Gacha Girl Corps ch.14

Sup guys, Raizu is here!

Looks like there is confusion about Estel’s hair and her outfits color on previous chapter.
This is because there is a change from the author when he did the LN. As I am TL-ing the WN, thus the illustration is coming from the LN.

Anyway, don’t worry guys.
Estel is a good girl. 🙂

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 14

Sideline Madness

“Even so, Okura-dono. I didn’t expect for us to return to the inn this quickly.”

“That’s right. I was just summoned too, so I wanted to have a looksie around the city.”

When we entered the room, just like what the receptionist lady said there was a big bed inside the room. It easily has enough space for 2 people to sleep on it.
There was still quite some time before sunset, but we returned to the inn. That’s because there was something we needed to do here.

“Ahh, there is a reason for this. Don’t worry we will be heading out again later.”

I put the magic bag I was carrying on the floor, and take out the contents. In it, were bags of the drop items from the monsters that we hunted, from when we went for our gacha-stone hunt.
Ten bags were stacked in the corner of the room. After returning from hunting, we would bring the day’s worth of items to the Adventurers Association after I sorted them out. We would see the receptionist’s long face when we went there every day.

“J-just what’s with this amount…”

“That’s quite the amount.”

The 2 girls looked perturbed, when they saw the amount. Even I think this is a stupid amount when I have a second look. I was pretty focused on picking up loot when we started hunting, to think there was this much even when I totally stopped picking up loot at some point in.
A Black Orc appears after killing every 25 orcs or so. So if you hunt 50 of them, that means about 1,250 orcs. I stopped picking up the drop items on the fifth day, but we still got around 6,250 fangs. Orc meat was kinda big in size, so I didn’t pick up as much of it. It feels a little wasteful when I think back about it.

“I’m thinking of going to some general store to clear out these items. Also to get clothes and other stuff for Estel while we’re at it.”

“Ara, you’re going to buy clothes for me? That’s nice of you.”

I wouldn’t want to buy her clothes ahead of time without consulting her, and end up getting complaints because of that. I don’t think Estel is as indifferent to clothes as Noru. It’s definitely better to let her choose her own clothes.

“Now, I can’t be taking out the items directly from the bag. So I’m thinking of checking how many items we can physically carry in advance.”

Every other person would be using such a convenient item, if it was in circulation. However, I don’t see other adventurers using them.
So it’s probably a good idea to hide the existence of this bag. It’ll only be trouble if I was asked where I obtained it.

“Umm… So how are you intending to bring the items along?”

“Oh, I’m counting on you for that.”

“So it’s me as I suspectedー!”

As Noru uneasily asked me, I gave her a pat on her shoulder. She let out a groan as she drooped her head, in response to her bad premonition hitting home.
Though I feel bad about “persuading” her into the previous hunt, this is still too much for me to carry by myself.

“Ugogo, I-it’s so heavy…”

“You can do it, keep going~”

“I don’t want your cheering, I’d rather have you help carry this stuff… ”

Noru was putting her back into heaving the items along, while Estel cheered for her on the sidelines. We somehow managed to bring along all of the stuff, and are in the midst of travelling to the general store. Residents walking down the streets are drawn to look at us, as though something has happened. This really stands out.
I’m carrying three of the bags, and as expected these are really heavy. The bags were filled up so much you’d think the contents are going to burst out.
Noru who was lagging behind is carrying 7 of them. She’s a really reliable girl.

“Ara, physical labor doesn’t mix well with me. Well then… I’ll give you some support magic instead.”

Estel waves her staff, and light sprung forth and enveloped our bodies. Then, our bodies welled up with a mysteriously power and we can now carry the bags easily.

“Ooh!? This is amazing!”

“This is awesome, what kind of magic did you use?”

“A magic that raises physical abilities. The duration isn’t very long though, maybe around 10 minutes?”

She giggles as she finds it amusing to watch us, who were fairly surprised.
You know, couldn’t you have used this from the beginning if you had something like this. But man, this magic is convenient. I want to check how much it increases our power by later.

“Are there grades for Magic? Like for example a Beginner level or an Intermediate level.”

When it comes to magic, there’s stuff like Advanced Magic. There’s a romance to shouting ‘Highest Tier Magic Eternal Force!’ when casting it.

“No idea? I don’t know about what types of magic are in this world, but I can change the output of magic that I cast as I see fit. Anything from creating droplets of water to flooding an entire street with water based magic. Want to see me to try it out?”

“Don’t do it, You must absolutely not do it. That’s not what I’m implying you should do.”

“Ara, that’s too bad.”

This girl just let slip such a terrible notion. She sounded awfully flippant about it though. Also, I didn’t hear much of any chanting, maybe she doesn’t need to.
Spell chanting had a really cool image in my head, so that came to be a slight shock to me.

“Oh, welcome~ What will it be today… Hey, what’s with all that of stuff… ”

“Actually, we went out for a little hunt and the items ended up accumulating. I would like to sell it all, will you(the store) be able to buy all of this?”

When we arrived at the usual general shop, and put our luggage on the floor. The shop owner’s face went stiff after he saw the mountain of items.
Anyone would be surprised at seeing someone bring in this many items. I’ll be surprised too.

“What, you mean you want to sell all of this stuff? The contents are… Fangs, clubs, and meat eh? And you said it was a little hunt. Just how many did you hunt.”

“I don’t want to see orcs and goblins for awhile…”

The shop owner rummaged through the bags to check the contents. This really isn’t what you would call ‘a little’.
Noru gave a reply filled with grief, towards his mutterings. That alone was enough to tell just how much was hunted, and the shop owner had no words to return for that.

“Sorry, but I’m not able to buy all of this. The most I can afford would be 1 bags worth. I won’t be able to prepare the enough gold for all of this, additionally I won’t be able to buy stuff off other adventurers for awhile if I buy the more than that(1 bags worth).”

“Is that so…”

After he finished checking 1 bag, he said that it is impossible to buy more than 1 bags worth. As expected there really is too much to sell… This is totally excessive supply.
I wouldn’t want to buy the grudges of other adventurers because of this too. It would be bad too if this caused the number of adventurers in Brunne to drop lower than it already is.

“Since you fellas can hunt this much, why don’t you head over to Suting?”

“To Suting?”

So we should go to Imperial Capital huh. This might be a good opportunity for us to have a look at the other towns or cities.

“I’m sure you lot will have no problems getting into the Labyrinth in Suting too. There are also more shops that can afford to buy your items over there.”

“A Labyrinth?”

“Did not you know? It is this cave-like place where monsters spawn, and the monsters there drop unusual drop items. This here is one of them items which found its way here recently.”

“T-This is…”

What the shop owner showed us, was a set pajamas that has a cat pattern. Oi, why’s there something like this here. I wonder if there are cats in this world.
It feels weird for a monster to drop such an item. I wouldn’t want to wear something like this too… But, this Labyrinth place where drops items like this can be found got me a little interested.

“Ara, that’s cute.”

” I agree. It also looks easy to change into when you go to bed.”

The two girls seem to like this. What, does this mean my sense is weird? You two do know it’s a drop item from a monster right?

“So the monsters drop this kind of stuff?”

“Yeah, it seems they drop a variety of other things too. However, it is said that even B-rank adventurers struggle there. But well, since you fellas are able enough to beat a Cyclops, you lot might just be able to manage.”

Even B-rankers struggle huh. Maybe I should go after increasing the party’s overall combat potential…?
However now that the Magician Estel has joined us, we might just be able to handle it. For now, I can begin to consider whether to go to the Imperial Capital Suting or not sometime soon.

“Well… I’ll think about it.”

I sell 1 bag, and receive the 750,000 G for the the items. …We really did hunt like idiots back then.
After which I bought clothes, which included the monster-dropped pajamas, for Estel and Noru.
Here I am thinking ‘Are you two really okay with this?’, but they both looked really happy so I decided to not probe too much.

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  3. The protagonist seems to be the type that “creates imaginary problems out of thin air”/”unnecessarily overcautious”, but it is in tolerable range since it doesn’t happen too often and without major consequences.
    Here follows my partly offtopic rant:
    Compared with endless frustration of Apocalypse Summoner where at least every second setback happens due to mc’s idiocy, Gacha Girl Corps reads like a breeze. At least here hundreds of thousands and even millions people don’t die because of mc’s indecisiveness, arrogance, hypocricy and overall idiocy.


  4. If mc merges same unit cards like he does with equipment resulting unit not only should be double all stats and stronger skill, but also double stat increase with each level up after merging. After all the system which punishes merging not maxed level units with lower stats is only good for games, in real world it would be stupid and frustrating. Or at least merged unit should have separate levels bar for each merging, like having multiple classes, but instead multiple of the same class with stats from each one adding together.


      1. The system of slave harem is better because author did a good job of avoiding stats numbers and only made stats as medium/small etc. increase in stat with each level. The system manages to be more descriptive and easier to understand than stats in numbers because we clearly know from the get go the specialization of the job when it says medium this small that. If the same system was applied here and in growth cheat both novels would improve.


      2. Like having a medium attack on a weapon and after merging you can simply write medium attack(x2,x3,x4 etc.) with each x5 of the lower tier turning into x1 of higher tier just like abacus. Miniscule, Small, Medium, Great, Maximum. 5 tiers would be enough for 1000 chaprers with the pace of the novel.


  5. I just finished reading chapter 118 and current development is worrying me. If a character that supports the story and moves it along keeps losing altitude the whole story will crash sooner or later.
    It is still in the air, for now at least.


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