One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.15

A flashback when the Order created.

Oh yeah, the Author wrote this chapter in both first-person view and third-person view. I and Frost did our best to make it easier for you all to read.

I hope you will enjoy it~ 😀

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 15
The Life Benefactor

[You will catch a cold if you stay like that]

I heard a voice coming from my back.

Mina, surprised, heard a familiar voice, she turned around and smiled, and then she nodded.

[Ara ara. Good morning. Shingen boy]

Shingen had a thick blanket in his hand.
He silently put it on Mina’s body.
Since she have taken off her armor, she was certainly feeling the chilly morning. Mina expressed her gratitude to him.

[The forest in the morning is cold]

[Fufufu… Thank you. You’re so kind]

Shingen dyed his cheek in a soft expression and became embarrassed. He averted his gaze while scratching his nose with his index finger.

[I-it’s nothing]

Watching Shingen’s pure reaction, Mina’s thought that it was very pleasing.
Although she looked like she was smiling, but to me there was a deep sorrow was mixed in the back of her eyes. This girl seems to be thinking of something unreasonable.

[If I can ask… Can you tell me something?]

[What is it?]

[You see, The man called Maruto, what kind of man was he?]

Mina felt silent for awhile.
She drops her line of sight and claps her hands around her chest. She answered in a small voice.

[… Maru-sama is our life benefactor]


Maruto —– He was more creative than anyone, and he was an adult who was full of ambition with the idea of ​​creating something new with his own hands —–.
After he built up his strength as a knight, what he did first was pick-up the wandering boys and become a relief for the girls.
There is a slum area in Ardesil. There is a slum area in every country, and it is a place where it is neglected.
Being persecuting from society and being forgotten, Maruto wanted to help them in some ways.
However, he does not have any money nor spare capability to hold them. And yet, he just could not abandon them dying like dogs.
After that, he was able to become a knight. At that time, there was a man named Randall who had the same way of thinking and they discussed about an idea.
That is the foundation of “White Wolf Knight Order”.
Due to Randall’s charity work being an individual operation*}, Maruto’s suggestion will be of use to the country, as well as once we show our ability by increasing our war results, we will be able to receive remuneration from the country for our efforts, and as such it was greatly deemed as necessary. (TL Note: *as in the organisation isn’t under direct control of the country. It’s a free group, and as such their actions aren’t necessarily the country’s actions.)
Most of all, this is the story of Randall who wanted to have his own Knight Order.
Maruto who obtained agreement from the Noble Randall, immediately, went to the slums and started looking for healthy boys and girls.
Then, he found Riru and Mina.
Toward the girls who only wore tattered clothes, Maruto didn’t change his complexion, he offered them his hands.
Since they have spent many days without taking bath, their body was stinky and dirty.
He gently grasped their hand and told them by looking at them while smiling.
He gently grasped their hand with a smile and informed both of them.

[I will rescue both of you from this hell!]

A very gentle voice.
He had a much more gentle voice than a priest who chanted the Bible in the church.

In the next few days, Mina and Riru along with the gathered boys and girls, were given rigorous training and got taught techniques to fight by Randell and Maruto.

Even if you failed, even if your memory was bad, they won’t hit nor shout at us. You can do it on tomorrow, if tomorrow is still not good, then the day after tomorrow. even if you still can’t do it, then I will go training with you because I will always on be your side, He cheered and encouraged us with that gentle voice.

It was equal for everyone, he did not discriminate.
Mina was attracted to him due to such attitude, to have him praise her, she desperately tried hard.

On a certain extent, after getting enough power, Maruto got thirty young people with good virtue and obtained the approval from the Queen. They have made it into knighthood.
Mina, who is wielding a sword as a White Wolf Knight, is working on giving food and water to people in need after returning to the slums.
It was a rule as the Knight of White Wolf Knight Order.
The Knights of the White Wolf Order adhere to a strictly determined code in which they do not act in their own self-interests, only being allowed to keep enough gold necessary to survive, with the rest of the gold being donated to the slums.
It is an impossible story for the nobles who yearn to live in luxury, but they were different.
For their companion who suffers the same starvation, they have run through an intense battlefield along with Maruto while holding the sense of duty to rescue.
For the sake of their fellows who are suffering the same hunger, for their sake and their own sense of duty they beared running through violent battlefields with Maruto at their side.

[—— That’s why, me being able to be standing in this earth, it’s all thanks because Maru-sama. Because of that person, we are alive. And also, more children like us will be helped in the future. That’s him!!! That’s our Maru-sama!!!]

Mina started appealing with her feelings to Shingen. Somehow, she doesn’t understand why too well.
But, she somehow wanted to do so.
After enduring it for a long time, at this moment everything began to flow in an instant.
As my feeling were flowng, my tears were also flowing at the same time. I showed my dripping nose and forgot my woman ‘s shyness. I crumpled my face and cried.
At that time, there are Maruto’s words crossed within my head.

“—— Do not whine, A White Wolf must not show tears to the others. In order to not lose their pride as a knight —-”

In her mind, Mina apologized while looking at Maruto’s face.

(——-…. I’m sorry Maru-sama. For Maru-sama’s sake, just this once, only once, please let me cry……)

No need to hold back.
I’ll be crying out aloud. I don’t need to be worried any longer. Except him, there are no one.
Towards the girl who suddenly started crying for some reason, Shingen quickly started to think about something.
After looking around and confirmed that no one else was watching, Shingen gently stroked Mina’s head and spoke a word.

[W,well, you see, if you’re crying so much, Maruto will surely become worried]

[Here, let’s enter to inside. There are beasts and demons occasionally appearing around here]

Shingen awkwardly try to talk to her.
Mina nods small.
After casually wiping tears that drips from Mina’s cheeks with a piece of cloth, Shingen gently pushes her back, they are walking to the hut.


Several hours later, everyone has woke up and now they decided to discuss the plan for the future.
Ortashia’s body still cannot move due to fatigue, so she joins while lying on the bed.
The discussion started by the first opinion coming from Ortashia.

[First of all, we must understand the current situation and need to confirm our future movements. Is the information that Grotts has spoken true?]

[Yes Your Highness. It’s roughly the same as the Leader expectations]

The Fuhren Saint Knight Order movements have been instructed by Runititas, based from the information that Grotts has.

In other words, the Knight Order did not move by the Queen command.
Maruto’s murder command was from his instruction.
Next, recently, the Starry Sky Church has gathered more power.

——– The Starry Sky Church.

It is unknown who started this church, it is a new faith that has suddenly spread.
They worship The Star Goddess Sutifa.
When the night comes, they are facing to the altar with a lamp in hand, and then look up at the sky and pray.
If our prayers reached Her, it is believed that The Star Goddess will guide the believers with the brightness of the stars from the darkness of night, it does not have any special legend or something.
The Fuhren Saint Knight Order was taken into the Starry Sky Church as the Protector of the Church, although the details were unknown.
Is it a story from the entire world? Or just the Knight Order of Ardesil? It has not been made clear yet here.
However, Grotts at least understand that the Highest Priest in Starry Sky Church is Runititas.

[In another word, our enemy is Runititas?]

[Seems so. He is one of the ministers who manage Ardesil, Runititas]

[That man, I was always wondering what was he doing in the shadows…]

Ortashia holds revenge towards Runititas.
It’s because, Maruto was killed because of Runititas command.
I honestly was assassinated, I understand it, so I was afraid of it.
I made a resolution when fighting in the middle of war.
But, I didn’t expected Maruto to die.
Even now I think that he will peek into my face as he is giving out a carefree voice like “Yaa~”.

[What’s the matter?]

[With this hand, I’ll behead him]

In a trembling voice mixed with anger, Ortashia thrusts his right hand towards the ceiling, and clenched it into a fist.

[I will always be together with Your Highness Ortashia!]

[I will serve until I die! I will drop Runatitas into hell]

Ortashia confirmed the intentions and nodded big.
Shingen was wondering about something.
If, they are able to defeat Runititas, what will happen next?
They are currently being driven by a revenge mindset.
However, they have forgotten the important things.
It is, to stabilize the country. Even though Shingen doesn’t understands politics, but he can understand this much. Someone must be standing in the top of the country.

[Umm, can I ask a question?]

Shingen who seemed out of place, raised his hand. The glance of three people turned at him, since no one objects it, I told them what I was thinking.

[If I assumes that Runititas is taken down, after that, what will you do?]

Ruri holding one of her arms, she answered while thinking.

[I will make Leader Maruto’s grave, after that I’ll become a monk]

[Eh? Riru, are you serious?!]

[What is it with that reaction?!]

[I was also thinking about it too. Fufufu… After all we’re similar, I guess?]

[No-no, that’s not what I mean, what I want to discuss is who will lead the country]

After that both of girls look at each other and started thinking. Before they can give an answer, Ortashia said with a voice without emotions.

[These kind of things, it’s unrelated to this Ortashia. As long as I can take revenge, I am—-]

[That’s not good]

Ortashia glares at Shingen and showed her displeasure. Shingen did not flinch and he kept on with words.

[You are a Princess, right? Then, if the Princess doesn’t protect the country, who will protect it?]

[I am not a Princess. I am a General]

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

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  2. [I am not a Princess. I am a General]
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