One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.24

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Translator: Ashenwind
TLC: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Unusual Plan 4

――――――This is the story about a day before Ortashia’s group had arrived in the town of York.

Shingen told his plan to Ortashia. Despite her dignity, she was to act as a corpse just as the plan dictated. Even after she heard it with her own ears, she still couldn’t believe it.

Ortashia neither considered herself a princess nor she understood how to use that position. She would be more suited as supreme commander of the Ardesil army if based on her character alone.

She considered running across the battlefield, scrambling for dear life and living side-by-side with others as a pleasure.

If she was the normal kind of princess, she would have refused to go to the battlefield, let alone holding a sword. Being soaked in art inside the royal palace or to create alliances with other countries through political marriage is the role of the princess.

However Ardesil was different. It was a country ruled by women. So the woman must be able to lead the Ardesil army or at least that was what Ortashia thought. But the princess’ presence there is, in itself, an obstruction for the army.

For example, when they were in a perilous fight, Ortashia would flare up to battle but her aides and military officers would always first plan for her safe retreat and did extra things like trying to keep her alive. It was like being treated like a customer.

And when Ortashia is angry, she’ll kill anyone trying to stop her whether it be enemy or ally which says a lot.

However, her subordinates could not just disregard her status. Stand in ceremony and watch your words within her presence. If you were caught making a weird or funny remark, it won’t even be remarkable if you’ll get scarred or be killed outright

But in the case of Shingen’s bold statements and resolute attitude, Ortashia was taken by surprise.

[ I, I have to lay inside the coffin?] (Ortashia)

Eliciting a strange voice, Ortashia who previously thought of it as a joke asked with a bitter smile.

The person being asked simply gazed at her seriously. Since it didn’t seem like a joke, Ortashia felt her eyes swimming and began to feel restless.

[Oh right, how do we prepare a coffin? Without it, the plan is a failure.] (Ortashia)

She actually didn’t really want to lay inside the coffin, but Ortashia kept it to herself.

[I will since I‘m a lumberjack. I can make one.] (Shingen)

Really? The astonished Ortashia muttered.

[The priest clothes?] (Ortashia)

Saying that, she was trying to buy time until she can think up of another plan, but Shingen seemed to have all the abilities and networks needed to obtain the necessary things

[There is a temple near the village. If I ask the priest that I’m acquaintanced with, I should be able to borrow some priest clothes. If it’s impossible, I can just ask the granny in the tailor shop.] (Shingen)

[Guh.] (Ortashia)

[That’s why no more hesitating.] (Shingen)

And so Ortashia was put inside a coffin on the following day, loaded on a cart and travelled toward the town of York.

Along the way, they came across the cavalrymen of Fuhren’s Saint Knights who were amassing in search of Ortashia but in their haste, they couldn’t see through the camouflage and ended up just passing through. Shingen’s plan was perfect. Anyone else would’ve never thought that Ortashia was inside the coffin.

Inside the town of York, there were not a lot of guards patrolling. Even though it’s a small town, the remaining guards were still insufficient to cover the whole town. It is as Shingen had predicted. Explaining it through analogy, it’s to hide at the bottom of a lighthouse.

To be brief, the defense on the gates were strengthened in order to halt anyone who comes in or out but they only focused on the outside, neglecting the inside.

On the street after they managed to get inside the town, Ortashia felt like she couldn’t stop laughing.

Once inside the town, they could find someone capable to tend to Ortashia’s right eye. The wound might have deteriorated further. Besidely, she needs to rest so she can recuperate until she can move freely on her own.

Shingen did not show it but inside, he felt relieved. Although Ortashia can be kind of reckless sometimes, she behaved this time around, making it difficult to understand her.

Maybe because she actually couldn’t move well, unsurprisingly.

No matter, she’s still a human. Even if you still had the spirit and energy, you’ll still fall eventually.

And so, we have to thank the lord of the town, who was incompetent enough to focus only on the outside for this place where we can buy food and drinks also has proper beddings.


The dwindling light quickly faded away, replaced by overwhelming darkness.

The queen covered her face with her hands that had become only bone and skin as she cried on her bed upon hearing of Ortashia’s death. Several moments later, the queen’s physical condition suddenly plummeted and she fell into a coma and if she remains this way for too long, she’ll eventually die. The maids who were nursing her all fell into a panic.

The queen had perished. A great ruler had gone. Once the news of the death spread in the royal palace, a certain minister that has been expecting the death laughed in pleasure. He raised his hands enthusiastically.

[Finally, finally dead! That great queen is finally dead! Wahahahahaha! Good, good! Our era has finally come!]

Among the queen’s guards, an unscrupulous laughter echoes. One of the guardsmen who were standing in an orderly line let out a small groan at the man in the iron mask. He could only tighten his trembling fist without being able to do anything. It’s their duty to defend the royal palace. It’s impossible to take action without queen’s order.

Runatitas glided magnificently on the spacious marble floor, dancing and humming a song happily. Too happily.

The news of Ortashia’s death had gnawed on the queen’s heart, puncturing it. Just how bad was it? Though Ortashia may not be dead yet, one of the two will. The details did not matter to him.

As he sat on the seat of prime minister, remembering it made him tear up emotionally. Meanwhile, when the aide who had remained on the corner caught his sight, Runatitas motioned with his finger, signalling the aide to come to him.

[The day after tomorrow, the coronation of Yuran-sama will be held. Send invitations to all the feudal lords.]

[Aa, the day after tomorrow?]

The aide was astonished. It was too early. Considering the distance, it will take at least a week to reach the Royal Capital, no matter how quick the journey is. Runatitas’ instruction truly disregards the other aristocrats. To begin with, the invitation will only arrive after the coronation has been completed even if it is sent using a swift horse. Whether the invitation itself has arrived or not, it’s insignificant. However, the aide didn’t touch upon it and instead timidly mentioned about the rule of the country.

[It’s like this, if her Majesty died, there will be thirty days mourning period, and according to the custom――――]

In Ardesil, after the queen dies, black flags will be raised in the royal capital. To mourn the queen’s death, it was a custom to offer prayers to the queen for thirty days. Runatitas already knew about such thing. He then strengthened his voice.

[Must I say it twice?]

What kind of person Runatitas is, the aide who knew it well immediately bowed.

[……..It will be done. Invitations will be sent all at once]

Runatitas nodded his head deeply.

His aim was to make a rebellion. Runatitas, who did not trust the nobles from faraway places, wanted to see their response after not being summoned to the coronation ceremony. Many will surely be angry but not to the point of raising an army. If they do raise an army, it will be deemed as if they are trying to revolt.

After the aide retreated, the Fuhren’s Saint Knights’ leader Kurt was summoned. He has a splendid red moustache and is a tall bodied man with narrow eyes. He walked into the queen’s palace with face forward, then bowed to Runatitas.

[What is it, your excellency?]

[Kurt. Inform the army! From this point onward, it will be a witch hunt]

To those words, a wide smile floated from Kurt’s face. It was a long-awaited order.

[Burn all the towns and villages where the witches are suspected to stay in. And also all those people who dare to shelter her.]

Hou, Kurt leaked out a voice of admiration at Runatitas’ thoroughness. Kurt enjoyed in killing the people. Burning people was also one of his enjoyment. Screaming. Imagining the scream of that woman brings pleasure to him. Kurt smiled from ear to ear.

[By the order of Starry Sky church, five thousand Fuhren’s Saint Knights will be dispatched]

At this moment, the Ardesil’s Fuhren’s Saint Knights will truly fall into the Starry Sky church’s hand. Kurt seemed really glad.

[I’ll welcome it happily. Gufufu. Now all those heretics, pagans and different tribes can be banished from this country.]

[Especially that witch. She holds too much power. Must be destroyed]

[Get ‘em before they get you, isn’t that right?]

[It is so. When the country’s power is weakened, those lowly people will attempt to rebel. Before they do, we will have to deal with them first.]

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