Return of The Former Hero ch.117

Weekly Chapters (2/2)

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Chapter 117. Former Hero – Meet with a Goddess

All the second round matches are over and the top four of the tournament are set.

There was no problem from my point of view, as it’s me, Tanya, Aura and Leon who remained.
From tournament bystander, it’s a shocking development to not see even one of the previous best 4 present.

As the notable match for the second round, it was probably Leon against the winner of the previous tournament.

Though I expected Leon to win easily, his opponent showed that he really was the previous tournament champion.

They had a fairly fierce battle which was quite impressive.

Especially, the final attack that the two had executed.

As a result, Leon won the match…..well even I, as a man, will feel excited if you show such a thing.

Well, apart from impressions left on me by the match, my interest changes to Aura, his subordinate.

The long black-haired female knight is all too serious, but I could understand that much from the one week joint practice.

From the love-comedy that happened during lunch breaks, I assessed the she was head over heels about Leon, filled with the L-word to the brim but it didn’t seem to be case unexpectedly.

No, although I don’t understand the mind of other people to the level of reading their subconscious, I couldn’t feel that from her usual conduct and actions for now.

That love comedy field too, Aura seemed to treat it as one of the two attackers from hero party to the bitter end.
There seemed to be a situation where Caroline overreacted and that situation was born.

Caroline and Aura get along well as usual.

As for Leon, he seems to be having trouble as he was suddenly involved in such a situation.

Towards my question “Then, if you decide to go out with Caroline, won’t you give Caroline a peace of mind?” Leon replied as usual, ”Not until I manage to defeat the Demon King. I haven’t thought about it yet”.

He is too serious.
In a certain meaning, Leon really is my opposite.
That’s how it is.

Even so, he didn’t deny the fact that he felt attached to Caroline even as he said “Not until I manage to defeat the Demon King”.
Leon being Leon, he isn’t as annoying as he makes us believe.

He blushed a bit and replied “Right now that’s kinda… with Caroline.” Acting like grade schooler with their first love. How old are you really?

I do not know clearly because I have a hard time remembering but he’s supposed to be about 20 years old. I think so.
He’s taller than me.


Apart from that, he’s inexperienced. He is really has no experience.

For him to say such a pure things with a red face.
That’s probably the way he is, isn’t it? It’s me who’s a simpleton.

Leon… How should I put it? That’s often the case they people of this would wouldn’t know such a thing right?
As he manages to say something like “I want to protect… The person important to me, so I can’t die in such place!” he would use his secret power to overcome your hardships or something.

Isn’t it that important too?

Also, it can turn into a death flag if you take a wrong step, you know?

That’s why in order to avoid the situation like “After this fight ends, I have something to say to you…”, it is better after all to quickly finish the goals you’ve set out to accomplish so that you should be able to break any strange flags, shouldn’t you?

Well, it’s not like there is a system that decides life and death through such a thing in reality anyways.

And, leaving that aside, let’s return the thought about the romantic circumstances of the hero’s party.

If Leon and Caroline are unexpectedly in love with each other, that leaves Aura and Yunikram… to think about.
I kinda like these two as a couple.

Then, Yunikram came in a moment after being called by Leon then the three of us eat our meal together.

So I use my privilege as their master and tried asking the serious duo about this matter.

Apparently, Yunikram seems to have a wife back in the Royal Capital. An astonishing fact. He’s married!

As it turns out, he seemed to have married several month before he joined the hero’s party. With his childhood friend as his fiancee.

I felt sorry for his wife since a newlywed husband left her had to join the Demon King subjugation, but when I asked about it, Yunikram said “Because she’s a knight’s wife, she was prepared for that much. There is no problem.” Seriously?

Also, “that much” part. Don’t you feel any worry? It’s not just to show a facade in front of her husband right?

I’m trembling due to Yunikram’s coolness.

The misfortune of being a Hero’s companion; I feel sorry for disliking you before.

[Haruto-sama himself, having the ability and charm to attract numerous women including the princess, I respect you highly since it is impossible for me.] (Yunikram)

Due to the way it’s said, I don’t know if it’s a compliment or not but since it’s Yunikram, it probably is a honest praise.

He’s a really capable man.

In this world, it’s not unusual for people with influence to be surrounded by ladies.
Rithina had said so as well.
But not all of them are.

Assuming the Leon could draw fortune for a long time, he probably wouldn’t have gone with 2 people. So wasteful of him.
Yunikram is like that as well.

This means that, among the hero’s party love circumstances, only Aura is left behind.

….well, it’s what I have been thinking about this for a long time now and, in a way, that’s the reason.

Black hair. Tall. Female Knight. Beautiful. I’ll want her.

[Amagi-dono.] (Aura)

While I was still thinking an evil plan for her, Aura called out to me.

[ Yo. Let’s do our best in the semi-final.] (Haruto)

I responded to her while paying close attention so that my inner thoughts wouldn’t appear on my face.

[Yes! I am planning to ask Amagi-dono to lend his strength to me in a spar as someone much more skilled!]

Aura speaks with enthusiasm with her back straightened to the point it looked lovely. She has Sharon’s’ unabashed energy.

This chest, you can borrow it anytime.
Rather, I also want to borrow yours. Literally.
(TLC Note: it’s a pun on 胸を借りる, literally meaing to borrow one’s chest, but first refers to sparring with someone of higher skill while the latter is literal meaning).


[Amagi-dono ? Are you in top condition? It seems that your complexion is quite bad?] (Aura)


My condition isn’t bad.
My thinking is.

This girl is outrageous.

[No, no, I’m fine. That’s not it.] (Haruto)

I covered my mouth with my hand and said to Aura so.

[Really? It’s good then.] (Aura)

This girl is being kind even to her next opponent. As expected.


But the thing is.

Even if I try to get close to Aura, she’s still a member of hero’s party.

Once the tournament ended, we will go our separate ways.
I would like to have some sort of chance within the allotted time if possible.



[Amagi-dono… is something wrong with me?]

What did I do that, while looking at Aura’s beautiful face, caused her to make a dubious face.

It’s something obvious to me now. Aura is probably the perfect image of an insensitive female knight.

To begin with, she said that she did not know love before. It may be because there is really no place to think about the difference between a man and a woman.

[Listen. Aura, do you happen to have a lot of brothers?] (Haruto)

I ask what is on my mind without thinking.

[You understand me well. I do have three elder brothers and two younger brothers. ] (Aura)

Aura told me with a hint of surprise in her voice.

She didn’t mention about having a sister. Does that mean she’s the only daughter?

However, it’s really as I thought.

I also have the same experience.

Though it’s the story when I grew up in the orphanage, the girl who used to play with the boys tend to have a very ambiguous sense of the surroundings.

To be specific, she bathed with the boys and wore clothes full of gaps during summer and tank tops, It’s pretty obvious that important things were all visible.

In Japan, if you go to elementary school, you will understand men and women in society and in your life in no time, but perhaps it is probably that there is no indication about gender differences for those walking the path of the knight, like Aura.


[I see. By the way, if I’m not mistaken ,Sharon and Laurier will come visit you tonight?] (Haruto)

[ Ee? Ah, yes! The two will indeed come over! Tonight, did they have some business to take care of? So, should I postpone the plan?] (Aura)

Aura replies to my sudden iquestion.

After today’s tournament, Sharon and Laurier said that they would go stay at Aura’s place.

Let’s have two people out of the picture and activate a strategy of approaching Aura.

[ Ah, no, it’s not something important… actually… If possible, I would like to have a go with those two, but things went awry and it couldn’t be helped.] (Haruto)


Even I don’t understand what I just said.
Aura even more unlikely to do so.

Aura waits for the continuation of my words with a curious expression.

No way. It’s lovely.

No that’s not it.

[If I win this tournament, I would like to spend the night with two of them if possible.] (Haruto)

[Yes. If that so, the schedule will be…. ] (Aura)

[No no, I can meet them anytime. Those two has been looking forward to meet Aura too, postponing it will be bad.] (Haruto)

[Ye, yes ]

What are those two people willing to do if I win?
Of course. Celebrating the victory.

[ Then I have one request, if I win…… I wonder if Aura will come to stay over with us?]

I don’t know it myself.
But isn’t it a surprisingly good argument?
Is it not the perfect argument for me?

[ Me… ? ] (Aura)

To my request, Aura gives it some thought.

Doki doki.

[…….Understood. If that is so, then tonight I will be in your care.] (Aura)

Aura easily agreed to my request.

Success! Easy peasy.

No, it is not like I worry about being attacked by Aura. Isn’t it a strange thing?

After all, Aura is a little bit conscious of men.

Leon and Yunikram are serious and they may get worried if something happen in the future.
I have to tell them that it’s alright.


[Amagi-dono, as I expected, you aren’t in top condition, are you? ]

Aura anxiously looks at my face.

To me who thinks of such dishonest things, how sweet she is.
Is she a goddess? The goddess has descended to earth. I’m in love.

Nice work me!



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