Gacha Girl Corps ch.28

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi

Chapter 28
Who the Gacha smiles at

We are now inside of our room, after we returned to our inn, finished with our baths and dinner. All that’s left is for us to sleep.
But before we go to bed, the 3 of us sat on the bed as we looked at the smartphone. I was sandwiched between the two girls.

[So now then, let us commence the Third Heihachi Carnival.]

[I see you’re still going on with that theme. You’re going to whiff it all again with that naming sense.]

[Fufu, Onii-san’s luck is as non-existent as usual.]

We were waiting for the date to change so as to roll the Equipment Festival Gacha, the date was announced on the smartphone. The campaign period seems to be today only.
As a 0:00am midnight believer, I am standing by to roll the gacha the moment the date changes and the campaign gets implemented.

[Though they are calling it a campaign it’s still only a 3 times increase in the rate for SR and above items. I’ll exercise some self control and only go for 5 total rolls.]

[Ooh!? O-Okura-dono went and said something like self control… How you have grown. That makes me feel somewhat happy.]

Yeah, it’s called a campaign but this is bait gacha. It’s only a simple rate-up for SR and above items.
There’s totally nothing saying this affects SSR or UR items. It’s very possible that only SR items are affected.
In essence I’m aiming for the UR stuff, but this gacha campaign can still serve to bolster our current equipment.

So, that’s what the whole 5 times only restriction is all about. This iron will of mine, will not budge so easily.
I am a strong willed man. I will absolutely only be rolling FIVE times. (EN: flag collected)

[So anyway, Noru and Estel. Both of you get to do the 11 consecutive roll twice.]

[Eh!? F-for reals?! Yaーay!]

[Ara, what’s with this turn of events.]

[Only the truly chosen ones, can bring forth the highest rarity from a single roll… Jokes aside, Estel and Noru are the ones who worked the hardest this time round. So I thought you two should get to roll more.]

Leaving aside the unnecessary things that Noru blurbed. I was the one who did all the 11 consecutive rolls last time.
I haven’t really been contributing much this time compared to the last time, so I feel bad to even roll at all this time.
That’s why I’m thinking of letting the girls to do the rolling.
This is definitely 100% not because I am uneasy about my own gacha luck, I am totally not thinking of letting them taste the despair of whiffing.

[Now then Noru you’re up.]

[The way you say it kind of makes me feel bad. Here goes nothing!]

I hand the smartphone to Noru, now Noru is the one sandwiched between me and Estel as we look at the screen from beside her.
Having received the smartphone, she taps the 11 consecutive roll gacha button with great vigor.

A treasure chest appears on the screen. And the treasure chest turns Silver, then Gold. it stopped at Gold.

【SR Explosion Tag, SR Waist Pouch, R Estoc, R Food, SR Excali-bar, SR Beacon, SR Nike’s Shoes, R Stuffed Toy, SR Jewel of Life, SR Magic Canceller, R Panacea】

[Nuwaa, I only got to SR.]

[Ara, my condolences.]

[Fuu, this happens all the time. No need to get depressed.]

[Uuu, to the next roll then, here I go!]

A treasure chest appears on the screen. The treasure chest then turns Silver, Gold, then White. It stopped at White.

【SR Pot Lid, SR Magic Shield, SR Stabilizer, R Food, R Camp Set, SR Butterfly Grip, R Sandals, R Magic Dynamite, R Long Coat, SSR Nibelungen Ring『Rhein’s Gold』, SSR Moon Drop】

[Ehehe, looks like I’m not out of luck just yet.]

[Though I heard before that Noru was the one who rolled me, she really does have good luck.]

[W, well she didn’t get a UR this time though.]

[Why are *you* the one lamenting… So anyway, here. It’s Estel’s turn next.]

Kuh, to think she would hit SSR on her second roll. And she even gets 2 SSR items!?
Sure I’m happy about the increase to our battle potential, but this vexes me nonetheless.

Noru, who finished rolling her share of the gacha, hands the smartphone to Estel, now Estel gets to sit sandwiched between us two.

[This is getting me excited. This is my first time experiencing something like this.] (ED Note: gacha virgin heh)

[Don’t get depressed even if you get a bad result. I wouldn’t want to see you doing something as undignified as rolling around on the floor while wailing.]

[Isn’t that what Okura-dono does… That’s so going to boomerang back at yourself.]

Estel, who receives the smartphone, looks unusually restless. Her current behavior feels fitting to her appearance and looks cute.
Haha, maybe I should prepare some words of comfort for when she gets depressed from whiffing. Noru said something but I didn’t catch what she said.

Differing from Noru, she timidly taps the 11 consecutive gacha button.
A treasure chest appears on the screen. The treasure chest turns Silver, then Gold. It stopped at Gold.

【SR Shoulder Bag, SR Excali-bar, SR Beacon, SR Eclipse Sword, R Ice Ring, SR Auto Guard Sphere, R Shoulder Pad, R Food, R Stuffed Toy, SR Crest of Caduceus, R Sleeping Bag】

[Ah… Muu, this feels more mortifying than I thought.]

[Ahhー, don’t mind don’t mind. I’m sure you’ll get something better on your next try.]

[Why do *you* sound sort of happy…]

Estel puffs up her cheeks in frustration.
Haha, it never was easy to get a SSR or above roll.

She went on to tap the 11 consecutive roll gacha again.
A treasure chest appears on the screen. The treasure chest turns Silver, Gold, then White. It stopped at White.

【SR Skull Ring, SR Pot Lid, SR Magic Shield, SR Nike’s Shoes, R Food, R Potion ×10, SR Hi Potion ×10, R Transceiver, SR Philosopher’s Stone, R Slippers, SSR Grimoire『Ira』】

[Fufu, I did it. I got a SSR too.]

[… Them SSRs sure are appearing frequently this time around.]

[Despite that the UR are still as elusive as ever.]

I find this hard to believe. W-who would have thought that both of them would be able to hit SSR and above!?
Wait a second, things are unfolding very differently from what I had expected. What if I end up being the one who only gets a SR….

[Fuu, fufu, lo and behold. This is the gacha luck of the man who is the true chosen one!}

[Oh I’m looking alright. I only pray you don’t end up rolling on the floor again.]

[Onii-san, don’t get depressed even if you get a bad result.]

I receive the smartphone, now I’m back to being sandwiched. The two girls sitted beside me are looking at me intently.
Dang, my hands are trembling due to how nervous I am. Rolling the gacha while feeling like this is a first for me. I wonder how it turned out this way.

I tapped the 11 consecutive roll gacha button with my trembling finger.
A treasure chest appears on the screen. The treasure chest turns Silver, Gold, White, and finally Rainbow.

Holy Balls! I got a UR! It appears that I am the one who is loved by the gacha!
Aahー, this is bad. I think I might have jizzed a little.

Woops, I got so excited that I almost went and did a breakdance headspin.
I gotta behave in a manner to show them that I already anticipated this much happening or I won’t set a good example for them.

[Well, that was to be expected.]

[…. Estel. He only looks composed, on the inside he’s totally in an ecstatic flurry.]

[…. Yeah, I think so too. Look at his mouth, it’s so loose and sloppy right now.]

I hear them whispering behind me but as I am now I don’t really care about what they are saying.
As of now I am super happy. I’m not so petty a man to worry about such trivial matters.

[Nnn~ I don’t hear you. Well then… huh?]

I tapped the screen which was left at the UR confirmation(the rainbow chest). My brain stopped working when I saw the contents of the sparkling rainbow chest.

【R Food, R Camp Set, R Chrome Armor, R Panacea, SR Excali-bar, R Potion ×10, R Hot Ring, R Transceiver, SR Thermometer Application, R Telescope, UR Regi · Eritora】

[What’s up…. ah.]

[Nn? What’s wro-…]

When the girls saw me frozen the two of them had a look at the screen. And both of them lost all words soon after.

[E,erm… Okura-dono?]

[Yesh? You called?]

[Eeep, I, I haven’t done anything wrong I swear!?]

I turned my head to face Noru who called out to me.
When she saw my face she jumped up from the bed and hid behind Estel.

[Hey Onii-san, what was that for. It’s not Noru’s fault.]

I was supposed to have reacted to her with a smile, what does she mean by that?
Estel embraced Noru in a manner that looked like she was protecting her and is now giving her headpats to calm her down.

[Eh? What’s going on? I haven’t even done anything yet.]

[Your face sure doesn’t look the same as what you are saying. The expression you have on your face is like you have just seen the person who killed your parents.]

[He’s raging so bad that his way of speaking went all weird… Even the focus of his eyes are all messed up.]

Whoops, my head’s gone all weird unconsciously. I shake my head to regain my sanity.
But seriously, I got another copy of Regi・Eritora? Honestly what the heck happened to probability, letting me get another copy of a UR I already have.
Also most of the remaining items are mostly R too. What sort of harassment is this!

[Ugu, ku… Gununu]

It’s vexing, sure I got a UR but this is still mortifying. I really feel like rolling on the floor and crying about it right now.

My trembling hands unconsciously approached the screen of my smartphone. I’m not about to do another roll l swear.
But, what if my arm slipped due to air resistance and it taps the 11 consecutive roll gacha, would that be an accident?

The hand that was about to make contact with the screen, was stopped.

[What is it, Noru. Estel too.]

2 pairs of hands reached out from both of my sides, and restrained my arm that was holding the smartphone and the other arm that was attempting to tap the screen.

[Hey Onii-san, what were you about to do just now?]

[Okura-dono. Five times, that’s what you said before, right?]

[Yeah, of course. Those were my intentions. So, you two can release my hands already.]

It seems they foresaw my hand “slipping” and moved in to intervene.
I am trying to move my hand to tap the screen, but that hand isn’t able to progress at all.
Even if I try and bring the smartphone closer to my other hand, Estel was pinning that hand down, while Noru shifts the other hand further away.
Dammit, I should have put on the Power Bracelet! This is outside the range of my expectations!

[I, believe in Okura-dono.]

[Then why are you not letting go of my hand(s).]

[I believe you will tap the gacha if we let go.]

That’s some twisted trust I’m getting. It’s shocking how little they trust me.

[Kuh, then how about we compromise and have all 3 of us tap the gacha.]

[What sort of thought process leads to that sort of compromise!]

[There really is no helping Onii-san.]

[Nuuu, the flow is here I swear! Imma bet my balls a UR will appear in the next roll too! Please, please! Please let me roll the gacha!]

[No, you don’t need to go that far… Honestly, there really is no helping you. How about it Estel?]

[Well, he’s going that extra mile so I don’t really mind.]

I cried and appealed to them while I was restrained. (TL Note: Huwaa… Pathetic >,<)
The 2 of them let go of me, to show that they have accepted my desperate plea.
Man, I really am sorry about all this. As expected I can’t win against the gacha. (EN: dat desire sensor)
But, this really is going be the last roll for sure.

[Here we go then! One, two, go!]

And so the girls tapped the 11 consecutive roll gacha together with me at the same time.
A treasure chest appears on the screen. The treasure chest turns Silver, Gold, White, and finally to Rainbow.

[HELL YEAH! I told you didn’t I? The flow really is here!]

[It’s really happened… Can we call this a victory for Onii-san’s persistence?]

[Uu, as hard to admit as this is… I can’t help but think Okura-dono always says the flow is here.]

[Don’t worry about the minor details! Let’s have a look at what we got…]

We left it at the UR confirmation screen again, so I tapped the screen to see what the items are this time.
If I get another repeat again, I think my heart will break.

【R Food, SR Ring of Happiness, SR Guardian Ring, SR Skull Ring, SR Beacon, SR Butterfly Grip, SR Eclipse Sword, SR Beacon, SSR Wind Bracelet, SSR Power Bracelet, UR Sacred Fabric】 (ED Note: so i put 聖骸布(the sacred fabric) into google translate, it gave me saint seiya as the TL lmao)

Alright! I got my first UR equipment!
But I’ll still need to check the affinity of this item with my other equipment, while also taking into account the balance of the other items that we got this time.


This week event and gacha on various mobages:

Azur Lane


Granblue Fantasy

Brave Frontier

Fate/Grand Order

Good luck on your gacha rolling everyone~

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      1. He should be, do you know how it feels when you gachaing using crystals or diamonds, but the only thing you get is only SR everytime even after doing it only when there are events? It’s painful, really painful you know, I even question what have I done in my past life which have made God hates me that much


  1. Thanks for the chapter.

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