A random rant for this week. (22 July 2017)

Thanks for all of your supports~
Please keep supporting me so I can deliver more stuffs to you all! 😀

This post gonna filled with my random rants, feel free to read or to ignore it.

BUT, if you want to see the new update for Amayui and Reigokai (The translator of Tsuki ga Michibiku)’s new project. You should read it till end. :p

1. Amayui’s translaion progress is progressing well. We got additional members to join our team. One translator and one TLC/editor. Yay!

In the another note, Eushully just announced that they will release AP03. Guess what? It contain a new character and various updates!


Yes, she is “might be” Yuela from Kamidori.

The other updates within the AP03 is:
18 new maps, 60 new items, 40 new enemies, A new facility formation, Additional 2 new story, and new placement area in guarakuna. 

Heck, that’s a lot of updates! We will do our best! >:3



2. Some of you might already know about Reigokai’s new project.

Yes, our favorite translator just pick-up a new project after Tsuki ga Michibiku chapter has been catch-up with the raws. I was surprised that I am being mentioned on his announcement post.

When he was asked for suggestion, I offered him several titles. One of them is “World Reformation activities of the Dark God”. Regarding this title, I’d like to promote it a bit.


This novel is interesting. The comedy and the plot is equal in amount.
The story pace is also developing well. Some of you might gonna saying that the story pace is slow, but please wait. It’ll getting more good along the chapter goes. I already lost count how many times I laughed on the comedy of this novel and how I wanna know what will happen on the next chapter. Before I noticed it, I’m already reaching chapter 130. *cough*


The MC itself have similar vibe like Makoto (Tsuki ga Michibiku). Even though he was surrounded by the heroines, it’s still able to not devolved into bad harem genre yet. The heroines have their unique personality, which you might gonna enjoy their story-building scenes, especially the interaction between MC and the heroines when the plot is coming one after another.


Back then, I have considered to pick-up this title before I decided to pick-up One-Eyed Female General. But well, I’m hesitate to do it because this novel has 300+ chapters with regular update up till now. I seriously don’t want to drop it in middle of story, especially since I’m also working for various projects atm too. orz

Anyway, I honestly think that it’ll be a waste if this gems will never shine to the world and become dust in syosetu.  Thus, I’m glad Reigokai willing to pick this up and commit to finish it until end.

Yeah, I guess that’s all of my rant. Thanks for read it. XD



3. I’m sure some of you noticed the PlayAsia on the right-side menu.

If you need Stream giftcard, or got urge to buy GooglePlay card to roll the gacha, please use those links and buy it on playasia. It will be win-win solution for everyone! Thanks in advance.


4 thoughts on “A random rant for this week. (22 July 2017)

  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Yeah, I’m glad Reigokai pick it, the plot seems fresh and he seems enjoy it…
    Waiting for it’s release…


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