One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.11

There is some explanation about God and Goddess on this chapter.
It’s kinda give me Eushully-vibe, especially from their game Ikusa Megami series.

Oh yeah, I should update the ToC later. m(_ _)m

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 11

In the Darkness of the Night 2

In the forest wrapped by the darkness, there is a flash of light being released.

The birds which were standing in the trees became surprised and flew away altogether.

The Great Knight Grotts from the Fuhren Saint Knights, who had come to kill the lumberjack boy Shingen, and Ortashia, were in the middle of fighting.

Grotts was astonished on what was happening in front of him.

When he focused on his opponent with whom he is clashing swords with. Grotts felt an uncomfortable feeling when he received a clash from the sword which is being used by Shingen.

A heartbeat like pulsing sensation was being transmitted to his hand.

It’s not from Shingen. It’s transmitted from his katana. There is sweat dripping from Grotts’s cheeks, he wrinkled his brows.

[… That katana… Is there something on it?]

Shingen smiled broadly when he heard it, he shows off his katana which was wrapped by electricity.

[Yeah, this guy is alive—-]

Suddenly, when I cast my view on the katana, I felt like I began talking with someone.

[W, what is this? Ah, I see, lightning katana. Do you think it’s a fake?”

Grotts was surprised on the appearance of the talking katana.

(—— You’re really talking….)

Shingen shows smiling face which is not suitable when pointing a sword at someone.

[W-what, you say you are gonna be killing me with that lightning katana? I’m not pleased with that]

The electricity sparked from the katana as if answering him.

[How, mysterious…]

Grotts stared at him like seeing something weird.

[To have such katana… As I though it’s still heresy]

[Don’t treat everything as heresy] (ED Note: He remembers me more and more to an wh40k commissar)

Shingen answered while displaying a wry smile. He can become like that because of this power.

Grotts sets-up his sword with fighting spirit. As expected from a Knight. Even if he witnessed such a strange weapon, he is able change his stance at once, to properly be fighting it.

The Knight always did severe training until vomiting blood many times, only the person who passed the examination is permitted to become one. The Knight Order who is dispatched to the outside, is often fighting against many powerful monsters.

He also has ran through many battlefields, has fought against many monsters as well. He also learned various things from the history book and old documents that circulated on the Yuriado Continent.

Grotts remembered something called “Divine Sword” which were beings made by Gods. Why does Shingen have something like that? He takes a glance at his katana while thinking about it.

However, the weapon called “Divine Swords” are few in numbers.

War Goddess Ristia who governs over victory and glory and War Goddess Minerva who uses “The sword of Leginus”. The Fury Goddess Abarude who govern chaos and destruction, uses “Crystal Spear”. That’s all of them.

Shingen’s weapon is neither a sword nor a spear.

Does it mean—–

(—– It was recently created?)

As for Divine Swords, only the God’s chosen person can use it.

Then, does it mean that Shingen is an existence chosen by God?

The word Heresy which I kept saying a while ago, isn’t me who is opposing against the God?

He feels shaken because of that.

But, that’s foolish, Grotts started trying to deny it.

Anyway, I should kill the enemy in front me on me. I’ll do the investigation later, that’s what Grotss thought.

Moreover, Ardesil’s Fuhren Saint Knight Order belongs to Goddess Sutifa, who governs over the blessings and the guide of the starlight.

Only toward Goddess Stifa, we should believe.

[I’ll only believe on Goddess of Starlight Stifa. Other than that…]

When he thought he was gonna say heresy, Grotts closed his mouth, he feared he would receive divine punishment by blaspheming other Gods.

It became complex feeling for him.

I’m starting to hesitate. Wavering is fatal. For the sake of pulling himself together, Grotts was wearing a severe face and recited the name of Starlight Goddess.

[Starlight Goddess Stifa, please lead me!]

Grotts took his stance in front of me. This is a knight’s stance. After that, he noticed the movements. Shingen realized the incoming thrusting attack. He drops his waist and prepare his katana.

At that moment, Grotts as expected, rushes vigorously, and takes a thrust stance with his sword.

Shingen twists his body to avoid it.

Next, repelling it off with his katana. Grotts leaking an admiration voice for that movement.
After that, parried it away horizontally with his sword. Grotts uttered an admiration sound towards such a graceful moves.

[But! How about this!!]

He turned his right arm over the head to take advantage of the recoil reaction, and separated his hand from the handle.

I grasped the timing of the flashing down sword with my left hand, and changed it.

Shingen was surprised with this action. He didn’t expect the sword coming from the left side.

[Hahaha!!! I got you——!!!!]

Thinking that he will win, he tried to slash down the sword from the left side with his left hand.

The moment the sword was gonna reach him, a spark was just released. Grotts who received the blinding direct spark attack backed away.

[Guu… You… Coward…!]

Shingen moves forward to counterattack the blinded Grotts. He lowered his katana. Grotts prevented it while shutting both eyes and relying only on his sense.

[As expected, you’re indeed a Knight]

The downward swung katana approaches heavily..

Perceiving the raising of his center of mass. Grotts pushes back Shingen.

Using this interval, he moved to grip Shingen’s wrist. He was thinking of sealing his movement with this.

However, at that moment, electricity was spreading to Grotts body from his hand.

[Wh, what? …… I’ve become paralyzed…]

[It’s because you’re touching me]

[You… Who are you…?]

[I don’t feel a need to answer your question. You’re just a scrap of garbage]

Shingen raised his hand and tried to slash down from over his head toward Grotts, who is unable to move his body due to the paralysis.

But, a woman voice stopped it.

7 thoughts on “One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.11

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Polytheism, but the church only worship one of the gods and deny the others?


    1. I think it’s more like each god(s) have their own church/religion.
      And you know, their followers is kinda like “My God > Your God”. :X


  2. Very confusing POV in this chapter.
    Who is speaking when using “I”? It seems to be Grotts, but him and Shingen are mostly referred as “he”.


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