One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.20

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Translator: Ashenwind
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 20
The Crescent Eyeband 2

[Oh, Shin-chan welcome!]

A cheerful voice can be heard from the inside of shop.
A middle-aged woman shows a gentle smile when she saw Shingen.
The old woman noticed the black-haired girl behind Shingen’s back who’s interested in the carpet and the clothes in the shelf..
She then asked with a curious face.

[Oh, and you are? Are you a girl from this village?]

Riru turns around to the old woman and shakes her head when the old woman asks her.

[No, I’m a traveler. He has guided me to show me around this village]
[I see, alright then. There’s nothing special on this village, but please enjoy yourself]

Riru raises her voice and gives the old woman a greeting.

[By the way obasan, are you still healthy?]
[Well lately, my back is hurting that it’s already become so embarrassing]

After that, I massage her back and waist twice. Her face shows a painful expression, but it slowly becomes more energetic than before.

However, she has already reached 70 years old, and yet she’s still actively working everyday. It has kinda made Shingen worried.

So, whenever he goes out to the village, he always stops by the clothes shop to check upon the situation of the old woman without hesitation.

Therefore, Shingen and the old woman has become familiar with each other similar to a grandchild and his grandmother.

[I’ve become too old already. How about you marry my son’s wife?]
[Oh, I still haven’t made a good foundation to support a family yet, so I’m not yet a good person for her. Good grief]

I can’t accept that proposal, so I’ve made a short objection.

Shingen, who’s thinking that he’s unable to stop the old woman from working, shrugs his shoulders and put his elbow at the counter of the shop.

[Well… Just don’t push yourself]
[I know]

The old woman sits down on the chair and returns to work with the carpet while replying to him with a light answer.

Although he’s not willing to ask the old woman for a new work, he still has told himself that it was a command from the Princess, so it can’t be helped.

[Actually, I want to request something from you. Is it okay?]
[What is it?]
[You see, I want you to make an eyepatch for the right eye]
[Does Shingen want to wear it?]
[No, it’s for my friend. The handmade clothes from grandma is good because it isn’t rough]

Riru leaks a small voice of admiration toward Shingen’s last words.

She’s watching behind him while muttering something in her mind.

(—— This man really pays attention to Princess Ortashia… What a guy he is)

[Then I’ll make it at once]

The old woman quickly stops her weaving hand and stands up from the chair. She goes to a nearby storage rack with overwhelming agility as if she’s not seventy years old and begins to look over a lot of fabrics.

She then asked a question while turning her back.

[What color do you want?]

Shingen folds his arm and thinks deeply after the old woman asks him a question.

To be honest, he can’t decided the color by himself.

One day has not passed yet, so they don’t have any straight conversation with each other.

He doesn’t know the favorite color of Ortashia. He sent a glance to Riru who’s standing behind him with a perplexed face.

[Or-I mean my lady, she likes white]

Shingen smiles wryly towards her answer.

[Why did you mention my lady’s name?]

Who Riru has obviously mentioned is Ortasha, and she just didn’t say her name.

She should’ve said the name of the princess properly because it looked unnatural if she don’t say so.

Apparently, Ruri seems unable to call the princess by her first name too.

Ruri then gives small whispers to Shingen’s ear after she has looked around.

[We don’t know who will be hearing her name. That’s why I want to hide it if possible]

Although what Ruri has said is persuasive for those people who seemed to carelessly talk about the name of Ortasha, but I didn’t care about details like that. As such, I’ve answered that she likes the color white to the old woman.

[White, huh? That’s a good color]

[Yeah it is]

Several hours later, Shingen and Riru have bought the white eyepatch and returned to the hut wherein Ortashia and Mina are waiting.

Mina instantly showed a reaction when the door of the hut had been opened.

With a beautiful voice, she then welcomes them home.

Shingen greets her back and shows Mina the white eyepatch from his important bag.

[Are~ This is nice]
[Right? The clothes shop there handles high quality stuff. Moreover I like the design above of all else]

A normal eyepatch usually has a black color. No one has decided what the standard color is, but everyone is wearing it..

Therefore, seeing a white eyepatch is giving off an original feel for the first time.

Also, the shape for an eyepatch is usually rough and modeled after circles.

However, the item that Shingen has brought back home is shaped like a boomerang which is rather unique for an eyepatch.

Ortashia wakes up from the bed when Shingen is giving an explanation about the eyepatch to Mina and Ruri who has become interested in it.

She turns her gaze towards Shingen.

He notices her gaze, so he then raises the palm of his hand.

[I’m home]
[Ah, you’ve returned]

She glances at the white eyepatch that Shingen has brought and shows a happy face.

[… A white eyepatch? That color suits this Ortashia well]
[I’m glad you like it]

Ortashia beckons him to get closer with her hand.

Mina, who’s sitting beside the Ortashia, stands up and comes down from her sitting spot, letting Shingen to sit over there instead.

Ortashia streches out the palm of her hand, and Shingen quietly passes the white eyepatch to her.

She receives it, raises both of its ends, hangs it on the ceiling, and observes it from different angles using the light of the sun shining from the window.

[Umu. It’s indeed a good item. I want to wear it immediately…]

Ortashia slowly lowers her hand and shows a serious face.

Her mind is conflicted.

At the moment, the condition of her body is at its worst.

Her headache isn’t stopping. It’s like her head is repeatedly being hammered by an iron hammer. Every time she moves her body, pain runs through her right eye as if its being gouged with a sharp knife.

I want to put an end to this.

Though, it’s not her first time received serious injury like this.

It’s not her first time receiving a serious injury like this, but it’s now possible for her to endure her injury this time

However, her spirit is unstable.

She always recalls that moment whenever she closes her eyes.

In front of her is the blood sprouted spectacle of that time when he has fallen down from his horse after being shot with an arrow.

It still burns in her eyes.

(——— Maruto…. My Maruto….)

She holds him in her arms, yet he isn’t answering.

As if realizing that his death is coming closer, he then feels like he has accomplished something and later dies with a satisfied face.

That’s not all of her frustration.

Ortashia is also irritated to herself too.

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