One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.25

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Translator: Ashenwind
TLC: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Tragedy of the Past

――――――A few years ago, the barbarian invasion had exhausted the country that it’s hard for Ardesil to reorganize its troops.

At that time, a witch called Ursula who thought that she could take over the throne raised a rebellion in Totomo, about forty kilometers south of the capital Ruan.

Because there was no army to suppress it, the rebellion spread throughout the country and the witch allied force led by Ursula marched on to the capital pushed forward by anger.

Ardesil’s fourth and fifth armies, as the final defense, were left overwhelmed to the witch’s powerful magic and they fell one after another.

The armors melted, swords and spears broke, shields crushe; there was nothing left to resist.

At that time, Runatitas, who was in charge of the fourth army, inspired the frightened soldier on the frontline while managing to make them take their sword again and fight with new resolution.

Suddenly, a single witch appeared in the midst of the fourth army.

It was Ursula.

She drew red lines in the sky as she danced amongst the troops while the shield -wielding infantry were burned to a crisp by the hellfire.

Ursula released a fireball on the horse Runatitas rode, knocking him off the steed. The world quickly become dark after he hit the ground.

When Runatitas opened his eyes, it was to the sight of a flowing banner.

He asked about what happened to the white clothed woman who, in turn, told him that the White Wolf Knights led by Ortashia and Maruto had returned to the capital from their expedition and had swiftly won the battle.

Also, Ursula, who was the mastermind behind the rebellion, was caught and is now crucified at the royal palace hall.

Ortashia climbed to the execution stand, proclaiming that this is how rebels like Ursula will end up, then proceeded to burn the witch.

Runatitas was speechless.

Supposedly, the white wolf knight had left to subjugate the barbarians to the west.

To march back to the capital from that place will take at least a week, but they did so in a single day. Impossible.

Unless they already knew beforehand that Ursula was going to rebel.

Maruto had planned all of this.

All of this must be his plan, Runatitas thought angrily.

Renatitas jumped out of a temporary emergency room made of ragged cloth while raging and ran up to the hill.

He looked at the royal capital and was dumbfounded.

On his view the ramparts that supposedly protected the people had collapsed, the places where the battle had raged were painted red and black all over while innumerable crows flew ahead of it.

Among the tremendous amount of corpses were lined up for burial, Runatitas found a familiar figure.

His brother was frozen and shattered to pieces. And a son who was burnt to a char.

Unable to see it anymore, he covered his eyes with one hand, and cried.

“Ursula Civil War” was how the civil war, one that Runatitas could never forget even if he wanted to, was called later on.

Concerned with how Runatitas’ face was deep-seated with rage for the witch, Kurt gave a bow and tried back down.

Runatitas gripped Kurt’s shoulder then said with a voice full of rage.

[Everything must be eradicated. Including the babies.] (Runatitas)

The voice was trembling. Kurt hung his head down reverently and replied in silence.


Kurt left the queen’s palace through a passage with big pillars and red carpets lined up over the marble floor.

His knight follower, who had been waiting outside, quietly went to his side and reported the result of the investigation.

[Reporting. Regretfully, we are still trying to find Grotas…. The worst case scenario might have happened.]

The worst case scenario where Grotas had died was fairly obvious.

The possibility that Ortashia is still alive is high with Grotas’ death.

(――――――that guy messed up… no matter what, it’s still Ortashia. I knew it, maybe I must go myself?)

[How shall we proceed?]

The voice sounded tired.

Her eyes had remained open, no matter if it’s day or night, all in order to find out what had happened.

She looked young and her armor emphasized her slender body. From her appearance she must be only on her late teens.

Her name was Sofia.

She’s still young but she had excellent capabilities so she’s placed as the adjutant for Kurt.

Kurt groaned while stroking his red beard after glancing at Sofia who had been reporting.

He narrowed his eyes.

Sofia misunderstood this as a scolding so she lowered her head.

[My apologies.]

Kurt shrugged his shoulders upon looking at the exhausted Sofia who was biting her lip and was about to cry.

[A knight must not cry]

[I’m sorry. But…]

Sofia tried to continue but Kurt swiftly interrupted her and gave her a light tap on the shoulder.

[You have done a lot. It’s enough. Go have some rest]


Sofia looked up to Kurt. Kurt shook his head.

[………understood. For leader’s worry, I thank you. Then, I will accept the kind offer and take a rest]

[Ou. Do so. Because I will be out on a witch hunt.]

Sofia stopped her pace and stood in ceremony, lowered her head and was about to say something. But Kurt replied by raising his palm.

Afterward, five thousand Fuhren’s Saint Knights were ordered to march.

Due to preparation, they marched out of the royal capital at sunset.

Under the dimness of evening, five thousand cavalrymen of Fuhren’s Saint Knights followed by four thousand infantry carrying the Starry Sky church flag advanced to the south.

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  2. I give up. The author is mediocre (or clearly need an editor to point him in the right direction).

    The story has still barely started after 25 chapter, mostly because the author spent waaaaaaaay too much time on something everyone already understood from the first 2 chapters and/or the synopsis (the betrayal), but also because he keep telling flashbacks instead of making the story progress.

    Combine with the fact that he change the POV unaturally every now and then (calling someone “he/she” in one narrative sentence, then “I” in the next), and inconsistencies, and it now has become a chore to read.

    I had hopes in the story, but that’s it for me.
    Hope others with different tastes will still enjoy though


    1. Sadly I totally agree to you also I thought there would be a little comedy but there wasn’t.
      It would have been better to explain the past stuff later when the readers already are hooked to the story.
      Till now I couldn’t even remember the name of the not really yet protagonist nor the ones following that princess knight. BTW I read it to this point in one go.
      Sad to see such a good idea go to the garbage bin.


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