Return of The Former Hero ch.116

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Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 116. Former Hero – Caught In.

After the referee announced the end of the 8th match, Tanya, Aura and Leon all managed to win without hassle.
The main tournament soon advanced to the second round.

If I summarize the entire round as seen by me, the participant’s level is actually higher than I expected.

To that end, you can see that all of my acquaintances had won, so it’s the ‘Better than I expected’ kind of thing.

I also saw the match of the winner of the last tournament.
Even though that guy will fight Leon next, I expect Leon to win nevertheless if that is all this guy can do.

After that, assuming Tanya won her match, it’ll be interesting to see Tanya and Leon duke it out in the semifinal.

Tanya is a little weaker than Sharon if I were to evaluate her.

But, Tanya has unpredictable and unusual moves unique to beastmen. And she is also aggressive and precise when attacking, making her quite a tricky opponent.

When I fought Tanya for the first time, I remember having a hard time for a while.

Though I missed Sharon and Leon’s fight in the qualifiers, seeing her practice thispast week, it will be about for how long will Leon be able to respond properly to Tanya’s movement.

If she can avoid taking hits, I guess Tanya may have a chance.

Conversely, if Leon can respond properly, Tanya will have no chance of winning.

……………hmm, how is that ?

I trained with Leon for a week in joint practice so I knew what to expect.

Since it’s a unique tournament, everyone was excited since they didn’t know who’s gonna win.

Well, never mind that.

I’m participating not because I’m looking for excitement or the likes.
My target this time is money and fame.

Such a practical thought. But that’s how it is.

[Hey you. Can I ask you for a moment?] (Melissabelle)

When I was predicting the tournament results, an amorous voice greets me.

Turning around, I saw a big-breasted, blonde-haired Onee-chan is standing before me with a fairly wide amount of exposure.

This person….

[What is it?] (Haruto)

Responding, I turn towards the blonde nee-chan.
This blonde nee-chan is my next opponent.

From seeing the first round, this person is the weakest among the main participants.
Rather, she somehow managed to get past the qualifier. Well, maybe the level is just as much.

[My name is Mirabelle. Nice to meet you ] (Melissabelle)

The sister threw a friendly smile, then sits next to me.

Too close, too close, too close.

Our shoulders touch.
There, our hands touch then unite.

From there, she starts to lean closer and I get to see the superb cleavage of the blonde sister.

[Eeto… what is it?] (Haruto)

I tried to probe Mirabelle while enjoying the view and tentatively asked.

Even so, I can roughly guess it already.

I understand from watching round 1.
This is the ‘honey trap’ type of opponent.

This morning, there was a little delay after the lottery for the match. I do not know whether it hit luckily with the other person who got in beforehand but I suspect a fixed match.

[When I saw you fight in round 1, I was really impressed.] (Mirabelle)

As she said so, Mirabelle pressed her body to me.


Somehow, my arm is caught between Mirabelle ‘s breasts.
W-why does it feel so comfortable in that place?

No, that’s not the time for it.

Shortly, it will be my turn next.

[It was amazing. Splendidly avoiding the invisible attacks of Deste and defeating him with a single blow.] (Mirabelle)

Mirabelle enthusiastically praised me as she grinded her body to me.

I can’t take it anymore, sister.

My first opponent in round 1; his name was Deste? I only found it now.

Mirabelle’s face slithers up my shoulder, sending warm sighs upon my ear.
My arm is framed in between her breasts and the tip of my finger is caught between her thighs.

I know it feels great, but I can’t afford to hold on for too long.

I rode on the same feelings and moved my fingertips stuck between Mirabelle’s thighs which felt amazing.

[Fufu…… I, I really truly like you.] (Mirabelle)

As I moved my fingers between her thighs, I find it so easy to sneak in as she takes my remaining hand and gently resting it on her breast.

Seriously? W-where exactly is this going to lead to ?
However, this is somewhat painful to me.

Unaware of my worry, Mirabelle’s hand gently strokes my thigh.

Uwaaa. This has become terribly dangerous.
Both arms intertwined. My hands sandwiched and touching. Mirabel’s hand stroking.

There is not a single person in the waiting room since it’s the noon break after the first round.
Aura, Tanya and Leon aren’t here as well.

In the waiting room, there is only Mirabelle and I. Such a great timing.
Naturally, Mirabelle might have set up the timing.
Actually I have anticipated it and she stayed by herself for that reason.

[ Ahn~. You are quite good with your hands. What an awfully erotic way of touching.] (Mirabelle)

Well, err, yes. I agree. It is the result of daily training.

[Hey…. tonight, do you want to have more fun with me?] (Mirabelle)

Mirabelle’s lips are touching my ears and, while I couldn’t comprehend whether she did or not, whispers the sweet temptation

Ee, for real ?
Is that for real ?
We just spoke for the first time like a while ago. Aren’t you easy going, Mirabelle?

I quietly focused on Mirabel’s thighs and breasts as much as possible while listening to her.

[ But…. before that, I have a reason why I must reach the top in this tournament first.] (Mirabelle)

[ Ee…. a reason?] (Haruto)

Suddenly, Mirabelle becomes gloomy, as she start telling her story.

[I have a debt. It’s necessary since I have to support my younger brother and sister…. ] (Mirabelle)

[Oh I see. ] (Haruto)

A debt. It’s serious.

[You also know it right? By finishing as best four in this tournament, other than the prize, they will also give you good food, clothing and housing for a year?] (Mirabelle)

[It seems to be so.] (Haruto)

Incidentally, such a thing was written in the participation outline.

[I want to enter best four by all means!] (Mirabelle)

Mirabelle seems to be trying to shake my feelings as she looked at me with her watery eyes.

However, the hand that is feeling my thigh doesn’t stop.
It started far down on the thighs, but is already moving completely toward the base, that is.

[Is that so?] (Haruto)

[Yes, it is.] (Mirabelle)

After she replied, our arms that had been intertwined until now is released and Mirabelle stood up in a hurry.

Aah, so cold.

Mirabel’s body temperature that I felt before was lost, it became cold at once
I feel a brush of anxiety and frustration.

[So that’s why… you se…?] (Haruto)

Mirabelle gazed into my eyes and I stare back in.

She’s indeed cute.

That’s why I will tell you.
In a gentle to the utmost voice.
[I see. It’ll be good if you can return the debt] or something like that.


Mirabelle and I stare at each other for a while.

[Etto…..] (Haruto)

[What is it?] (Mirabelle)

Actually, I could not measure the real intention within her words, as I watched the curious Mirabelle there.

[U, uun. Never mind. Then tonight, after the tournament ended, shall we meet at the town entrance?] (Mirabelle)

I do not know how she interpreted it, but Mirabel said so and brought her body closer again.

[The town entrance. I understand.] (Haruto)

[Yeah. Then, until later. Bye.] (Mirabelle)

After I confirmed it, Mirabelle bid me goodbye, her soft breath whiffing against my ear before she left.

As she left, I watched her swaying, perky butt.

……that aside, what should I do about the current state of my lower half?

It’s agonizing.

And, aside from that, of course I will not give up the victory to Mirabelle.

Even if I considered myself weak to girls, I will not fall to the temptation of this fixed match.

She didn’t ask me for anything, nor did I agree to do something.

I’ve experienced this kind of thing with Mina before but this and that are a different story.

Rather, I thought that my spirit has grown compared to that time.
No, I may not have grown as I originally thought.

I became strong!

Living with six lovely girls, experiencing enjoyment every evening, is very much a temptation.


But.. well, I have to admit that being sandwiched like that is pleasant.
And, breasts aside, the smooth thighs were also a major enjoyment.
Squeezing your face tightly, it’ll be awesome.

No, I must not. If that part becomes too energetic, it’ll be impossible to sit straight.

[What are you bending forward for?] (Tanya)

Before I’m aware of it, Tanya has returned to the waiting room.

[No, wait… ] (Haruto)

I look up at Tanya who stand there.

There, at the two big heavenly mountains, I stared in perplexion.


Tanya and I stare at each other.



Me and Tanya synchronized.

Mind to mind understanding.

The second round, it’s still about forty minutes later.
I decided to have lunch.


The second round.

The result is, of course, I won.

Even so, I am sorry about destroying the Mirabelle’s armor with my sword, even after holding firmly on her back a little, I dropped her out.

Mirabel said that there is a debt and destroying the little armor was a pain in my heart, but if I didn’t test out the sword, I’ll be stared at by Kagura later on, so I have no choice. It can’t be helped.

I didn’t forget to say several things to Mirabelle.

Tonight at the town entrance.
I will wait.
At that time, I’ll make amends for destroying her armor.

……though she might not come.

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    [Hey you. Can I ask you for a moment?] (Melissabelle)
    [My name is Mirabelle. Nice to meet you ] (Melissabelle)


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