the rest of my life~”

“Have you guys finally calmed down?”

“Ah, yes, somehow. I apologize for all the trouble we have caused.”

“Many apologies for the trouble.”

After getting Noru who was going “Uooooooooh!” to calm down, we returned to where Grin-san and the others are. As for my clothes which are wet because of Noru… Guess I’ll dry them with the campfire.

“Ah, it’s okay it’s okay, Rather we’d want to thank you two instead. You guys really are amazing. To be able to defeat that Cyclops with only two people.”

After we defeated the Cyclops, we brought the client back and safely recovered the carriage too. I’m starting to feel itchy-ish from getting thanked so much by the client and Grin-san.

“It’s not just Fagna-chan, you were also quite the skilled person. You sure pulled a fast one on me.”

“Honestly, that’s not something I’m all too self conscious about…”

Because I was being compared to Noru, it was hard to gauge how well I really fared.
Now that I have checked our status too, I have finally realized that I was abnormal too.

“Is it right for me to assume, that you two will be going to the adventurers’ guild in Suting soon?

The adventurers’ guild in the Royal Capital huh. Honestly I’m not really interested. I’m more interested in the gacha than anything else, so I have yet to gather information of cities besides Brunne.
Seeing that monsters become drop items when they are defeated, it’s pretty obvious this world isn’t normal. There is a need to investigate whether this is the world of GC, or some other world altogether.
If this was the world of GC, event characters might also exist here.

“Mmm, I can’t really say much as of now. Chances are we’ll likely visit Suting once sometime in the future, but whether we make that our base of operations is another thing.”

“Ahh, there’s that. I was kinda hoping you guys would stay in Brunne if possible.”

There are practically no high rank adventurers in Brunne. The highest that I heard of are B-rank.
To the people who live in the city(of Brunne), they would want to keep people with combat ability like us around.

“If it’s the two of you, I’m sure you two can become A-rank adventurers. From what I have heard, sounds like Fagna-chan also has a trump card too? If that’s the case she just might be comparable to the A-rankers I saw in the past.”

“Oh no, you’re giving us way too much credit.”

“That’s fine and all. When you guys become famous someday I’ll be going around bragging about it. It’ll be stories of me being pathetic though.”

“Hahaha” goes Grin-san as he drank some booze.
A-rank huh. It’s not like I have been putting in thought to not stand out. That doesn’t mean I want to stand out either.
The only things in my head are what units or equipment I’ll get from rolling the gacha. But if we get to the higher ranks I can get my hands on all sorts of information, maybe I can consider this…?

After escorting the carriage to the village of Ruberugu, we returned to Brunne after another 2 day walk. On the way back, we were attacked by orcs, but we took care of them easily and made it back without any problems.

“Was it really okay to split the reward with me too?”

“Don’t worry about it. We might not have received the request itself if Grin-san wasn’t with us.”

The reward for the request 100,000 G, and another 20,000 G after selling the drop item from the Cyclops. There’s 3 of us so that’s 40,000 G for each person which was a relief. As I have only ever hunted in a party with Noru, I was a little concerned about how we should split the reward.

“Thanks for taking the request together with me this time, the request would most likely have failed if you guys weren’t around.”

“Nah, I’m glad we could help.”

“Anyways, I think that it’s probably a good idea for you guys to rank-up early.”

“Why so?”

“It helps you avoid annoying problems when stuff happens. You two stand out. When other adventurers come looking for trouble a high rank helps keep them away, no? You can ignore what I just said and think of it as me rambling.”

Trouble with other adventurers huh….. So there’s such things too. We really do stand out just by having Noru around.
This is advice from our senior Grin-san, I’ll keep a mental note about it.

“Oh not at all, thank you for the advice.”

After I gave my thanks, Grin-san walked off while saying “See ya around.”. Hmm, that somehow feels like a really cool way to leave.

“Well then, Noru. Let’s head back too.”


It’s good and all now that we’re back, but the sun has already set. I’m tired from all that walking during the 4 days from the trip and back. I wanna sleep in a fluffy bed soon.
I started walking, towards our usual inn. That inn has really become something like a home to us.

“Nn? Vibration?….. Th-this is!?”

“What’s the matter?”

The moment we started walking home, the smartphone in my pocket vibrated. It’s not like we’re doing anything in particular right now, so what notice is this?
I took the smartphone out and looked at the screen. Then, displayed at the top of the GC frontpage was [UR unit distribution rate double-up campaign].

summon_20170503_83k3tGBF banner

(TN: On this novel, UR = SSR)

Good luck for everyone who rolling for these gachas!


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