One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.14

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 14
General Ortashia 2

Ortashia, as far as i know, returned to thinking of torture methods for Grotts
The torture that she thought of, was strictly forbidden by the laws of Ardesil because it was too cruel.

Ortashia whispers about the various repulsive tortures that she will do in the ear of Grotts. After listening to it, Grotts began screaming like a dog and vomited all kinds of information.

I was completely amazed by it, Ortashia also shrugged her shoulders.

In the first place, even though he answered honestly, I doubt that Ortashia will forgive him.

Next to the room from where the screams arise, Shingen was grinding medicinal herbs to make an ointment inside the hut.

After the ointment was applied to the patch, he called Ortashia.

Shingen was well-informed on how treat injuries and cured it because he has been living alone by himself. Because this place is only a rural village, there is no doctor around.

Since there is no other way except to bring the doctor from the neighboring village, he decided to do this by himself.

Therefore, based on the injury condition, he knows what kind of medical herbs to use, how to compound them, and how to apply them.

Ortashia came with her face refreshed and then sit on the bed, Shingen checked the condition of her wounds again.

When he slowly removed the bandage, the scab got peeled off, the blood drips.

She muttered some pain sounds in a small voice.

It’s the same woman who took a firm attitude earlier. Shingen was taken aback and dumbfounded for three breaths.

Is she really that Ortashia? Shingen gently wipes the dripping blood from her cheeks while tilting his head.

After he wipes out the blood, the wound begins to bleed again, he learned that it is a heavy injury.

It seems that there is no wound caused by a sword, so it must be that something sharp struck on it.

He stares on her right eye. The closed eyelids opened, Shingen faces darken because he knows that that eye will never be able to shine again.

This is, so pitiful.

(—— It is such beautiful pupil too…)

Ortashia asked Shingen if he was thinking about something..

[… What is it?]

Shingen did not answer her question. He diverted his eyes from her. From her complexion, Ortashia vaguely knows the condition of her right eye.

When Ortashia felt another severe pain, she made a distorted face and tried to touch her right eye, but Shingen quietly stopped her and shook his head.

[You should not touch it… Until you get a bit use to my treatment, please leave it to me…]

[Is it bad?]

[Ortashia, Princess Ortashia’s injury is very serious… Even though I hesitate to say it, you might be going to die because of it]

[I see. To go that far, it’s really serious]

She muttered shortly.

However, she has no problems even though she lost her right eye. As long as there is no headache, it’s good.

[As long as there is my left eye left, it’s enough…]

It seems I don’t need to worry about the person in question.

Shingen renewed his feelings, after he has taken the patch, he said in a serious face.

[This will sting, are you prepared?]

[Do it quickly, please]

Even though Ortashia was trying to be tough, she clenched her hands and her teeth. The sight is the same of that from a town girl who can be found anywhere. After that, the treatment is over.

Now we can only wait for her complete recovery, at least, Ortashia can sleep at ease.

Her fatigue and exhaustion were intense, the moment she laid on the bed, she starts to sleep like a dead body.

It’s reasonable.

In spite of getting hurt badly while running away from the pursuers, she did keep moving for a long time.

Ortashia embraces Carus which is the keepsake of Maruto on her side closely.

[It seems he is an important person… That Maruto…]

After giving his thoughts, Shingen covered Ortashia with a thick blanket up to her head softly as not to wake her.

Shingen told Riru and Mina to take a rest, even though they are grateful towards his goodwill, they chose their words carefully to decline as to not make him feel discomfort.

In the end, it’s late at night now, Ortashia is still unable to move, so they decided to stay at the Shingen hut.

In the morning on the next day, before the sun rises, Mina woke-up in the chilly hut.

Mina doesn’t remember when she lied down and slept.

She leaned against the wall and looking at her body pose, it seems she had fallen asleep.

She was surprised and smiled wryly when she realized that she was sleeping while standing.

Riru is still inside the hut, Shingen, and Ortashia were still asleep. Everyone are still exhausted, staying on here is the correct decision.

Shingen is constantly nursing Ortashia, while sitting on the chair at Ortashia’s side, he was sleeping with one of his arms folded.

Mina carefully went outside the hut without making any footstep noises to not cause anyone to wake-up .

She sniffs the fresh air, it’s a mysterious feeling that the blessing of the forest can bring. Mina puts her hand on her chest, she was thinking about her leader.


(—– Why…did you die? You are, there are many things that you need to do…. Why….)

It was very painful.

His death. For Mina who does not have a family, it was equal to being robbed of her own blood-related relatives, and her chest felt like it was going to burst.

She chews her back teeth, she resents against the Gods.

Humans who should have died have survived, while humans who needed to live are dying.

It makes her want to question it. Why did he, who had overflowed with justice, got taken away?

But, the Gods kept silent and didn’t answer.

They are just watching one-sidedly. It made her angry.

She was also resenting in her own powerlessness. She could not do anything, she was not even able to retrieve Maruto’s dead body of the battlefield.

When she rode the horse and took Ortashia, she was only able to see his appearance becoming farther away.

Although I had no choice, I still regretted at that time. Why didn’t I thought of returning and brought him back?

The leader’s instruction was to rescue Ortashia.

Faithful to the duty, that was his saying all the time, but after all, she was not convinced of the order at that time.

She clenched her fists on both of her hands and begrudged against the Fuhren Saint Knight Order.

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