One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.21

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Translator: Ashenwind
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 21
Unusual Plan

Ortashia placed her hand on her bandaged left eye as she looked up to the ceiling in melancholy.

The wound was worse than what was first thought.

It is estimated that it will take several days to recover.

To tell the truth, a little rest is needed.

However, now’s not the time to be resting.

The pursuers from both the Fuhren’s Saint Knight order and Runatitas are on constant alert.

It’s just that in order to fight them head on, she would need both her sword and her body but neither were in the state to do so at the moment.

Even so, if she forced herself, it’s still possible to move around.

But it’s too much to ride on a horse.

With her wounds not fully healed yet, the shaking, while on horseback, only cause more pain.

I felt troubled when I think about it.

Both are foolish decisions: whether to ride on horseback or to walk on foot.

Mortified, I bit my lip and muttered.

[…have I become a nuisance?] (Ortashia)
[Nn? What is it?] (Shingen)

I glanced towards Shingen.

[It’s nothing.] (Ortashia)

I turned my face away as I replied with a sullen voice

When Ortashia showed her back to Shingen, her body screamed in pain.

(————-Aa, so bothersome…..if only it can heal faster….) (Ortashia)


Mina asked Riru for a reconnaissance report.

[According to the people at the bar, Fuhren’s holy knights haven’t arrived here yet. But they seem to be searching nearby places to according to travellers passing by.] (Riru)
[This is bad. With this, it’s only a matter of time…] (Mina)
[A place we can retreat to quickly, where…] (Riru)

Riru shut her mouth, turning her head sideways so others won’t notice.

She whispered weakly.

[Your highness Ortashia should not move yet. You may die if you keep moving in that state.] (Mina)

Mina protested with a serious face.

[But I have to leave here right now.] (Ortashia)

Riru was also in the same opinion as Mina.

No matter what, they cannot take any action that may lead to Ortashia’s demise.

Riru had promised Maruto.

He had directly ordered, “Don’t let her die” right then.

It’s a duty that must be accomplished at all cost.

It was a confusing decision but the two could not complain about it.

Riru and Mina glanced at each other, gulped down their thought down while groaning with raised eyebrows. After several minutes of silence, Riru decided to switch the topic.

[Let’s talk about this again. Now, who do you think we can rely on if we were to retreat to their land?] (Riru)
[Lord Randall and Lord Mars are reliable.] (Mina)

Riru grasped her chin with her hand, muttering something while Mina curled her eyebrows

[But none of them have territory within 300 kilometers from here.] (Riru)
[That’s far..] (Mina)

Randall’s territory Banrondo was more than 300 kilometers across the plains towards the southwest.

Mars’ territory was to the south.

Over a mountain that needs to be climbed.

Would you go across the plains where it’s impossible to hide yourself or climb a steep mountain where there are places to conceal yourselves?

Both were difficult choices. Again, Riru and Mina went silent.

The contact with key points and fortresses conflicted with their judgment.

This country Ardesil erected fortresses on important bases and paved roads, due to danger of the invading barbarians.

There is a way to bypass them but it has a lot of detours and in turn, huge amount of time.

It’s a test.

Runatitas sure had planned all this thoroughly and delicately.

If you put into consideration the information about Ortashia being alive has yet to spread, there is a possibility that the Fuhren’s Saint Knight has these key points already guarded and under surveillance.

Or maybe they have already done so in advance before the assassination attempt.

Other than Fuhren’s Saint Knights and several Royal Guards, nobody knows how Ortashia actually looked like.

Now we really need to keep our eyes peeled. At that moment, Riru realized something.

[…I get it. I suppose we just have to bypass all the officials and examinations as we go.] (Riru)
[Right.. If we go around and avoid them all…] (Mina)
[It’ll take half a month, right?] (Riru)

While the two were talking and worrying over how to advance, Ortashia had already decided on an alternative way.

Displaying resolve in her expression, she gazed toward Shingen with her piercing blue eye.

[….Shingen, I have a request] (Ortashia)
[What is it?] (Shingen)
[Can you take me to the horse?] (Ortashia)

The wide-eyed Shingen instantly refused.

[No way.](Shingen)

Ortashia raised her voice.

[That is an order. I——] (Ortashia)
[No, I won’t!] (Shingen)

Ortashia was surprised upon hearing a voice stronger than hers.

Because the one who dared to oppose her right in the face was only Maruto.

But no matter how she looked, the gaze from those eyes showed an unshakeable resolve.

However unrelenting, Ortashia abruptly got up and took the sword hanging on the wall.

Shingen unflinchingly kept refusing as if unfazed.

[Whatever you want to do, you can’t ride a horse now. You’ll die if you do.] (Shingen)

Ortashia thought of something as doubt swamped her eye.

[….I see. Leave me aside so you can hand me over to the Fuhren’s holy knights.] (Ortashia)
[No matter how you say it, it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s reckless.] (Shingen)
[Reckless, eh? How catchy…] (Ortashia)

In a standoffish manner, Ortashia gazed at Shingen with an angry look, then put her trembling hand on the sword handle.

Mina and Riru caught up on the miserable expression Ortashia had in her face as she breathes heavily in pain.

Though it may be necessary to intervene, the two chose not to. Since it was between Ortashia and Shingen alone.

They should not disturb it.

Having no courage to stop Ortashia’s temper, it will be better to let her vent it all out.

[You lot are just like all the others. Men are so quick to turn around. All liars. Just for the sake of saving your own hide.] (Ortashia)

Shingen raised his voice, denying Ortashia’s words.

[No. I don’t tell lies nor was I trying to betray.] (Shingen)
[Then why are you trying to stop me?] (Ortashia)

Still unfazed even as Ortashia took a step forward, Shingen who was sitting on a chair looked up to her confidently.

[I’ve got a good idea.]

After giving it a thought, Ortashia asked about the idea.

After hearing Shingen’s proposal, Riru and Mina leaked a voice of admiration while Ortashia had an unpleasant look on her face.

[….are you going to embarrass this Ortashia?] (Ortashia)
[Better alive than losing face. Or would you prefer that we take a detour through the forest?] (Shingen)
[Bu, but, my pride, what will become of it…?] (Ortashia)
[Well, whatever is fine for me. But, we won’t know until we get there.] (Shingen)

Ortashia couldn’t think of anything else to argue back and thus she begrudgingly compromised.

[Understood….let’s do as you say.] (Ortashia)

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