One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.19

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Darknari

Chapter 19
The Crescent Eyepatch

Runititas had written and sent the report about Maruto’s death to the nobles and the generals who were supporting Maruto.

He did them while humming in happiness.

Obviously there was only one sound that could be heard inside Runititas’ room, and then Orga suddenly appeared from behind the shadow of the bookshelves.

Runititas was not surprised at all, as if he was already accustomed to it, he asked Orga while he kept writing the letter and reapplying the black ink to the quail pen.

[So, how is Her Majesty’s condition right now?]

Even though he was using a worried question, he couldn’t hide his happy feelings. Orga answered in a small low voice.

[…. She will die tomorrow.]

At the the short and definite remark Runititas stopped his hand and gave a dubious glance.

[How do you know?]

[I have seen the God of Death. From the Queen’s inner chamber, I heard those guys’ singing voices…]

Orga gave his report with a serious face, with not a single sign of making a joke. Runititas thought he was indeed a weird and strange fellow, so he could only show a wry smile.
Runititas shrugged his shoulders briefly and switched the subject.

[——with this, Yuran will become the Queen. And then, I’ll become the Prime Minister. It’ll become much more busier in the future.]

He looked at the well-drawn Yuridora continent map which was decorating the wall of his office room.
A smile rose on his face.
On the map, there was a red circle.
That was Baan Rondo which was also Randall’s territory.
Orga also sent a glance to where Runititas’ gaze was at without saying anything, and then he asked a question which he always wondered about.

[Why, do you make a lot of enemies?]

Runititas replied with an unexpected answer.

[Beside Lord Randall and Lord Mash, there are many capable nobles.]

[Then, why… do you want to erase them?]

[It’s because they are obstacles to pave the road.]

[Therefore, you sent those letters and incited them to raise a revolt?]

Runitatas dropped his glance to the written letter.

[However, neither Lord Randall nor Lord Mash will cause a revolt yet.]

Orga narrowed his eyes.
Runititas understood what Orga wanted to ask next.

[Those people aren’t hot-blooded idiots. They both have an excellent son and aide as well. Therefore, they won’t try to raise themselves into action.]

Runatitas sat out straight and sank into the back of his chair, then he closed his eyelids for as long as three breaths.
He exhaled greatly. It seemed he had accumulated a little bit of stress.

[But, such things have already been settled. It’s rather convenient for us. Can you not understand?]

Being suddenly asked that, Orga, who only knew how to kill people, didn’t understand the meaning and thought deeply about it.
Because he didn’t understand, he showed a troubled face.
Moreover Runititas was amazed and heaved out another sigh.

[Those people, they understand that they cannot win in a straight out battle against Ardesil’s regular army, therefore, the nobles and generals who supported Maruto will aim to somehow do an attack, they are most likely going to try to unite their power together.]

Even though there are many enemies, Runititas showed an inappropriate smile, he linked his hands together and stared at Orga.

[After that, people who stayed neutral and were unable to declare their position, along with the Nobles and the Military officers from Ortashia’s faction will join them, and it will be a chance to raise a revolt…]

Runititas had noticed that it wasn’t just a few ministers who had showed a good face in the Royal Palace, but were making some movements in the shadow to become the Prime Minister.
He was also aiming to incite them too.

In addition, he knew from the spies’ report that the three generals from the Royal Army, who guard the Queen, Oktanus, Herkutes, and Arkinos were holding a meeting many times in a bar and deserted places in the late of night.
Runititas had predicted that they were also looking for chance to raise a revolt as well.
Although he had considered that assassination was the quickest method, but these three generals were masters of the sword, who had been recognized by the Queen.
Therefore, they are the Generals of the Royal Army.

They were aware that the ministers from the Yuran faction were being killed in Runititas’ detached residence. As they were being vigilant it was impossible to invite them in and kill them, and trying to poison them was also impossible.
At last, Orga seemed to understand what Runititas had predicted, he expressed words of admiration.
Runititas showed an evil smile when he confirmed that Orga had understood his thoughts.

[Fufufu…… This way, it’ll be possible to purge away every troublesome person.]

[What a tyrant you are.]

[What is wrong with that? Listen here, to govern the country and bring prosperity, we need to be a tyrant. With being a tyrant, we can use whatever we need.]

To consider me as a tyrant, Orga seemed to be an interesting guy, that was what Runititas thought in his mind.

At that time, Shingen and Riru were on their way to the village which was not far from the hut where Shingen lived.
Riru who had previously scouted the area, was ordered by Ortashia to get the provisions. Therefore, she asked Shingen to guide her to the village.
Riru was showing an impressed face when she saw the unusual situation of the village.

[This is unexpected, there are many shops around.]

There were signboards with various designs being hung out on the shops which were lined up in the village.
There was a sign of a man holding an earthenware flagon in his hand and a singing woman, which showed that the shop was a bar.
When Riru looked at the signboard, she pouted, showing a face as if she she would like to drink.
But, she turned her back to the other shop because Ortashia would be angry if she got distracted in the middle of her mission.

[Will everything here be sufficient?]

[Well, although we are in the countryside,we do have a good collection of items to a certain degree. Furthermore, we’ll also be making or weaving the items ourselves if they are limited.]

*Hmm* she let out a voice mixed with admiration and curiosity.
Shingen glanced at her from behind his back.
Riru would stand out if she wore her White Wolf Knight Armor, so she had disguised herself by wearing ordinary farmer clothes.

After borrowing Shingen’s clothes, he thought that Riru looks blended naturally.
However, by holding a splendid-looking sword and showing sharp eyes from time of time, someone will realize instantly that she was a knight.
To begin with, it was weird for a woman to have short-hair.
During this period, the idea that hair was a woman’s life was common, hair would show a woman’s charm and beauty.
Beside that, her hair was cut with a single stroke of her sword.
If it was a normal town girl, they would be ashamed with that kind of appearance.

However, Riru was different.
Even if she received gazes from the villagers, with the way she kept up her body posture it was more like she was proud of her bold appearance, and kept walking down the middle of the street.
She really stood out. Shingen could only hold his head in amazement.

[Nn, what is it Shingen? Do you have a headache?]

Riru who didn’t noticed that she was the center of attention, asked him in a light tone.

[It’s nothing. Anyway, we have arrived.]

I raised my thumb at the shop that I had planned to stop at.

[Ooh…… Isn’t this a textile shop……?]

That’s right, Riru knitted her eyebrows and looked over the shop with her eyes.

[How to say it, it’s small.]

It seemed that the shop was smaller than Riru thought beforehand so she showed a regrettable face. Shingen could only smile wryly at her.

[… Because this is the countryside.]

Shingen responded in a sulky attitude.
Riru passed by the side of Shingen without worrying and stood in front of the textile stop, she spread her hands widely as if she wanted to tell Shingen about the size of the shop with her body.

[The one in the Royal Capital is this big, there are also many things that can be bought from there! Isn’t that amazing?]

[Yes, yes. That’s amazing.]

While disregarding Riru’s story, Shingen quickly opened the door of the textile shop and entered inside.
Riru who noticed she was standing alone became stunned for a couple of seconds, and then she complained about his reaction before she also entered the textile shop.

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