One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.12

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Chapter 12
In the Darkness of Night 3

[Don’t kill him!!]

Shingen had been surprised after being stopped by an unexpected person and turned around to to the person that the voice originated from.

To help the person who is aiming at her life, Riru is showing a dubious face, raises her voice and questions the woman who has wrapped her face with bandages.

[W,why stop it?! This bastard is the one who killed Leader Maruto!!]

[I know…]

[Then why Your Highness Ortashia!?]

Riru who became emotional does not understand the reason why Ortacia stopped it. Her head is already in a state of confusion.

I suddenly raised my voice against my superior. Mina also didn’t understand her action.

She stares at the woman who has wrapped her face with bandages while knitting her eyebrow.

She leans against the door of the hut and glares at Grotts filled with hatred while she’s being stared at by the three people.

She bites her lips, and bares her white fangs.

[I won’t let this fellow die so easily… I want to make him taste the ultimate pain and the hell of death… with my own hands…]

Grotts, who is being glared, hears what Ortashia have said. He shudders because he have remembered her personality and why she is being called the Cruel General.

When he looks at his surroundings, his 30 knights have already been knocked down.

After realizing that there is only his own self right now, Grotts thinks of escaping, but his body is still numb and unable to move.

He moves his legs desperately, but he immediately lost his balance and ends up falling.

His appearance is miserable and he’s unworthy of being called a Knight because of his fear.

However, he has no way out.

It’s because Grotts fully understands the personality of Ortashia.

She is famous to return humiliation ten or twenty times more whenever she receives it. She will carry out the revenge with all kinds of torture.

Ortashia separates her hand from the door of the hut and goes out ahead with a single step.

She still has a high fever and the headache rather makes her head feel like splitting.

Her vision is distorted, and she’s unable to move her feet the way she expects it to.

She tips her balance and puts both of her hands on the ground. Riru and Mina rush to her and try to lend her a hand but she refuses it.

While having an angry expression, Ortacia stands up, pulls out the thin sword from her waist and points it towards Groetus. She slowly moves step by step closer to him.

Even though Grotts is trying to persuade Ortashia, it’s impossible to beg for his life.

[Pa-paralysis! Wait… I am not the bad person!!! I. I did it for the sake of this country!]

He is speaking inarticulately because of the numbness and he’s just desperately making an excuse.

But, that kind of excuse won’t pass against her.

This girl doesn’t have benevolence nor sympathy. There’s only murderous intention and there’s nothing inside her except hatred and even more hatred.

[—- Maruto was killed in front of me, and I can’t do anything about it…]

Even though he tried to persuade her, all he did was just throwing oil into the flame. As a result, her face became even more grim and enraged than before.

And then, Ortashia, who stood in front of Groetus, looked down on him with eyes showing that she is still thinking on what she should do to him.

Her face is exactly that of a Demon King.

The color of her pupils are completely black while it’s releasing an intense amount of bloodthirst.

Grotts is trying to make an excuse once again, but he is being struck down by the sword on her hands.

Grotts falls down on his back and makes a crawling pose.

He tries to crawl away from her immediately. At the same time, Ortashia’s eyes glitters.

She stabs the back of his knee without any hesitation with the sword on her right hand.

A scream occurred in the forest.

Ortacia moves her sword, which was stabbed in the back of his knee, to the left and to the right as if she’s trying to gouge it out.

A deep scream of a man rose every time she did it.

The moment she pulls out the sword that pierced Grotts, he crouches and holds his right leg that was gouged out.

After that, Ortashia tramples down Grotts’ left shoulder to look at his pained face.

[How is it? Does it hurt? —- This is just the beginning]

Ortashia is showing a devilish smile. Grotts is opening his mouth while trying to say something.

Before it happened, she tramples down on his face with her foot.

[What? I can’t hear you?]

She puts her hand on her ear and inclines down as if she wants to hear him out.

Grotts totally succumbs to fear. After Ortashia steps back her foot while smiling, she brings out a thin sword close to his eyeballs and shows it off.

[… Do you remember this sword?]

Grotts answers her question with small voice while his lips are shaking. That’s “Carus”.

[Yes. This is Maruto’s beloved sword. It can’t be helped since Carus want to take revenge for his master…]

She gently pats the blade of Carus with a light voice of town girl who is choosing goods in a store.

[Well then, what will you do? Is the left leg next? Or is it the right arm? Or maybe the left arm?]

Since there’s no answer and he is only shaking his head on her question, Ortashia slowly pierces his left arm.

[It’s so easy to pierce through. Carus is really… It’s because he like it…]

Riru and Mina, who were looking at the distance, felt terror towards the cruel actions of Ortashia.

They felt relieved that she is not their enemy.

Similarly to the left arm, the armor of Grotts is dyed red as the flesh is being moved as if to scrape the meat.

When she is about to stab his right hand, the black-haired boy grips Ortashia’s hand.

[Stop it! It’s already enough!]

Ortashia glares at the boy with a furious face.

When she turns around, her eyes seems to have hyperemia. The temporary bandage that I have just changed earlier is oozing out from the bleeding around the right eye. The wound might have opened.

There is also something else that is dripping is being mixed in the blood on her cheeks. For Shingen, it looks like tears of blood.

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