Return of The Former Hero ch.92

Finally, after a month.
Let me summary the chapters so far:

The MC is broke, so he and his harem joined a race. MC teamed-up with big-breasted local girl, Kagura. While his harem formed their own teams. Now, they are against each others on different teams on this race.

And as usual, the MC pervertness is appear whenever he get a chance. 😀

Anyway, enjoy~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: BlackSwordman


Chapter 92. Former Hero. Lost on the puzzle ahead. 

Kagura and I passed the first island in the top lead, and we’re arriving at the second island now.

The second island is located near from the first island as the next target, so I went on and started carrying Kagura-san princess-style.

I wonder, is the distance here around 300 meters?
Even though I jump with all my might to show my awesomeness to Kagura-san, she only said [Ugyaaaa!] instead receiving an [I love it! Please hug me!] response from Kagura-san. It’s improper for a girl to scream like that, you know.

It’s like her life will be taken away.

Moreover, I can still keep on jumping with at full power to reach the neighboring island,
but I have decided to land nearly on the level of the surface of the sea.

There’s no reason in doing that other than me wanting to see the hills of Kagura-san’s bikini again when she’s dried-up. I want to pay respect to the cherry blossom.

Splash! The sea surface splashed up because we went down at full speed. Kagura-san, who drank a little seawater, protested to me.

I was hoping that her swimsuit will be fall-off by chance because of the impact from the splashdown earlier, but it seems it’s not that easy.


In the end, what I did just lowered Kagura-san’s view towards me instead of raising it to favorable levels by showing my amazing-self to her, but I don’t regret my action earlier at all.

You see, it’s because the swimsuit is clinging more tightly to her breast thanks to it. What a smooth skin.
Also, there’s something pink showing up on it’s tip.
My motivation is soaring with this combination.

Let me say it again.

I didn’t have any regret doing it!

That’s all.

[What is the name of the King of Elize Kingdom?]

Right now, I am standing with an unpredictable despair.

The main challenge in the second island is a labyrinth and a quiz.

The labyrinth is still alright.
I will be able to understand the surrounding structure by using Search magic even if there’s no sense of direction.

I don’t understand nor do I remember our path to reach the goal, but we were able to avoid dead ends. There’s also no problem when choosing the correct road to get through.

But the quiz is bad.

As bad as if we’re getting checkmated.

I don’t know anything at all with regards to the history of this world.


I sent a glance to Kagura-san, who is a native of this world, as the last hope.

[Nn~… Nope, I don’t know it either.]

Aren’t you the resident of this country?!

You should be aware of it!
At least you should be aware the name of your King!

I curse inside my heart.

But, it can’t be helped if she doesn’t know about it.

If you are suddenly asked something about the history of Japan, I might not know about it to be honest.
My compulsory education is only until grade-school after all.

The name of the King looks like something that’s learned during elementary school.

[Timeout. No.124 please find another passage or wait here for 10 minutes.]

What the heck is that?

Although there are other passageways, isn’t it more realistic to wait for 10 minutes?

Afterwards, I also don’t know the answer to this question, [What is the special marine product of Angel during Autumn?].

It can’t be helped because I don’t know.

But for Kagura-san
You! Setting the king’s name aside, you don’t even know the special product of this town even though you lived here?

Plea,please be more useful……

Is this quiz is too high of a hurdle for a hikkikomori like her?

And then, we received another 10 minutes of waiting.

Even though other participants have yet to show up from this passage, I can feel that their numbers in this labyrinth is increasing, so we must hurry up.

Mou! Is there someone who went ahead of us?
It’s hard to tell since we’re inside the labyrinth.

Also, we will never get a correct answer in the quiz.

Uwaa… That’s possible….

I heard a cute voice that time from the passage behind us, so I turned around.

[Celes, Tanya…]

It was Celes and Tanya who were behind us.
It seems they have caught-up with us.

[Yo, se-chan. Can you finally catch-up?]

The female pervert greet them without any sense of crisis.

Kagura-san called Celes as Se-chan.
As for Tanya, she calls her Ta-nyan.

Putting Celes aside, I don’t know if Tanya is somehow getting excited whenever I call her Ta-nyan.

When a tsundere is angry, she will at least be blushing and will become adorable. But for her, she is giving of a real wild excitement instead.

[A, hello. Onii-san, Onee-san, what’s wrong? Why you two are staying in the place like this?]
[Well, what should I say… The quiz….]
[Quiz… Ah…]

When I mentioned quiz, Celes seemed to notice something.

Well well?
Celes-chan, just now, did you noticed it?

I think your guess is correct.

When I am still talking with Celes, Kagura-san is chatting with Tanya and is going [Eh! Are you really Ta-nyan? Uwa, It’s so big! Your breast are so big!]. I heard a reaction of an old-man from that conversation.

Come to think about it, did you don’t know that Tanya can transform into a bigger form?

You noticed her breast first.
What did you initially see?

No, it’s certainly standing-out.
I did it too.

Also, yours is as big as hers.

I want to bury myself in between three girls’, Tanya, Rithina, and Kagura-san, breasts.
I’m sure it’ll feel amazing buried in those.

It’s like the Alpen mountain in another world.

I want to climb those mountain. Why would I won’t climb it?

After that, we’re staying behind when Celes and Tanya challenge the quiz.

Mou, It won’t do if I don’t understand the subject even if I know it. Celes easily answers it and they are allowed to pass through ahead.

[Etto… We’re going first.]

Celes say it while feeling apologetic, and disappear in the passageway ahead.

Tanya exhales [Ha!] and looking down on us when she passes by, which made me irritated.

How much should I receive this disdain with that [Ha] thing?

You didn’t even answer it!

Why are you looking like you’re the one who answered it!?


It’s still helpless no matter how hard I’m thinking about it.

This race is a two-person team.

Celes is the brain and Tanya is the rest.

It’s my fault for getting attracted with the breast, which lead me to pair-up with this female pervert.

No, there is no regret because I can worship that wet-looking breast. There is no regret!

… I feel a little bit empty.

After we made one wrong answer, the next question appears asking [What is the effect of medicine created from the Orc?]. I then answered [Energy drug!] in high spirits. We can finally pass through with this.

We did it.

The thing I know ever since I came to this world is not useless.

Thank you Orc.
Thank you energy drug.

[As expected from Haru-kun, it’s the same just like what everyone said.]

Kagura-san praised me.

Are you really praising me?

Somehow I don’t feel like I am being praised, am I?

More importantly, did someone among us told you about it?

I don’t have any reason to deny it. I’m not ashamed at all. No need to be embarrassed.

That’s why, I swore in my mind to prove my dignified-self in everyone’s image tonight.

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  2. …she means that the girls meant that he was ecchi so it was natural that he new that orcs were used for that type of energy drink… Poor him he thinks she’s praising him, lmao


    1. Quote (spoiler) from Web Novel “The Death Mage that doesn’t want a fourth time” end of chapter 21 ;

      Name: Bugogan
      Rank: 7
      Race: Noble Orc
      Level: 100
      Passive skills:
      Superhuman Strength: Level 4
      Endless Sexual Stamina: Level 3
      Lower Race Domination: Level 3

      No wonder Orc could become Energy Drink. Lol


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