One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.9

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 9

The death of an important person 3

In the direction where the shouts were uttered, there were multiple flags with an embroidery of a white wolf over black color, the dust storm raised-up, they were advancing straight to us. Judging from the speed, it was a charge attack formation. Grotts’s soldiers flinched when they saw the reinforcements, and the commander of the White Wolf Knights took the chance to throw their shield which was full of arrows, raised their swords and shouted their battle cry.

[Alright! Now! White Wolf Knight Order, chargeeeee———-!!!]
[[[White Wolf Knight Order, banzai—–i !!!]

The commanders opened a way for Ortashia to survive. They approached and slashed their swords right to left towards their enemies like a wolf. The Fuhren Saint Knight Orders were pushed by the momentum, step by step. The surrounded White Wolf Knights were rushing towards the reinforcements through the enemy collapsed formation. The enemy encirclement was completely broken.

However, the number of reinforcements are too few. The White Wolf Knights aimed at the stunned enemy formations due to the cavalry charge attack, Riru and Mina picked-up the lying down Ortashia from their fellow White Wolf Knights, then they kicked their horse belly quickly, and dashed out from the battlefield. The other cavalryman begins to move following them and then scattered in other directions to disturb the enemy pursuit. The remaining knights were to become the rear units. Grotts who was stunned due to the event, was dumbfounded at the breakthrough power and swift action. His self loathing began to swell, and he punched his knee afterwards

[Shit ! ! ! We are done for!! Eei, begin to pursuit ! ! ! Go after them ! ! ! Mobilize all the Saint Knights! Don’t let them go ! Until you can take Ortashia’s head, don’t ever return!]

Grotts’s adjutants nodded and were puzzled about it.


Several hours later, the shocking report regarding Ortashia’s assassination received by Runatitas which was waiting for the information in the Imperial Capital Ruen at night. Was surprised and questioned the report.

[What, did you say?]

The knight who came to report was hanging down his head and sweating cold sweat.

[….Ortashia…. Failed to be killed]

Runititas who succumbed to madness, his rage swelling up. The middle of his forehead wrinkled and anger appeared in his eyes. He poured the wine into his cup to calm down his feelings. After pouring it in his throat in a dash, he slapped down the cup in the table. The knight twitched due to the impact sound. Runititas standed-up from his chair and breathed out emanating the smell of liquor from his breath. He looked down the street in the Imperial Capital which was visible from the windows on his room.

(—— Grotts…. To make such a blunder…. Well then, what should I do?)

If it was left out like this, it’s gonna be dangerous. If the news that the Fuhren Saint Knights Order were attacking the White Wolf Knights Order leaked out, it’ll be understood that Runititas is the one who ordered the Fuhren Saint Knight Order. I have noticed that Maruto has been investigating me for a long time. It’ll be certain, he must have passed some evidences to Ortashia by some methods, to push me out. If that has happened, I’ll be executed for treason. Runatitas imagines himself being done in the execution stand, he rubbed his neck with his hand. From here on, Runititas thought how to get advantage for himself? The method to accuse Ortashia is floating first. After she killed Maruto, she escaped. I can tell the ministers that.

But, then, when Ortashia returned alive, the plot will be revealed at once. Towards the groaning Runititas, the knight asked timidly.

[…. What should we do?

Also, the current situation is confirmed.

[Is this information is spreading in Imperial Capital yet?]

[Not yet]

Runititas put his hand on the chin and began to ponder. From here on. Before Ortashia returned, I must put that Yunan girl as the new Queen.

And, if I can make use of the authority under the name of Yunan, she can be done in with something later. Moreover, it’s the right timing at the moment, the supporting group on Ortashia’s faction is only the White Wolf Knight Order. The White Wolf Knight Order has fallen into disorder because of the absence of Maruto. I can strengthen the power of the Starry Sky Church and disband the White Wolf Knight Order because of being suspected of being an heretic group. In order to expand the power of the Starry Sky Church, it’s necessary to do something to the obstructive ministers. Runititas nodded with the idea and smiling.

[Tomorrow, I want you to call the ministers to my villa]

[Why do you want to call them?]

That’s reasonable to question about , but he waves his hand. The knight stood-up and then with a dubious expression went out from the room. Runititas confirmed that the footsteps became distant, and then leaked his plan out.

[First, I need to solidify the inside, right….]

He called the bald headed man who was standing by in the corner of the room, and ordered him.

[Prepare 30 private soldiers in the villa. Make sure they are not going out until there is a signal]


A reply without any feeling. When the man almost went out from the room, Runititas added something.

[Make sure to come from the back entrance. Also, conceal your sword somewhere]


[You understand? Should I repeat it again?]

The man inclines his head while Runititas was being worried, then he shakes his hand and urge the man to go quickly.

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