One-Eyed Female General and The Harem ch.30

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 30

When Ortashia pushed the front gate with one hand, the sound of the trees rustling near each other made the situation eerie. The guards huddling together in the courtyard become even more scared that they instantly made way when Ortashia is upon them.

Ortashia had an ugly face after noticing that nobody is attempting to catch her, sighing as she complained to Shingen who was walking beside her.

[How boring. Before this, I always deal with blood-shot eyes that feels like they are trying to kill me. But now look at this. Like a stray dog, frightened, scared and unable to even look up.] (Ortashia)

[It can’t be helped. Because it’s you after all.] (Shingen)

Ortashia could only shrug her shoulders. Well that’s true, she muttered. Soldiers who looked different than the guards quickly rushed in, silently brandishing their spears.

Ortashia leaked out a voice of admiration.

[Hoo. There are some here who still have backbone.] (Ortashia)

The ones standing in front of Ortashia now were wearing armor made of interwoven iron plates. They didn’t have time to put on helmets though since most of them didn’t wear it. They are private soldiers that Gering had personally employed. All seem to be excellent personnel, judging from how they carried themselves.

[Then, what do we do, Shingen?] (Riru)

[Leave this to me.] (Shingen)

Riru appeared besides Shingen, giving him a side glance.

[I’ll also help too.] (Riru)

Mina who was behind Shingen, lined up beside Ortashia, sword at the ready.

[Then, Your Highness, I will act as your escort.] (Mina)

[I actually don’t mind if I have to kill them all myself.] (Ortashia)

Shingen shook his head in refusal to Ortashia’s remark.

[No good. You still haven’t fully recovered yet. We’ll have to avoid fighting as much as we can.] (Shingen)

Ortashia snorted.

[…….is that so? Very well. I shall see how you fight. ] (Ortashia)

As she said so, she pushed the black-haired young man’s back forward.

[Ouch, ouch, ouch.. Well, by the way, your opponent will be me.] (Shingen)

Shingen said to the private soldiers in front of him. The soldiers in question jeered, thinking that they are about to fight a weakling.

[Fuhahaha. What can a chick like you do ? Sorry to say this. But you should just scram ]

[Hey kid, go back to your mama’s tits. We are here for Ortashia.]

Shingen did not get angry from those voices looking down on him but slowly drew out a curved long blade from its scabbard. There was a metal screeching noise coming out of it. The private soldiers frowned while eyeing the sword.

Inhaling and exhaling softly, one of the spear-wielding soldiers wondered about the sword.

[What’s with that weapon….? Haven’t seen that before…]

At that moment, the young man disappeared from sight. Before they could react, he’s already closing the distance.

[Wha, what the ?! Such a thing!]

Shingen aimed at one of the soldiers who responded momentarily and struck at his side


Another switched his sight to Shingen after witnessing one of them collapse to his knees, but a cutting edge promptly severed his body. The links between the iron plates are easy to break. It scattered and the splinters danced in the air. One of the soldiers who saw how the attack easily went through the armor screamed.

[Cutting through it? This kid does not only have strength! He also has skill!]

The soldiers who were caught off guard quickly rallied up together. A spear was thrusted, but Shingen easily twisted his body and avoided it. A soldier who found an opening tried to swing his sword.

However, a moment later he lowered his sword and broke his posture.

[Wha-at ?]

The head of the soldier fell down from the neck, rolling on the ground.

Ortashia was admiring how Shingen fought with deadly precision.

[Hoo. You managed to avoid that. I thought you wouldn’t be able to.] (Ortashia)

The tone of Ortashia’s speech contained no worry as if she was watching a martial arts performance. When Shingen has taken the stage, it will be his no matter what. She’s not interested in the weaklings. A strong person attracts her attention and fascinates her.

Mina placed her hand on her chest, feeling relieved.

[ That’s a little too… ] (Mina)

[ Un~, rather than cutting, it’s more like slamming. Sometimes, He seems as though being swayed by the sword. He’s relying on sensation or instinct rather than fighting experience now. He never engaged in real battle before.] (Ortashia)

Ortashia saw through how Shingen fought. He certainly used his own strength behind his swings rather than using the weight of the sword. That’s why when the slash missed, it clanked on the armor. Nonetheless, it’s effective since it still inflicted some damage to the body.

The private soldier also realized that Shingen was still an immature fighter, so they instead dragged the fight on and tried to corner him instead. The spears tried to kill from all sides be it from sideways or the front. But all of them surprisingly did not hit the mark. Even when an attack seemed to hit, there was not enough to say at all.

A soldier finally caught the sword thrust by his armpit. But Riru quickly intervened. Sword light flashed and the next moment the opponent’s belly had been cut. Riru looked down on her feet with a bad face then looked sideways at Shingen and advised.

[Shingen! It’s okay to attack head on sometime, but be careful. Or else you’ll die!] (Riru)

Shingen gave his thanks for being helped and then scratched his head.

[That is because I’m not accustomed to fights just yet.] (Shingen)

[What excuse is that?] (Riru)

[Think about it. I was just a lumberjack before.] (Shingen)

[Ah, yes. But really.] (Riru)

Riru pointed at his weapon.

[Weapons like that were surely made for swordfighting.] (Riru)

And surely not of a lumberjack’s. While working, lumberjacks mostly work with axes. And besides, though it’s not unusual to wield dagger or sword for self-defense but the thing Shingen had cannot be categorized as any of the two. Even if by chance, it was just for self-defense. It didn’t seem to be likely.

[Then, where did you get it? You stole it?] (Riru)

[Someone gave it to me. Cut it out, will you?] (Shingen)

[From whom ?] (Riru)

[My elder sister!] (Shingen) (TL Note: Onee-san kitaaa!)

[You have a sister?!] (Riru)

[Yes. Is it so wrong to have one?!] (Shingen)

The private soldiers started to pour in during the short conversation. They trusted their back to each other, believing that each other is capable to handle their end.

Ortashia’s lips formed a smirk as she took one step forward. Mina was quick to observe that..

[Please don’t. Shingen-kun had said so himself.] (Mina)

[But there is a fight right in front of my eyes. This: I can’t leave it to the pets alone. This body feels crazy with suspense. Look, even the winds urge me to fight.] (Ortashia)

The wind certainly had gathered around Ortashia, making her hair waving around in the air. Mina still refused however.

[Please don’t.] (Mina)

Ortashia weakly gave up. The wind mysteriously became softer too.

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