One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.16

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Frost

Chapter 16
The enemy is Runititas.

When she was still talking, Shingen decided to change the subject.

[Then, what happened with the White Wolf Knight Order now? Are there still any survivors?]

[Well, if you are searching for them, you will find them. They are people who have been trained by Maruto. They won’t die easily. If both of their hands and feets cannot move, they can still bite the enemy, that is what we’ve been taught]

It is one of the drills that is being called as the Wolf Spirit.
If both hands and feets cannot move, the death might already be certain.
Even so, we won’t give up without retaliation. Make sure that one of our enemies is coming along with us, that was what Maruto always said every day.

[That’s really awesome…]

Shingen felt admiration. the White Wolf Knight Order were all amazing, as he expected.
Ortashia began to speak all of a sudden.

[For now, I can’t use my power… Until then, I’m planning to stay hidden until a chance appears… By the way, what do you want to do?]

Being asked by Ortashia suddenly, Shingen became dumbfounded.
Since Shingen is an outsider and is not in a position to decide their policy, if he tries to say that he doesn’t care about it, he felt that Ortashia will keep on watching him.

[Fufufu… You are not able to run away from this Ortashia any longer]

After she said that, she raised her body from bed and crossed her legs.
Her white thighs were visible from her skirt, Shingen turns his gaze as to not watch it.
Ortashia resting her chin in one of her hands on her crossed legs, is watching Shingen by glancing upwards. It’s like she has been through everything of his mind.
As for Shingen, he didn’t understand what Ortashia means, he sent a glance to ask for help towards Mina. Mina responded to it with smile.

[It’s regrettable, but Shingen do you prefer to follow Her Highness Ortashia or die here? Either way, we don’t care at all]

Mina said it in a light tone. There is no trace of her timid appearance anymore.
Shingen smiles wryly, if he thinks about it, there won’t be doubt in that these girls would say that.
Shingen knows about Ortashia too much.
Even though the silencing method is appropriate. Answering honestly is troublesome. Although I felt sympathizing, I still care about my own life.
Ortashia looks into my face before I can answer it, her smile is ominous.

[…..So, what will you do? Do you will cooperate with this Ortashia? Or do you want to die here?]

Somehow, Ortashia voice sounds like she is enjoying it, she pulled out Callus from its sheath, and made a blunt threat that she will be cutting me down right now.
Shingen can’t do anything except to follow her.

[Understand. I understand. I’ll cooperate so put away your sword please]

Ortashia laughs scornfully with a satisfied face.
Good grief, Shingen only muttered that in his mind.
Riru, Mina, and Ortashia paid attention to Shingen.
They seem to want to hear what he thinks about it since their faces are showing that, Shingen breathed a sigh while beginning to think about himself.
Being forced to know the truth, Shingen who had admired the Fuhren Saint Knight Order was disappointed.
Maruto who was assassinated with a cowardly method, the one who planned it is the man named Runititas who moves the country.
Whatever the reason it’s still unforgivable. The sense of justice inside Shingen was blazed-up.
The White Wolf Knight Order has not been annihilated yet, that’s what Shingen thinks about it.
Then, they should gather and increase their companions.
We can do it.
Shingen stands-up and looks down at Ortashia.

[Then, let’s fight]

Ortashia bends her head slightly and questioned him.

[Fight? Against Runititas?]

[Yeah, defeat Runititas and then we take over the country!]

Mina shakes her head.

[It’s impossible. Ardesil army has a lot of numbers. In the battle against the barbarians, their number have been jumping up recently too]

From the way she is saying it, Singen is somewhat hesitating to ask the number of armies.

[The number?]

[About 200,000]

He opened his eyes wide on those extraordinary figures and wanted to doubt what he just heard. His eyebrows look like they are forming the eight number .
(Ed note: 八 = Nº8)

[… By the way, our number war potential, how much can we gather?]

Riru answered it.

[Probably, The White Wolves Knight Order is around 4,000. If you collect the fellows who are non-knights, we can gather 2,000. Other than that, we may able to get help from Lord Randall and Sir Maas, but honestly it is still not clear yet]

Shingen became interested after hearing the names of noblemen being mentioned. It must be the Nobles that Maruto had well-known.

[Lord Randall and Sir Maas, what kind of nobles are they?]

[Well, you seem to be passionate about it, do every man give that impression?]

Riru shrugs her shoulders while smiling, she returns to a serious face and continues her story.

[But, they most likely won’t be able to move right now]

Randall’s title is an Earl.
Maas is a Baron.
Both of them have their own territories.
In other words, because they do not want to be parted with their own territory, there is a possibility that they will prefer to save their own protection. Moreover, they seems like they will not be able to gather the military forces and mobilize without permission.

If they do so, it can be considerate as the attempt to revolt against the Queen. Their territory and titles can be deprived. There is no reason to help the Knight Order where Maruto doesn’t exist anymore.
When you put it oppositely, if there is a reason to help, they might become an ally, that’s what I thought.
So, it’s necessary for Ortashia to have a reason for raising an army. A cause and justice, after both exist, we can appeal to them as a justification.
For now, we can gather around 6,000 combined with the strength of Randall and Maas.
To fight against 200,000 is difficult.
Shingen said that by himself, he thought the number of the army. He just said along with the momentum.

But, Ortashia has an unexpected feeling.
She was surprised with the remark from Shingen, it’s was like, she was watching Maruto.
She always amazed me when he made those bold statements. She is the same, she followed him to do those audacious things, and yet she still did not manage to reach Marutos level.
Ortashia felt her chest is somehow becoming hot. While she puts her hand on her chest, she said.

[—– Take the country, eh? Fufu… That’s interesting. Although I’m not interested in politics, but I want to try it if I can get my revenge]

Ortashia who is still thinking, continues her words.

[Then for the starters, let’s burn the Royal Capital Runan into ruins. I’m fired-up]

Ortashia laughed with a voice that makes me doubt if it’s the truth or a joke.
It’s like seeing a Demon smiling.
Shingen reverts back to his seriousness, and tells her about his doubt.

[You see, killing the people of your own country, are you not feeling hesitation?]

[N? Not at all. Nothing]

Shingen sighs when Ortashia answered his question easily, he began to explain to her about what a country is.

[Is it good like that? A country only exist if there is people. If there is no people on it, the country will cease to exist]

Ortashia is making a difficult face, she draws her eyebrow. She might be thinking something with her own way.
Ortashia then spreads her hands.

[Well, I don’t understand well about that. I’ll leave politic matters to you]

I was amazed by her attitude that made my palm flicker.

[What? Is that allowed? You, aren’t you a Princess?]

[I have said it already, I am not a Princess. I am a General]

I wanted to throw a Tsukkomi, but in the end, I swallowed it and endured it.

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