One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.8

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The Plot is so intense on this chapter.
Maruto might be a really good guy in here.

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 8

The death of an important person part 2

Ortashia shots mass of winds towards the Fuhren Saint Knight Order who came out from the ambush.
However, since the Fuhren Saint Knight Order was wearing complete equipment forged by using special ores to be able to resist magic attack, Ortashia’s wind magic attacks were dispersed when they hit the big shield. It only inflicted small scratches before being dispersed. Nevertheless, Ortashia did not flinch, she casted stronger wind magic in succession.

[W, what?!]

[It’s the superior magic! Guh]

The big shields of the Fuhren Saint Knights were pierced by several wind like swords, it made holes in their bodies. But, the reinforcements from the Fuhren Saint Knight Order are reappearing one after another. It’s like their number is unlimited. Ortashia held out her hand and tried to cast the same magic again. At that time, there was an electricity spark coming from her hand.

(—— Mou, it’s reaching the limit….)

The Fuhren Saint Knights didn’t overlook the gap on Ortashia, and get closer. She looked painful and strike down her sword. The sound of metal clashing could be heard.

[As expected, the blade won’t pass through it…]

Unlike the Barbarians who were wearing leather armor, the Fuhren Saint Knights were wearing heavy armor. The Fuhren Saint Knights who were watching the scene were composedly smiling and thrust their spears. Ortashia twists her body at the last moment and grabs the spear handle, stabbing her sword into the gap on the mask neck.
After letting out a dying voice, the knight crumbled down. If things keep like this it’ll end on total annihilation, that’s what Ortashia thought with her eyes moving right and left, looking on her surrounding. What should she do to overcome this situation? If she only relies on her overwhelming ability here, they might be barely able to get through it.
However, Ortashia is unable to use the power of wind that many times. There is a limit on the amount of power she can use in a day. She already used too many of her powers for today. She decided to be fighting with her sword while preserving her magic power until she came-up with a breakthrough plan. That girl then takes a glance towards the laying down Maruto.

(——– Maruto…. Please tell me…. What should I do?…..)

The voice of Ortashia pleading for help will never be reaching him anymore. She can’t be always relying on Maruto. First of all, to confirm the movement of the enemy Commander, she sent a glance to Grotts.
Even though he already knows that Ortashia is still able to use her ability, but his face somewhat shows the face of a winner, as if he still has something up on his sleeve. Because of his strange attitude, she is worried and hesitates to use her ability or not.

(——– What is it, what is it that you are aiming for…? But, if I don’t use it anymore…. My troops will be annihilated. It can’t be helped then….)

Through a difficult decision, Ortashia decided to use her power to retreat and to make a path of retreat.

But, there is no wind gathering in her surrounding. If you were unaware about it, there was no sign of the wind that usually followed after her.

To answer Ortasia’s surprised voice, Grotts laughs loudly.

[It seems, Your Highness is gonna end here]

[You… What have you done?]

When she asked him, Grotts sent his gaze towards above the valley. Ortashia following his gaze. Then, noticed there was a big red crystal standing on the valley above.
It was not there a while ago. Grotss explained to Ortashia who knitted her eyebrows.

[We name it “Magic Stone”]

[…. Magic Stone, you said?]

[We were studying weapons to make magic become useless. With this weapon, we can completely make the witches become powerless, it’s possible to exterminate them. It’s a perfect weapon for us the Knights. Your Highness, has become the experiment to test it]

Grotts nods and return his gaze from the magic stone to Ortashia.

[—— Apparently, it seems to be working well. At last, finally we can start hunting the witches with this…. Then, the chat will end here. Your Highness, we’re gonna bid farewell here]

Were they secretly researching something like this? Ortashia frowned and muttered. On her expression, she was being cornered, Grotts is delighted that he is able to kill her which was said to be the strongest person in Ardesil. Instinctively, he loosened his cheeks. He raised his hand to the standing by archers. The aides, surprised on his instruction.

[Co,commander! Are we really gonna kill Her Highness?!]

Grotts naturally took a sidelong glance. The adjutants went pale. Even though Ortashia is cruel, she was still the genuine princess of Ardesil. If they killed her, they can’t help themselves to think they became the rebels.
The Fuhren Saint Knight Order who pledges their loyalty to the Kingdom was ordered to restrain Ortashia and kill Maruto, the leader of the White Wolf Knight Order who might cause a rebellion on this operation. They didn’t receive any further instructions beside that. The archers in the rear were stopped and looking at each others face. Has Grotts become insane? They begin to doubt.

[P, please stop this at once! This is clearly a rebellion! An attempt to kill Her Highness, there is no sane people who will do it!]

[Shut up! This is all for our Kingdom!]

The hand were waved down. The Grotts’s adjutant hesitately signaled it, while he closed his eyes, he saw the other direction. The archers aim were shaken and trembling. They are shaking their body a bit.

[What are you lot doing? This is an order. Shoot! Kill Ortashia!]

Grotts looking on the archers at the rear side, he shout giving the order. But, the archers is unable to let out the arrows from their hand.

(———When the loyalty is too strong it can be a problem….)

Grotts instruction did not change after some time passed. Once again, Grotts hand-up his right hand, He had a reason why he has to kill Ortashia right now. He has definitely swore his loyalty and absolute obedience to the Ardeshil Kingdom from the bottom of his heart more than anyone.
That’s why, right now, it’s necessary to eliminate Ortashia. She is the source of the Kingdom’s calamity. The surrounding countries have grudges against her, if there is a chance, they will surely aim for revenge. Ardesil is already like it is its former-self like before, the Royal Palace unity is scattered apart.
The powerful generals were arguing to support either the second princess Ortashia or the third princess Yuran. If the Queen were to die during this time, it’ll without a doubt, start Civil Wars for the succession of the throne in Ardesil.
If the Civil Wars occurs, it’ll give a chance to the surrounding countries to invade. For that reason, it must be prevented no matter what the cost. As for Grotss himself, he didn’t personally dislike Ortashia that much. For the sake of the people who were supporting Yuran, she must never let be alive.

[To make Yuran as the Queen, I’ll do anything for it]

[Then, at least you can go exile outside the country!]

[There is significance to this, if Ortashia were to die! Otherwise, we will not be able to dispel the other countries grudges!]

When Grotts was still quarreling with his adjutant, Ortashia came out from the formation that the White Wolf Knights made.And unexpectedly, she chuckled, trying to contain her laughter while holding her stomach with both of her hands.

[Fufufufu, Fuhahaha, Ahahaha——–!!! For the country’s sake? For Yuran’s sake? Fufufu…. I can’t stop laughing… When I heard I will be killed for such a reason….]

The Fuhren Saint Knights turned pale when they heard her devilish laugter. In this situation, it’s unlikely that someone could be laughing like her. When some people were thinking that she had gone mad, Ortashia spreads her hands and proclaimed loudly in the valley.

[The Gentleman Knights!! If you want to kill me, do it! Maruto died here! So I am going to do it too! But, let me say this!]

Everyone were listening to Ortashia’s voice, they paid attention. As she continued to speak.

[We are not doing this for Ardesil !! We will die in this place together with Maruto! The long-awaited desire to die on the battlefield! Now, shoot! Ortashia is here!]

The Fuhren Saint Knight’s aides sent their bewildered glance to Grotts. Grotts face is looking stiff. Being taken aback, one archer could not endure his stiffened body due the tension, he accidently slipped the arrow from his finger. It become a trigger, the archers shooting their arrow while shouting one after another.
The first arrow hits the right eyes of Ortashia. She fell down while her body spinned due to the power of arrow. The White Wolf Knights who witnessed her lying down began hurriedly to gather around her, surrounding her in a circle, their shoulders touching with each others, and creating a wall of shields without any gap made. While still holding onto the pain from her right eye, Ortashia was astonished with the appearance of the White Wolf Knights around her. She raised her upper-half body.
(ED note: Technically not even a shotgun slug can make a body rotate so they better be shooting goddamn clubs lol)

[Are you…. all fools?….. Everyone can escape, right now…. If you leave me behind____]

Ortashia’s weakened voice were interrupted by the White Wolf Knights.

[We are honored to fight under Her Highness Ortashia!]

[I agree with you! You are the only one who I want to protect in Ardesil!]

“Don’t say stuff like that” was what they tried to say. They started to tell such words one after another ,up to the last knight , before letting Ortashia speak

[Please for us, and also, for Commander Maruto, you must live through!]

[Why, why you all want to protect me….? Why, won’t you all run away…?]

A female White Wolf Knight who kept up her shield, took a glance while answering her question.

[Commander Maruto has noticed this several days ago! Riru and Mina went to request reinforcement and they will return soon. We will be your shield until then!]

[Why, did you do such things?! Don’t you all want to run away by yourselves!]

The female White Knight Wolf refused it.

[This is the instruction from Commander Maruto. To “Absolutely protect you”]

“That fool”, said Ortashia in a low voice. During that moment, there was the sound of innumerable horseshoes, the sound of horns. Then, they separated into an Assault Formation. After that, Ortashia lost her consciousness.

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    1. Nah. Maruto was intentionally toying with the feelings of multiple women, and that in turn led to the creation of a desperately vulnerable weakness in his army. One that was somehow masterfully manipulated on the field of battle.

      “He was in a place where he never should have been.” Yeah. Exactly. He never should have been in the middle of the fight, it’s not where his strength lay. It makes me think he was a part of the set up. And he had suspicions but never said anything? More manipulation. He’s a guy I can’t trust just from the narration to this point. And if you can’t trust a character, how can you like him as a romance interest?


  1. The saddest thing will be that the new MC will constantly be compared to Maruto (at least if the author is someone who follows logic in their story lines). Not sure what I would be more uncomfortable with. The female cast being hesitant to move their affections towards our MC cuz they constantly remember Maruto, or if they are able to instantly switch over (the former feels bad cuz it starts feelin like NTR, and the latter feels bad cuz it’s unrealistic).

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  3. Even if Maruto isn’t a bad guy in terms of the plot, he’s still a bad guy when you look at his personal life. I mean, building a knight order for commoners sounds great, but why is every single member that we’ve seen a woman? That just stinks of the fact that he was clearly making his own harem under the guise of a knight order, especially with how he blatantly flirts with his knights even on the battlefield. There is just no reason that I can see that would make sense to have only women in a knighthood, with a single male as the commander. AND he was CLEARLY aiming for the princess too. I just can’t see him as anything but a man wallowing in his own desire and using or planning to use all these women as his playthings while he gains more and more prestige and power. Even if he had nothing to do with this plot and ambush, he still had impure motives for the things he did.


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