One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.13

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Blackswordman

Chapter 13

General Ortashia

Riru and Mina faces turned pale when they saw what Shingen did. Are you serious? They were staring at him.

It’s because of what that guy did.

Ortashia is the General of Ardesil and moreover, she is the Second Princess.

No one is allowed to freely touch the Royal Family without having a high position.

Furthermore, she extremely dislikes being touched without permission. Especially from the opposite sex.

For the first time, Maruto is the only man that is allowed to touch her. And except him, the neck of any other man will fall to the ground if they touch her.

Ortashia and Shingen, which is only separated by a distance of five breaths, stares at each other.

The distance of those two people is so close that Ortashia’s lips, pupil and brown hair are shining in the moonlight.

More than anything, her face is beautiful.

Shingen thought that she is a very beautiful girl.

I’m amazed at myself for thinking that way at a time like this.

Then, I have recalled and confirmed her name.

[… Wait a minute. Did you say Ortashia just a moment ago…?]

[What about it?]

She watched him with her blue eyes full of authority and then responded in an angry voice

Shingen stopped staring at her, and he arranged the information inside his head after blinking several times.

(—— If so, isn’t she a general who also turns out to be Her Highness the Princess? Eh? … Just now, am I grabbing the princess’ hands? —–)

Shingen was startled and separated his hand immediately.

He had finally noticed what he just did.

I became the object of her wrath and my face stiffened.

Even though Shingen lived in a rural village, he knows the name of Ortashia.

“The Strongest and the Unparalleled Cruel General in Humanity”

There will always be a storm of one-sided slaughter happening in the battlefield where she walks into. A young man who had been drafted from the village said it while he shooked his body minutely at the bar

That Ortashia is now in front of him.

Her figure is totally different from my imagination.

I somehow want to complain about it.

No, I don’t know. Ortashia’s eyebrow moved.

[Only Maruto and a woman that I can trust is allowed to touch me…. But you… touched this Ortashia?]

[No, wait a minute. Weren’t you bandaged just a moment ago?!]

[That issue is different—- But, this is this]

Something cold touched his neck and he timidly looked at it.

The blade of the slender sword is placed at his neck. It shines brightly due to the moonlight.

Singen was completely unaware of it. His cold sweat overflows. Ortashia then narrows her eyes.

[—– Do you understand the meaning of hurting my feelings?]

[What do you exactly mean by it? I don’t understand… Ahahaha…]

Shingen understands that he is being questioned, but he pretends to dodge it while showing a wry smile.

He is thinking about how he can run away from this situation.

But even when he was still thinking of that, Ortashia returns back her gaze from Shingen to Grotts.

Shingen slowly releases a breath of relief. Ortashia seems to hesitate about something and she clicks her tongue. She looks at the sky and mutters.

[There is no time left, eh?]

She seems cautious about the new pursuers.

At the moment, she can’t use her power of the wind due to the current state of her body.

Riru and Mina, who are guarding her, are the only two war potentials present.

They are comrade-in-arms who have been with her for a long time since their first campaign, and they are definitely good knights who have even survived a tough fight.

Therefore, Ortashia can trust them since both of them are supporting her.

However, the opponent is Fuhren’s Saint Knight Order.

The number of that Knight Order is around 10,000.

If one combines the number of Knight Orders all over the world, the number will rise up to 100 000.

That was impossible as expected. The only one who can fight against them is the Knight Order in Ardesil.

There is also dozens of Grotts’s subordinates too.

The number is unbearable when I think about it.

What can we do now is to secure war potential.

Ortashia alternately looks at Shingen and his sword that was charged with electricity. She is interested in Shingen’s power.

(—— I was thinking of killing this fellow here… but I don’t know if it’s possible to use it or not)

At least it’s possible to cooperate with Shingen.

It’s better than nothing. Ortashia is being cornered because she doesn’t have any surplus.

Anger begins to rise again when she looks down at Grotts on her feet.

Just by looking at his face, she is getting the urge to cut him and take revenge inside her mind.

After a brief hesitation, Ortashia, who was going to kill him, suddenly stops and calms down.

Ortashia needs to know who her enemy is.

Even though Fuhren’s Saint Knight Order moves by the order of the Queen, the current Queen is unable to speak at the moment.

Then, who is the one who moving the Fuhren’s Saint Knight Order? I want to know that.

After I have understood them, it’ll be possible to plan it in the future if when we make a move.

Torture is the fastest way to get information from a firm knight.

(—– Torture seems not bad either…)

Ortashia calls out the name of her two faithful subordinates.

[Riru, Mina. Torture him]

Torture who? Mina who following the flow looks at the boy with a gaze of sympathy.

[Is it, Shingen…?]

Shingen took a breath and stiffened his body. Ortacia shakes her head.

[No. It’s Grotts. There is something that I want to ask this fellow. The effect of numbness will wearing off soon]

Grotts distorts his face to resist the pain and he leaks out a groan. Ortashia then instructs Riru and Mina to take him back to the hut with her chin.

Both of them sheathes back their swords, drags Grotts as instructed, and moves to the hut.

Ortashia is also beginning to move back to the hut.

Singen was relieved that his crisis has gone and strokes his chest.

But, Ortashia didn’t forget what he had done. She turns around and stops the tip of her sword in front of his nose.

[The next time you touch me, I’ll cut off your fingers one by one]

[I, I understand… I’ll engrave it in my mind]

After reaching agreement, Ortashia reverts back her gaze while laughing on her nose. She has shown her back to Shingen and says it in a small voice.

[Please treat me…]

[I said, please treat me! Did you not hear it!]

No, aren’t you contradicting yourself? Even though Shingen was going to Tsukkomi in, it seems that she can only rely on me apparently due to the situation right now.

While scratching my black hair, I then respond to her.

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